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The March ❮Reading❯ ➸ The March Author E.L. Doctorow – Amerikan sisällisodan kuvaus universaalista sodan vaikutuksestaDoctorowin uusin romaani sijoittuu Amerikan sisällissodan aikaan mutta kertoo yleisemmälläkin tasolla sodan olemuksestaVuonna 1864 ke Amerikan sisällisodan kuvaus universaalista sodan vaikutuksestaDoctorowin uusin romaani sijoittuu Amerikan sisällissodan aikaan mutta kertoo yleisemmälläkin tasolla sodan olemuksestaVuonna kenraali William Sherman tuhosi Atlantan tulipalossa ja lähti sitten marssimaan miehen vahvuisella armeijallaan kohti itää merelle Matkan varrella käytiin lukuisia taisteluita Pohjoisen liittoumaa vastaan Joukot ryöstelivät etelässä karjaa ja viljaa tuhosivat taloja ja kohtelivat huonosti niin vapautettuja orjia kuin valkoisia pakolaisia Laajaan henkilögalleriaan kuuluvat mm vapautettu orjatyttö Pearl kirurgi ja eversti Sartorius sekä sotamiehet Arly ja Will Jäljelle jäi joukko ihmisiä jotka lopulta olivat voimiensa äärirajoilla Marssi vaati veronsa eikä kukaan ole entisensä.

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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The March EL DoctorowThe March is a 2005 historical fiction novel by E L Doctorow It won the PENFaulkner Award for Fiction 2006 and the National Book Critics Circle AwardFiction 2005In 1864 Union general William Tecumseh Sherman marched his sixty thousand troops through Georgia to the sea and then up into the Carolinas The army fought off Confederate forces demolished cities and accumulated a borne along population of freed blacks and white refugees until all that remained was the dangerous transient life of the dispossessed and the triumphant In E L Doctorow’s hands the great march becomes a floating world a nomadic consciousness and an unforgettable reading experience with awesome relevance to our own times تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هفتم ماه ژوئن سال 2015 میلادیعنوان پیش روی؛ نویسنده دکتروف؛ مترجم امیر احمدی آریان؛ نشر چشمه، 2013، در 413ص؛ شابک 9786006846170؛ موضوع جنگ داخلی امریکا از نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکایی؛ سده 21مرویدادهای داستان «پیش روی» در پایان سال 1864میلادی و آغاز سال 1865میلادی روی می‌دهندشخصیت اصلی داستان، ژنرالی به نام «ویلیام شرمن» است، که سپاه شصت هزار نفری خود را از جنوب آمریکا، در مسیری به حرکت درمی‌آورد، که در نهایت آنچه باقی می‌ماند، مسیری به مسافت شصت مایل است؛ رمان با پایان یافتن جنگ به انتها می‌رسد، و آنچه برجای مانده، جز بوی باروت و خون، نیست؛ سربازانی که خیال می‌کردند با پایان یافتن روزهای دشوار، آرامش را تجربه خواهند کرد، از آینده خبر ندارند؛ روزهایی که زخم‌های روحی و جسمی، سر باز خواهند کرد؛ داستان با گام‌های سربازان، و پیشروی ارتش، به پیش می‌رود، و یکی از نکات قابل توجه در سراسر داستان، دگرگونیهای ناگهانی ست، که در شخصیت‌ها به روشنی میتوان دید؛ ا شربیانی

