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American Vampire (Vampire for Hire, #3) [Read] ➱ American Vampire (Vampire for Hire, #3) By J.R. Rain – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Mother wife private investigatorvampire Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happen Mother wife private investigatorvampire Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampireNow in AMERICAN VAMPIRE seuel to VAMPIRE MOON private investigator Samantha Moon receives a heartbreaking phone call from a very unlikely a five year old girl who's been missing for three months Now on the hunt Samantha will use her considerable resources including her growing supernatural abilities to locate the missing girl before it's too late And as she gets closer and closer to the horrible truth she receives devastating news on the home front Now with her world turned upside down Samantha Moon is forced to make the ultimate choice of life and deathAnd through it all she discovers the identity of one mysterious mana man she has grown to love.

About the Author: J.R. Rain

JR Rain is the author of novels and counting He lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest where he's hard at work on his next novel and fighting off sparkly vampires.

10 thoughts on “American Vampire (Vampire for Hire, #3)

  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    American VampireVampire for Hire Book 3By J R RainNarrated by Dina PearlmanThis is a very emotional bookwow I love this series I am so hooked There is so much in here PI jobs family friends what it is like to be a vamp to be a vamp mom cravings supernatural friends finding new powers and how to use them and so much It is so packed with each book Written so wellThe narration is so good voices from a tiny girl to gruff men done perfectly Emotions perfectly too

  2. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    2 starsOwn in Samantha Moon The First Four Vampire for Hire Novels Plus One Novella Samantha Moon All Four NovelsThis one is not my favorite in this set It feels like the author didn't know which way she was going with the series overall Certain storylines continue but this overall it feels like a hodge podge I appreciate the moral ethical and metaphysical dilemma in which Sam finds herself maybe the author would've been better off concentrating on this aspect specifically than her PI cases storylines I also don't like and have a hard time understanding some characters and their relationships with Sam ie Fang Kingsley etc Also many characters are introduced to spin off into another series Hard to keep track of all of themI will finish the next one as it is part of a set If I was reading individually this one would be the last

  3. Kara Kara says:

    “American Vampire” is the third book in the 13 book series “Vampire for Hire” The series is paranormal and there is to date only mild flirtatious behaviorall hetero Well there was one brief orgasm in book two but everyone was clothed and after six years Samantha was dueso that’s okI really enjoyed the first two books 5 each and immediately began reading book three because of the cliffhanger of book two Well perhaps book four will pick up the pace again Yeahthis was disappointing Most of the book was just listlesseven the terrific narrator sounded bored In several spots the audio volume and background noise changed dramatically for just a sentence or twooften a sign that the narrator had to re record something at final edit because heshe had drifted off during the reading Too much of the story repeatedexplained things from books one and two I believe that books in a series should expect readers to read the seriespenalize late comers with confusion than penalizing fans with repetition Too little of the book expanded on Samantha Moon’s situation as a vampire who is just beginning to understand her powers Yes she finally meets other vampires Butthe story is muddled with uasi religious overtones Samantha’s son Anthony awoke laughing after being told a joke by Jesusreally? The two new PI cases are rather plodding until the conclusion of each At one point Samantha tells us that much of PI work is really pretty dull and monotonousyeah wellperhaps she was listening to her bookThe final hour or so of the six hour book was funand somewhere around there the writing got better the banter and inner dialogue was wittier and the narrator sat up and read with renewed enthusiasm But we had to endure 80% of the book before any of that happenedSamantha the mom is enduring a tough time and hints for book four hold promise for some interesting conflicts and storyline But this bookmeh – 3

  4. Kristi Kristi says:

    Enjoyed this latest installment but there were several annoyances for me First come on already and let Sam get some action already Meaning love life wise It seems as though in each book we get a very small taste of what MIGHT happen but it fizzles out and nothing comes of it Additionally there are many awkward transitions from serious scenes in the book to the next scene The most annoying one for me is when Fang essentially professes his love for her and speaks of spending eternity with her Instead of hearing her response or even just her thoughts the chapter ends there and goes on to an entirely different scene And it's never picked up again And as another mentioned the cliffhangers are just irritating The whole entire book leads up to her decision about her son and that was the end of it SO much unfinished business and decisions for her to make and we'll have to wait until the NEXT book to find out all those To me the only real conclusion I came to with this book is the identity of Fang That didn't make up for the numerous cliff hangers and tons of unanswered uestionssituations

  5. Erth Erth says:

    I blew through this book really uickly I have to say these short chapters filled with witty banter have really helped me fly through this series There were a lot of times when I found myself laughing out loud at the one liners thrown about I'm really glad we met some characters that have their own set of books?? so there is even chance for wit and sarcasm Luckily everyone Sam meets talks and acts like herThis book was an immediately continuation from the last one which left us on a cliffhanger with Fang I'll admit it I was totally shocked by who Fang was It wasn't a bad shock it was really a pretty good shock I really hope that Sam ends up with Fang in the end of this series or however far in it takes her to end up making some sort of relationship decision There is a love triangle? trapezoid? Lots of guys love her There was a lot of drama that still kept her from really focusing on her increasingly complicated love life thoughThe story line involving her son was really hard to read at times I can completely follow her reasoning and can sympathize with her tears I wish we got resolution in this book but of course we get a cliffhanger Luckily again I have the next book lined up to start but I feel bad for anyone who doesn't Cliffhangers are not my favorite

  6. Christine Christine says:

    I enjoyed the first two in the series but was meh on this one FAR too many subplots the story was all over the place none of the subplots felt like they were written as well as they could have been just altogether rushed and unfocused And the cliffhanger at the end didn't leave me wanting for The main plot should have been about Fang but after the beginning he seemed to fade into the background Disappointing third book in this series May get the fourth or just let this one go

