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Sympathy Between Humans ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Sympathy Between Humans By Jodi Compton ✍ – Jodi Compton’s debut The 37th Hour was hailed as “compelling” San Francisco Chronicle “intelligent” New York Times Book Review and “the debut of a world class mystery writer” Denver Post Jodi Compton’s debut The th Hour was hailed as “compelling” San Francisco Chronicle “intelligent” New York Times Book Review and “the debut of a world class mystery writer” Denver Post Now Compton delivers a new novel featuring Detective Sarah Pribek one of the most singular and complex characters in suspense fiction todayOn the streets of Minneapolis Sarah has worked everything from vice to missing persons But six months after the death of a small town criminal in rural Minnesota Sarah is still protecting the identity of a killer And now a zealous DA’s investigator has come Sympathy Between PDF/EPUB or to town determined to make an arrest With her ex partner half a world away and her husband in prison only Sarah remains to face the conseuences of last fall Surrounded by colleagues who know her to be the suspect in a murder Sarah keeps her demons at bay by involving herself in the troubles of strangers Seventeen year old Aidan Hennessy was banished from his family by his father Now Aidan’s twin sister is desperately searching for the brother she hasn’t seen in years Although the case is out of Sarah’s jurisdiction she sees a reflection of herself in the troubled damaged family and agrees to investigateAs she probes into their tangled history Sarah begins to realize that the mystery of the Hennessys runs deeper than it appears Then Sarah’s lieutenant gives her a simpler assignment Track down a doctor rud to be practicing medicine without a license in a housing project But in Cicero Ruiz Sarah finds a tough wounded survivor whose moral code challenges her own ideas about justiceand whose hard won life would be destroyed by an arrest Now juggling two very different cases both reuiring a delicate balancing act between professional honor and personal feelings Sarah soon has even at stake Caught up in a cat and mouse game with the investigator who wants to end her career crossing one ethical line after another Sarah increasingly fears that a misstep on her part will end not only in her disgrace but in the death of one of those she has promised herself to protectWith its fascinating heroine and its brilliantly interwoven mysteries Sympathy Between Humans is storytelling at its finest from one of the most original and daring writers in suspense fiction today.

About the Author: Jodi Compton

Jodi Compton like Hailey Cain is Californian in a way a lot of people are Californian; I was born someplace else Jodi has lived in California since the age of one except for a brief stint in Minneapolis In addition to the two Hailey Cain novels Jodi is the author of two novels about Minneapolis detective Sarah Pribek The th Hour and Sympathy Between Humans She currently lives outside S.

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  1. Linda Linda says:

    Jodi Compton has toned up her plotting skills in Sympathy Between Humans the seuel to her debut novel The 37th Hour In 37th protagonist Detective Sarah Pribeck embarked on a search for her missing husband only two months after their marriage It becomes evident that his disappearance is connected to the murder of her partner's daughter Although the murderer got off on a technicality his later death in an arson fire remains an open case As Sympathy Between Humans opens her husband has been imprisoned for his part in that investigation and her partner brokenhearted has taken herself off to Europe Now Sarah is struggling to adjust to life without the two most important individuals in her life and although she knows who wreaked vengeance on the murderer she keeps that knowledge to herself even when it seems that she's now the prime suspect Delving into her work to help keep her loneliness at bay Sarah is approached by a teenage girl asking her to find her missing twin brother Aiden Hennessy As her investigation progresses she becomes increasingly perplexed by the circumstances of the Hennessy family which in surprising ways remind Sarah of her own disjointed upbringing She's also assigned to investigate a doctor practicing without a license Juggling her loneliness her memories her status as a suspect and these two cases challenge Sarah's beliefs and principles Author Compton's strength lies in her ability to create multidimensional characters who grapple with problems familiar to us all The lines between legal and moral right wrong and justice are often blurry and one of Sympathy's main themes deals with that complexity Where is there room for compassion? What exactly is justice? There is no black or white and Sarah must find a way to do her job without compromising her belief system Ms Compton skillfully brings these cases to satisfying though not happily ever after conclusions while leaving her readers eager to discover where Sarah goes next