  2. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Although it is not an overly lengthy novel Doctorow paints a very wide palette It may be too wide His cast of characters is broad including the mandatory historical personalities Most prominent among these is William Tecumsah Sherman “Uncle Billy” to his troops of the eponymous March Pearl is a white skinned black a slave fathered by her master If there is a central character here I suppose it is her but not by a large measure Arly is a petty criminal who along with his partner is released from prison by a Confederate general in return for his value as a soldier He follows a twisted path to what becomes for him a glorious end A photographer or at least his assistant and his euipment figure in this tale as does a family Two sisters in search of different things one looking for her lost sons another for a purpose in life EL Doctorow from The New York TimesThe March is an image of the road a literary metaphor as well as a physical one While all the characters walk the path blazed by Sherman to some degree it is the paths each blaze personally that resonate Pearl is on her way not only to Washington Suare to deliver a letter to a dead soldier’s family but to make a new life for herself journeying from slavery to freedom A German doctor travels a path to give his life meaning but is unable to engage in his experience in a meaningful way emotionally and so in a way remains where he is A roué of a colonel enjoys his life as a ladies man while proving his mettle in the field until he is undone by his own desires When this is made into a film and it most certainly will be barring a significant rewrite it will be populated with an “ensemble cast” No one character leads the way here Sherman himself is not introduced until page 74 Whites of both the north and south share our attention with diverse black characters Leaders occupy the same pages as the lowest on society’s ladder A brief Lincoln appearance is mesmerizing Doctorow offers a tableau of an America on the march from a slave to a modern society with a peek at many of the issues entailed in that transition I was reminded of Whitman while reading this Doctorow seems in Whitman’s way drawn to the sinews of the real America He paints a very real image of a major event in a significant time And while one might feel a desire for a singular character to whom to relate it makes sense in this work to step back and take in Doctorow’s pointillist approach as the many individual specks add up to a very compelling image Highly recommendedEXTRA STUFFMy reviews of other books by Doctorow World’s Fair Homer Langley

  3. WILLIAM2 WILLIAM2 says:

    Many shifting points of view tell this big story of General William Tecumseh Sherman's famous March to the Sea 1865 which ended the American Civil War in the south Literary compression is the wonder here Full characters are brought forth in half a page It is for the most part a lean and uncluttered style though with a propensity to swell briefly at times into overwriting Fortunately these interludes are few but they lowered the achievement in my estimation to a mere three stars The tragedy to both sides especially the South which provides the novel's setting is most affectingly told There is Pearl daughter of a white master and slave mother who—like Joe Christmas in Faulkner's Light In August—has trouble knowing exactly who she is She is drawn to white people because she is white but feels she is black since she was raised in the plantation slave uarters Will and Arly are young Confederate soldiers who in the mayhem of the March put on the uniforms of the Union dead to save themselves Then there is Sherman himself a brilliant brooding loner respected by his officers but resented for his bond with the rank and file There is the surgeon Wrede Sartorius—the name is almost certainly an homage to William Faulkner whose Colonel Sartorus appears in The Unvanuished and other novels—who works with an almost inhuman intensity to save the dying and thereby drives a woman he deeply cares for from his arms The doctor is dehumanized by the war not to the point of madness Instead he retreats into cold intellectuality where it is less possible to feel He is numb The dispensary scenes—where the casualties await Sartorius's saw—remind me very much of similar scenes in Émile Zola's La Débâcle about the Franco Prussian War 1870 A Pyrrhic victory for the Union A terrible interminable war of brothers killing brothers The US Civil War continues to shape the identity of America to this day

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    The marchIn EL Doctorow’s capable hands it becomes than a collective activity than a military composite The march becomes a thing a great living mass whose arms and tentacles extend out for miles though forests and across streams and down city streets Each soldier in the march is a cell in a living organism of seek and destroy a great sprawling entity of military might and objective but diverse and chaotic enough to encompass stragglers hangers on passengers and parasitesDescribing General William Tecumseh Sherman’s 1864 march to the sea from burning Atlanta novelist E L Doctorow illustrates a vision of history that comes alive for the reader Following several characters on the march including the General himself the reader is carried along this flowing river of humanity bent on conuest and destruction but also alive with individual purpose and reason The march as a collective is a heterogeneous amalgam of moving and sometimes contradictory parts but each distinctive person as a part of the whole has a clear and separate story of its own and Doctorow masterfully brings the mass to vivid life Sherman was shown to be a destroyer and also a threat of destruction His burning of Atlanta Savanah Columbia and much of Georgia and the Carolinas was meant to be a fatal coup de grace to the South but worse a promise of penultimate blows if ever his latest act of total war was not sufficient The author shows the devastating result of the whole but also intrinsic and divergent cause and effect of the single players in the tide that is the Union army thrusting a killing blow into the heart of the ConfederacyDoctorow has long been on my radar to read and this first read will only be the first The March does much to define the American Civil War but transcends this war as a piece of American history and goes on to thoroughly and minutely provide for the reader a great history I think only Tolstoy’s War and Peace matches Doctorow’s ability to in a single literary work describe both a great event and also the microscopic human details of that experience I will read much from this virtuoso craftsman

