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Still Black, Still Strong (Active Agents) ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Still Black, Still Strong (Active Agents) By Dhoruba Bin Wahad ✓ – An essential document of the Black Panther Party written by three leading thinkers and party activists who were jailed following the FBI'S 1969 mandate to destroy the organization by any means possibl An essential document of the Black Panther Party written by three leading thinkers and party activists who were jailed following the FBI'S mandate to destroy the organization by any means possible Still Black Still Strong is partly based upon the videotape Framing The Panthers by producers Chris Bratton and Annie Goldson Still Black, Epub / It recounts the stories of Dhoruba Bin Wahad Mumia Abu Jamal and Assata Shakur all of whom were arrested and jailed during the COINTELPRO probe of the Black Panther PartyDhoruba Bin Wahad who organized chapters of the Black Panther Party in New York and along the Estern Seaboard and worked with tenants in Harlem and on drug rehabilitation in the Bronx was accused of murdering two officers while still in his teens and imprisoned for years He always maintained his innocence and won his freedom by forcing the FBI to release thousands of classified documents proving that he had been framed The justice department eventually rescinded Bin Wahad's conviction and he was released in seven months after the documentary premieredMumia Abu Jamal a journalist who headed the Black Panther free breakfast program for inner city school children in Philadelphia was also accused of the murder of an officer and sent on death row where he still is todayAssata Shakur was a college educated social worker in her twenties when she was accused of shooting a cop then arrested and tortured and denied medical treatment Her interview was conducted in Cuba where she has been exiled since her escape from a New Jersey women's prison in Bin Wahad Shakur and Abu Jamal offer a little known history and an incisive analysis of the Black Panthers' original goals which the US Government has tried to distort and suppress As one confidential memo to J Edgar Hoover put it The Negro youth and moderates must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teaching they will be dead revolutionaries.

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    An incredible collection of interviews and essays first published in 1993 the three authors are all current or former political prisoners Dhoruba Bin Wahad a member of the Panther 21 former political prisoner and current activist Assata Shakur former panther 21 and Black Liberation Army member who lives in exile in Cuba and Mumia Abu Jamal the most famous political prisoner in America The analysis is perceptive as it is sharp detailing the reality of life in the american prisons the persistence of white supremacy and the national oppression of black people and the common streams of struggle of the people of the world against US imperialism Particularly notable is Mumia's Panther Daze an essay memorializing Huey Newton

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    Inspiring collection of interviews from Black revolutionary prisoners of American racism Much to learn in regards to methods used to stiffen revolution and methods to liberate oneself

  4. Jacob Jacob says:

    uick and short read but incredibly important in understanding US racism and politics especially the FBI repression of the Black Panther Party and MOVE in Philadelphia

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