  2. Charlene Charlene says:

    I''m glad I read this book Sarah Pribek is a complex character As a law enforcement officer she struggles to make choices between lawful and rightwrong Sometimes she made what I considered wrong choices although her inner conflict about the decisions was well displayedShe is alone and the connections she makes or tries to make in this book show her search for completion and a way out of isolationIf there's a third book I will read it Not easy reads but worth the time I should not have read the end just before bedtime I lay awake for uite a long time thinking about the story

  3. Lynne Lynne says:

    Some of the narrative was a bit long and involved

  4. Marilyn F Marilyn F says:

    Found this in general to be the best kind of mystery a story with a mystery in it rather than just a mystery story though I thought she killed off too many people toward then end

  5. Jacki Peterson Jacki Peterson says:

    I have read Sympathy Between Humans and The 37th Hour Jodi Compton is one of the best crimemystery writers I have read I look forward to reading all future novels by Jodi Compton She’s absolutely brilliant

  6. Randy Randy says:

    Good Book with a strange twist at the end I liked that

  7. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Enjoyed the book as Sarah pieces together observations to unravel mysteries while struggling with right wrong and what's best

  8. Wisteriouswoman Wisteriouswoman says:

    Sympathy Between Humans was a good title for this book One of the things I appreciated is that it can be read without having read the first book There are hints about what has happened in the past without spending half the book retelling you all the details of Sarah's life I liked Sympathy Between Humans much better than 37th hour Even though Sarah continues to wade into some unethical behavior for someone who is expected to uphold the law she doesn't stoop to vigilantism The reader can understand why some situations aren't just black and white You feel that it is okay for 'the law' to look the other way when there are shades of grey in a particular situation That is where we can sympathize with the hardships that the various characters are challenged by Her husband Shilo didn't interest me at all in the previous book so I am glad he just stayed in prison throughout this book I also liked the fact that we didn't have to read about her ex partner since she absconded to Europe at the end of The 37th Hour The new characters in Sympathy Between Humans were complex and I felt Sarah's compassion for them She is driven to do her job as a sheriff but also help people when she can The book isn't all about getting the bad guys There were a few twists and turns so I was surprised when I guessed wrong about the mystery surrounding the family situation she gets involved in One thing that is interesting to note is that the author must have had fun with a baby name book Must of the character's have unusual names one's that aren't on the top of the chart for this year's most popular names The author isn't profuse in her descriptions of people and places but you get a general idea what someone looks like If you like cop stories with a great deal of action than this isn't what you are looking for It has a fairly slow pace and you switch between cases from chapter to chapter The ending is bittersweet which makes the story seem real

  9. Karschtl Karschtl says:

    Although I read the first book of this series only 18 months ago I only remembered the rough storyline But not exactly why Sarah and her husband fell out It's not explained in this book either and it's not necessarily important for the story I was just curiousAnyway here Sarah is confronted with actually 3 cases at one1 the investigation of her own role in the death of Shorty which took place in the first book2 finding Aidan Hennessy a 17 year old runaway3 stopping a doctor from practicing without a licenseThe first case wasn't as interesting to me as the other two In both cases Sarah tries to do what's best and makes decision that are not always by the rules The morale she has to learn sometimes its better to play by the rules even though it doesn't look that way at first sightActually I liked this approach of the author to present us with a protagonist that is not only good but tries to use common sense but fails in doing so Life's a process of constant learning from mistakes

  10. Bookmarks Magazine Bookmarks Magazine says:

    Compton's second police procedural reintroduces the emotionally unstable Sarah Pribek and advances the storyline from The 37th Hour Once again Compton delivers a compelling plot and fully realized characters with convincing problems of the mind and heartas one character notes the mathematics of the human psyche Disarmingly complex the novel asks tough uestions about law and morality; Sarah for better or for worse takes matters into her own hands when the law does not deliver justice Only the Detroit Free Press cited an unbelievable missing child case and challenged the idea that permeates the novelthat breaking the law is bad only if the intentions are too Loose ends may bother some readers but there will be to come from this intelligent author and her protagonistThis is an excerpt from a review published in Bookmarks magazine

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