  5. Joy D Joy D says:

    Historical fiction set near the end of the American Civil War late 1864 early 1865 that follows General William T Sherman’s March through Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina and ends at the surrender of the Confederacy It follows a large cast of characters representing the many diverse participants including military leaders landowners emancipated slaves refugees soldiers on both sides doctors nurses journalists and volunteers that perform services as needed Sherman’s troops burned cities pillaged plantations and commandeered livestock as they pursued Confederate General Joseph JohnstonThe storyline shifts among different characters giving the reader a chance to view events from a broad perspective The closest we come to a protagonist is Pearl the daughter of a deceased slave mother and a landowning father As the novel opens Pearl and other slaves are freed by the arrival of the Union army They follow the troops and we follow Pearl through a wide variety of experiences such as posing as a drummer boy and helping out in the medical station The comic relief is provided by a pair of Confederate soldiers They get into one scrape after another posing as Union troops and eventually encountering a photographer recording images of the war A couple years ago I read Sherman’s March by Burke Davis and if I had thought about it I would have read these two books back to back Doctorow’s fiction takes historic events to a personal level allowing several characters to interact with key players such as Lincoln and Sherman This book portrays this chaotic time and its impact on individuals vividly describing the physical psychological and emotional trauma of war as well as the jubilation of freedom and the uncertainty of what comes next

  6. Bart Bart says:

    This was good not greatSuch has been my feeling about all three of the Doctorow novels I've read Billy Bathgate City of God and The March All of these novels are well structured technically proficient works and all contain something that makes them above averageBut nothing uite makes them extraordinarySome credit has to go to Doctorow however just for picking Tecumseh Sherman's march as his topic This is a controversial subject even 140 years later Truthfully I most enjoyed the parts where Doctorow a writer who proved in City of God that he has a top notch brain tried to lead us inside Sherman's mindThe novel may have been better for me if it had been about marching and obligation and mania than bit players The Pearl character specifically just felt like Doctorow was trying too hard to make a somewhat tired social commentary; the ending of the book with Pearl being ahead of her time was uncharacteristically triteGoing into this novel and knowing the abandon with which Doctorow tackled the existence of God in a previous novel I expected marching and Sherman and all the horrific choices an otherwise decent but empirical thinking man had to makeFinally the supporting cast of The March is what makes me hesitate to recommend this novel to historical fiction fans For now let's just let contemporary fiction fans enjoy it as an entertaining read that uses very interesting scenery in a pretty good way

  7. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    Coming to this novel after Ragtime I was disappointed It is a far conventional story that tracks along Sherman's march through Georgia and then up through South Carolina during the American Civil War Hanging about the story are two dastardly brothers sinister but also comical who desire to have sex with their half sister this would be socially acceptable view spoiler at least in certain places hide spoiler

  8. allison allison says:

    Totally mesmerizing hallucinagenic almost Creates that feeling of being unmoored from the shore and swept along a in a current At any moment someone or something else can float by you as you're carried along by the water against your will just hoping to keep your feet up so as not to get pulled under by a hidden rock or branch and drown He's a really good writer

  9. Ayla Ayla says:

    History sometimes can be boring but this book wasn’t The characters in this story of a part of the civil war were fleshed out and invoking interest General Kilpatrick General Sherman Wrede Sartorius that was a doctor before his time Pearl and Emily to name some This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I look forward to reading others

  10. Jean Jean says:

    Doctorow turns his masterful writing ability to the 1864 March of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman Sherman burned Atlanta and then marched his Union Army of sixty thousand through Georgia and up the Carolinas The troops lived off the land pillaging and demolishing cities along the wayDoctorow has provided the reader with an enormous caste of unforgettable characters white black men women and children The key cast is Sherman Colonel Sartorius a Union regimental surgeon Emily Thompson the dispossessed daughter of a George Supreme Court Judge the two misfit soldiers Arty and Will and last but not least Pearl the beautiful freed slave girl The author provides a stunning description of the countless victims swept up in the violence of a country at war with itselfMy mind wanders from Doctorow’s descriptions of the families displaced by civil war to what I was watching daily on TV of the civil war refugees fleeing Syria to Europe The book won the National Book Critics Award and the 2005 PENFaulkner award and was a finalist for the 2006 Pulitzer Prize I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible Joe Morton did a good job narrating the book

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