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Seeds of Yesterday [Reading] ➶ Seeds of Yesterday ➬ V.C. Andrews – The final haunting novel in the extraordinary story that has enthralled millionsThe horror began with Flowers in the Attic the terrifying tale of four innocent children locked away from the world by a The final haunting novel in the extraordinary story that has enthralled millionsThe horror began with Flowers in the Attic the terrifying tale of four innocent children locked away from the world by a cruel motherThe shocking fury continued with Petals on the Wind and If There be Thorns Now VC Andrews has created the last Seeds of Kindle - dark chapter in the strange chilling tale of passion and peril.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 420 pages
  • Seeds of Yesterday
  • V.C. Andrews
  • English
  • 21 August 2016

About the Author: V.C. Andrews

Virginia Andrews V Andrews.

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  1. Claudia Ramírez Claudia Ramírez says:


  2. Chris Chris says:

    This is all that you need to know about this bookUncle Joel Evil Evil Evil Sin Sin SinBart Mother if you stop sleeping with your brother I'll be nice and good forever and ever Until then I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL”Cathy Is too busy eavesdropping on the rest of her family to have much to sayMelodie How can I possibly be expected to love someone who is only half a man? Oh heeeeyyyy BartJory I sure wish Melodie would come to see me What does she do with her time anyway?Chris Wha'd I miss?

  3. James James says:

    Book Review 3 out of 5 stars for Seeds of Yesterday the 4th book in the Dollanganger thriller and young adult series written in 1984 by VC Andrews When I first read this series I absolutely loved the characters and plot It was mesmerizing and felt just dark enough to pass the reality line but not too far where I thought it was completely unbelievable Somewhere around books 3 and 4 it fell down for me It wasn't horrible but it wasn't as good as the originals I still enjoy hearing Cathy's voice understanding her point of view and knowing what happens with her and Chris But her own children are terrible and the concept of the seeds of yesterday coming back to haunt you was mediocre for me It's a fine line to say what turns a good person bad and a bad person to redemption It's rare I can buy such a change or do I really want it to change in something like this Writing is similar Style is similar But the plot just gets away too much for my taste I gave it a 3 as it's worth the read have some cautions with it but would still want to finish the series One to go About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by