  7. CJ - It& CJ - It& says:

    The writing gets increasingly better but again the length hurts the story I also didn't like who Fang ended up being and I was disappointed that time wasn't spent on her family especially given the circumstances Also there is a lot of judgement passed on woman in these books Sam is always using perjorative terms like slut or whore I mean I understand why she might've used those terms toward the homewrecker but to pass judgement on everyone is sort of annoyingThe boy crazy attitude she has is starting to grate on me as well If she is attracted to every male she meets than she needs to stop complaining about not having had sex for six years and jump on the ponyI find some of her responses improbable and not as nuanced as it should be but she is still a kick ass take no prisoners lady The fight at the of the book had me both grossed out but also happy The bad guy got what was coming to him by her hands So the same complaints the characters could be developed the plot could be less rushed and then bad guysgood guys could be less two dimensional Oh and another thing The fact that Sam has had six years to deal with her condition should also stop her from calling herself a ghoul or a monster and then wondering what God thinks There was no basis for her to start wondering about that stuff because it was never established that she was religious I'm not sure what the author is trying to make the reader believe about Sam I need backstory and development and like I said with my first review of the first book if this is ever re written for a mainstream audience I would definitely buy it There is very little romance in here so it's of an UrbanParanormal Fantasy and I gotta say I wish there was some kissing and stuff The description of the men doesn't help Kingsley keeps getting bigger and bigger in each book and he is starting to remind me of a cross between the Juggernaut and Beast from the X Men while Fang is reminding me of a hairy very creepy Cyclops I don't particuarly get a good image of either guyAll in all the execution could've been better and the story a little less jumbled It won't stop me from finishing the series though

  8. Erica Chilson Erica Chilson says:

    I'm using my personal copy for BYOB Bring your own Book month for Wicked Reads 4 Stars JR Rain seems to utilize the cliffhanger This isn't a negative for me because I'm lucky to have found this series when it has 10 books Every installment ends with a humdinger of a cliffy and picks right back up in the start of the next novel Who is Fang is partially answered from the cliffhanger of the last title and an emotional extortion storyline is introduced which becomes the ending cliffy Sam is now living back at home with her children she hasn't found a happy medium with her ex husband Ignoring him is probably the best way to describe their relationship She's dealing with who Fang represents to her as well as Kingsley and his unethical yet necessary practice of defending the worst of criminals Basically Sam is at a crossroads where she has to come to terms with how her life isn't how she expected it to be pre attack Does she empathize with the monsters or does she push them out of her life because they don't fit into her black and white views? But where does that leave her morally with the brutal actions she uses?Sam metaphysical abilities are gaining strength which she uses to her advantage Her ability to see spirits and act as a medium is helpful in the most scary of situations She's getting a better grasp of what her vampirism entails The hardest most emotional thread of the novel features Sam's son and a sudden illness that no doubt will torture readers especially near the end My only suggestion make sure you pick up book 4 before starting book 3 as they definitely need to be read back to back

  9. Felicia Wood Felicia Wood says:

    Feeling super ambivalent about this one Part of me feels like its the best one yet and the other part is offended and annoyed If the author uses the word hemoglobin to describe blood one time I may pull out my hair She's not drinking the oxygen carrying capacity if bloodhemoglobin As a nurse its so hard to read; packed red blood cells plasma or simply blood would suffice No need to try and sound smart and then get it all wrong Also I found it to be a bit racist at times and awfully 'judgy' when it came to the labels put on women I appreciate when an author consistently gives in depth character descriptions that way I can visualize my scene Unfortunately this only happens sometimes We get great descriptions with the disabled the overweight the Hispanics and the Blacks But We're left to assume that the white people are white Repeated descriptions of one particular character shed in a negative light rubbed me the wrong way; I definitely wasn't going to forget what HE looked like Big black thug big bald black guy large black man the bad black man over and over again made sure of that Also these ridiculous cliffhangers have got to stop I'm not even sure if you can call it a cliffhanger if it reads like a middle chapter in a novel There is like zero resolve; and could Sam get laid already; 6 years?? She's sexually attracted to EVERYONE but refuses to just do it Like previously stated on the other hand parts really did read like the best yet in the series Sam is finally coming to terms with who she is and is growing as a mother and vampire Other characters are also showing dimension And the subplots although distracting add to the excitement and complexity I just don't know what to do To continue reading or not?

  10. S.A. Hopkins S.A. Hopkins says:

    Book 19 100Book American Vampire Vampire for Hire #3Author JR RainASIN B004UHLW1KISBN 978 1105089237Pages 306Read as part of Samantha Moon by JR Rain ISBN 978 193785617 5Vampires PIs sick kids and kidnapped children oh noContinuing on from the previous story in the series we find Sam meeting her online confidant Fang and finding he’s a notorious convicted criminal convicted of drinking a girl’s blood But Fang is human a vampire wannabe A human who wants to become a vampire for realAs Sam struggles to deal with that reuest she finds her son becoming deathly sick and the doctors have a hard time treating him Sam’s developing psi abilities allow her to see the auras that surround people and around her son she sees nothing but deathWhile trying to determine if she should turn her son into a vampire to save him Sam receives a phonecall from a frightened young girl a young girl who tells Sam that her mom was killed by a bad man who is keeping her prisoner and hurting herCalling in some extra manpower Sam works with the police and three other PIs all characters of the author Jim Knighthorse Aaron King aka Elvis Presley and Spinoza to find the young girl Rating 5 out of 5 fangs I love this series and the fact that it can crossover with the author’s other series well that’s just icing It has the elements of supernatural vampires werewolves etc but it’s obviously grounded in reality with the case of the little girl’s kidnapping and the sick son Definitely worth giving the series a read if you can

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