  4. Matt Matt says:

    In the final novel that depicts the chronological progress of this most uniue family unit VC Andrews offers the reader even insight into the ways the Dollangangers have become intertwined and how these connections create unforeseen offshoots that rattle the familial foundation Chris and Cathy Sheffield Dollanganger are back in Virginia still holding onto their secret though its strength is slowly waning Invited back to Foxworth Hall by Bart who is about to celebrate his 25th birthday they have come to see that he is still the religious pillar who judges others Having been willed this mansion in his grandmother’s will Bart has rebuilt it to reflect the days of old not knowing some of the painful memories that it evokes Jory and his wife Melodie are back as well ready to help Bart celebrate though always dodging his moralistic speeches When Cindy arrives to celebrate with her brother she is no longer the little girl the reader will remember but a voluptuous teenage knockout who turns heads everywhere she goes Bart has many surprises for the family none so than the revelation that one of Malcolm Foxworth’s sons presumed dead was actually alive and in hiding Uncle Joel is as judgemental as Bart with his past as a monk and ready to keep the Sheffields in line When Melodie admits that she is pregnant and will not be able to dance with Jory in a special ballet for the birthday celebrations Cindy steps in However something goes tragically wrong and Jory is seriously hurt leaving him unable to walk As sly as he is judgmental Bart hones in on Melodie’s ache as Jory has lost his ability for intimacy and he takes up with her Shocked to discover them Cathy can only wonder if the family curse is coming to pass yet again Were that not enough Cindy’s teenage brain has her wanting to give in to all the lustful thoughts that cross it allowing the boys to dominate her curves and alluring body When Melodie goes into labour she cannot wait to rid herself of what is inside her admitting that she never wanted to be a mother Jory suffers not only with his paralysis but upon hearing this must wonder if he chose the wrong woman to stand beside him Melodie flees Foxworth Hall as soon as she can leaving Jory and the rest of the Sheffields to raise the next generation While Bart is still as critical as ever he sets his sights on a new conuest hoping that this will finally meet all the needs he has rummaging around inside him However Foxworth Hall and these Dollanganger offspring seem never to be able to take the easy road Andrews brings some interesting finality to this series spinning new and dastardly webs to a family that has seen so much over the past number of years Series fans who have made it this far will likely enjoy this final piece but there is no end to the odd storylines that have turned many readers awayAs VC Andrews brings this highly controversial series to a close she does so with a bang for her fans While the series remains part of the ‘young adult horror’ genre the plots have held my attention and not been too corny I know some have steered away from this series and tell me they are surprised that I have not left it to fade from my memory but I wanted to say that I made it to the end tying up all the loose ends left throughout Bart plays a central role in this piece if only because he is tapping into the religious and moralistic code left by his great grandfather and Foxworth patriarch Malcolm This young man speaks of a world of sin and duplicity then rushes off to act in such a way that the reader is left to scratch their head With no one safe from his ‘fire and brimstone’ sentiments characters must dodge his comments on most anything while living under the roof of his exceptional mansion Jory’s debilitating accident offers new challenges and development for this other central character as he learns to live without the use of his legs and is forced to watch his wife turn to another man—his brother no less—to find sexual comfort Jory is determined to make something of himself and be the father he has dreamed he could be even if everyone is discounting him Chris and Cathy long the central characters in the series have grown closer throughout learning the pitfalls of their romantic decision as well as seeing the children they raised make choices of their own With many struggles found in traditional family units VC Andrews tosses struggle and joy at this two as she has done throughout the series With plots and tangential storylines throughout Andrews thickens the plot until the very end leaving the reader to wonder what is around the corner for them in this unpredictable series With many of the plot lines tied off—some in uite drastic ways—it would seem there is little else to know However Andrews is not uite done with this series as she leaves the dedicated reader to wonder how things got started all those years ago One final novel a preuel takes the story back to the beginning long before there were children—or flowers—in any attic I think we’ll head there to see what it is all aboutKudos Madam Andrews for keeping me entertained throughout This has been uite the ride since I took the daring plunge into seeing what the series was all about Now I am hooked and must see how it endsor all beganLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  5. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    I am caught between Heaven and Hell in a kind of purgatory where ghosts of the past roam the hallways at nightFoxworth Hall has been built againI just finished a long overdue re read of the finale of the five book Dollanganger saga Yes I'd forgotten most of it with the exception of the oh so sad ending and the return to a manor that once terrified everyone in the seriesWhile Flowers in the Attic started the journey that destroyed four innocent young lives the series continued to follow the mains Cathy and Chris who had to cling to each other for sanity and life long after they left the attic The ending of the book was actually beautiful It's demented and dark but it's fitting to go back to where it all started Besides the dramatic but perfected finish Seeds of Yesterday suffered from some of the same things 'If There by Thorns' did While told only through Cathy's point of view again thankfully getting rid of the shifting POVs of the boys from the previous book it still focuses on truly unlikable charactersFrankly Cathy's kids grew up to be annoying Whiny self pitying pathetic and in some cases evil messes I get sticking around for the salvation of a son but it became unrealistic Seriously Bart is just too annoying Melanie is one of the worst excuses for a woman ever and Cindy's wailing made me want her to face a tragic ending of her ownAndrews rocked with beginnings endings and shredding a reader's hearts to pieces but she sometimes overplayed the already dramatic tone of the Gothic This book particularly reads unrealistically when it comes to most of the dialogue Also I am definitely getting tired of looming older men's presences in the house spoiling everyone's funIt's weaker in comparison to the rest of the series except 'If there Be Thorns' but it's still a Dollanganger seuel which wins points on its own The haunting vibe was still very much alive in the pages and that ended while bleak and leaving me feeling like I have some lead sitting in my chest is in a strange way a beautiful wrap up of a twisted family lineHe's up there whispering in the winds to tell me that's where the purple grass grows They're all up there waiting for me

  6. Lala Lala says:

    If I blink my eyes just once I'm twelve years old again and you're fourteen I can see you as you were thenbut I can't see me Chris why can't I see me? Cathy His crooked smile was bittersweet Because I've stolen all the memories of what you were and stored them in my heart Chris A bittersweet ending to an incredible series I loved this story and all the players in it What an imaginative and creative collection of books Although I have yet to read the preuel I am pleased with how this series has ended and I thoroughly enjoyed each book I felt that this was a bit slow moving but a very reflective and wonderful journey I felt so much for Jory Am I dancing momma? throughout this book and although I found Bart an entertaining character I never warmed up to him As for Chris and Cathy's enduring loveI was very moved yet again by them For even in hate and despair a love like no other was born and prospered Sadly it was Cathy who seemed could not live without her Christopher dolland in the attic where so much was lostCathy ultimately found peace A fitting endIt's tear shaped Cathy for all the tears I would have cried inside if you had never let me love you ChrisYou grow handsome with each passing year I stepped closer to encircle his waist with my arms as my cheek rested against his back I love you each yearand even when you are as old as Joel I will see you as you are nowstanding twelve feet tall in your shining suit of armour soon to ride your white unicorn In your hand you'll carry a twelve foot spear with a green dragon's head perched upon it's point In the mirror I saw his reflection; tears had come to glisten in his eyes Cathy After all this time you remember he whispered hoarsely After all these many years Chris I opened the tall and narrow closet door and began my ascent up the steep and narrow stairs On my way to the attic On my way to where I'd find my Christopher again CathyThere's a garden in the sky waiting there for me It's a garden that Chris and I imagined years ago while we lay on a hard black slate roof and stared up at the sun and the stars He's up there whispering in the winds to tell me that's where the purple grass grows They're all up there waiting for me Cathy

  7. sj sj says:

    Full review here Wow  Almost done with the Dollangangers thank goodness  Only two books left to cover in this series and this one is probably going to be the most difficult to write about  Why difficult?  Because it sucked  Seriously  This book was terrible  Combine all of the horribly tragic events of the first two books into one add Chris and Cathy as an old married couple and you have this dreckview spoilerSeeds of Yesterday starts up 15 years after If There Be Thorns when Corrine died in the after the fire we find out that she left the entire Foxworth fortune to Jory and Bart  Heh good thing John Amos actually did die in that fire or he'd have been pissed  The manor that was burnt down at the end of Petals on the Wind has been rebuilt in its entirety and some old guy who was previously thought to be dead one of Corrine's brothers has returned from some monastery in the Alps to be the creepy guy that's always whispering in Bart's earJory gets paralyzed while dancing at Bart's birthday party  Someone set him up to have a horrible accident thinking he'd likely die  Oh noes  He was dancing with his sister remember Cindy the adopted one? because his wife Melodie another prima ballerina is pregnant and didn't want to jeopardize her pregnancyPretend this is Jory and those pillars are crushing his legsSoooooshe doesn't want to jeopardize her pregnancy by dancing with her husband at her brother in law's birthday party but guess what she will do?  Sleep with said brother in law while her husband is in critical condition in the hospital  Yeah right?  Cathy catches Bart and Melodie drinking and whooping it up while her oldest son is trying not to kill himself like his daddy did  JeeeezCindy is super slutty  Really she is  She invites some guy home for Christmas promising her parents they'll be good but they get caught in bed together  Too enraptured to even notice or slow their stride Cindy gets pulled off the guy and screams  about how unfair her family is and how they shouldn't treat her like a baby because she's SIXTEEN NOW DAMNIT  She gets caught with another guy later in the story but I will probably forget about it by the time I get there so I'm telling you nowMelodie starts showing so Bart discards her like milk that's a week past its expiration date  She goes into labour at home but decides not to tell anyone for some stupid reason and by the time everyone finds out it's too late to get her to a hospital  She has twins  Had no idea there was than one fetus because even though this is supposed to take place sometime in the 90s her doctor couldn't tellShe takes off abandoning her children and her paraplegic husband because she just can't handle it any and she wants to go back to dancing   We find out later that she married another dancer right after her divorce papers are signed  Fuuuuuuuu all women in this series are just unbelievable strumpets  It kind of blows my mindSo Cathy is pretty much a mommy to the twins Cory and Carrie Darren and Diedre after they're abandoned by their real mommy sound familiar?  Bart starts sleeping with the nannynurse that was hired to help take care of Jory and his kidsbut Cathy still wipes his tush because he's too embarrassed to have the pretty nurse help him out with that  OoBart and the creepy old guy Malcolm John Amos Joel are taking the twins off into the chapel located at the manor and teaching them all of the horrible things that Chris and Cathy heard from the grandmother while they were locked up upstairs  They are of the Devil's Seed and were from a garden that should never have been planted blahblahblah  Cathy freaks out and tells the nurse that is now interested in JORY to never let the twins out of her sight any because they're being corrupted by her son that's gone over the edgeOh I think I forgot to mention that if Bart is ever institutionalized for anything he loses his entire inheritance so he's gotta try to keep it together in order to keep his moneyCreepy old Joel dies of cancer at some point Chris and Cathy are going to move out of the mansion taking Jory the twins and the nurse with them but before they canChris is killed in an accident on a snowy road  No I don't think he got pushed off a cliff by a unicorn riding dodo bird but I'm pretty sure there was a shark attack in there somewhereCathy is found up in the attic by one of the servants with a note in her hand saying that she didn't want to live any longer without her beloved brotherhusband beside her anyYou know every time I would start to empathize with Cathy or feel bad for herI'd remember that she spent the majority of her adult life married to her brother and that her parents were also related  That ruined it  Too much ick factor hide spoiler

  8. Chantal Chantal says:

    The last book of the life of Cathy and Chris Again I could not wait to read it I do however have to say that with every book a little get lost of the charm the story has Sometimes it is better not to make a seuel or seuels to a story I did like it but what I said the charm got lost I am still not a fan of Bart I was worried about the last book that he would stay mean and lets be honest not much had changed What a weird boyman but without him there wouldn't be a lot of story So it will get just under 4 points Up to book 5 of this series

  9. Lois Lois says:

    This held up well

  10. Akaii Akaii says:

    5 Stars This series is seriously addictive It's been 4 days non stop I've been reading books in the series back to backYesI've been sleep deprived and well I am glad I stumbled into this book for never had I read any book as wonderful as this one They are really well written and it's such a grotesue yet captivating story Seeds of Yesterday was really an engaging novel and one of the most heart breaking book I've come across It really pulls on your heart strings tugs on every emotion possible The end got me for sure It made me cry There were so many sad moments I cannot take my mind off this book right now I had enjoyed Cathy and Chris's journey since the first novel and this book has perfectly wrapped up their story and it was a very peaceful ending I am really gonna miss every characters Even if they are wicked But the one that I will miss the most is Christopher His love and dedication towards Cathy is superb; their's tale is utterly heart wrenching The story between Cathy and Chris will remain forever in my heart

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