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Perelandra ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Perelandra Author C.S. Lewis – The second novel in his classic trilogy Perelandra appears again under its orginal and intended title It tells of two men from Earth who plunge out of space and through the cloud belt on to Venus One The second novel in his classic trilogy Perelandra appears again under its orginal and intended title It tells of two men from Earth who plunge out of space and through the cloud belt on to Venus One of them was a man possessed an emissary of all evil The other was a man driven by a terrible yet inspiring mission On the surface of the mysterious planet of Venus Dr Ransom and his enemy were to meet in a titanic struggle to decide the destiny of a young and joyous worldCS Lewis' classic novels of the interplanetary travels and adventures of Dr Ransom Out of the Silent Planet Perelandra Voyage to Venus and That Hideous Strength are published with the full text and original titling intended by the author for the first time in paperback with these new Pan editions Remarkablea rare power of inventive imagination The Times Literary Supplement The description of Venus in its endless age of innocence is delightful The Listener.

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  1. Manny Manny says:

    James does the name 'Perelandra' mean anything to you?Yes I believe so Poetic name for the planet Venus Inhabited by two analogues of Adam and Eve living in a state of prelapsarian bliss All sounds rather pleasantVery good James However we've received intelligence that SMERSH have infiltrated an agent who is going to try to tempt the Eve analogue We want you to stop himWell as a boy I always did enjoy stealing the odd appleDon't be flippant JamesI find it's the most effective way to prevent Original SinHmf That's as may be You'll need to see before being mysteriously transported through the aetherI look forward to finding out what he's cooked up this time Please give my regards to MoneypennyI will And James?Yes?Good luckAnyway that's how I'd have done it But CS Lewis had his own ideas

  2. Stephen Stephen says:

    50 stars I thought this was an AMAZING book After liking Out of the Silent Planet this novel blew me away The theme of the book is a re telling of the Fall of Adam and Eve using Venus called Perelandra as the setting You can tell that C S Lewis was really feeling the prose as he wrote this and his passion for the work was evident throughout I thought it read like lush poetry that was both powerful and emotional I was deeply impressed by this story and now look forward to reading the last book of the trilogy That Hideous Strength One final note I listened to the audio version of this story read by Geoffrey Howard and I thought he did s SUPERB job with the narration HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  3. Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson says:

    Great Also read in January of 1990 And also read in April of 2009 Also read in January of 1985 Also read in July of 1980 Listened to it again on audio in 2015

  4. Michael Michael says:

    It is difficult to write a review about “Perelandra” There is so much that could be said that it is hard to know where to begin Its story is so rich the imagery so beautiful the underlying themes so profound and complex its theology so full that no summary can do it justice I would rather simply encourage everyone to read it and let each discover its joys for themselves But since there is no reason for anyone to merely take my word for it I will do my best to support my recommendationThough the characters and names are different the story of “Perelandra” follows the basic outline of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” Creatures made in the image of God arise on a world newly made They live in the joy of sinless obedience until two visitors arrive from outside their world; the first to warn them of impending evil the second to tempt them to disobey and fall But whereas Milton’s herald is the immortal angel Gabriel Lewis re introduces his reluctant hero from “Out of the Silent Planet” the very human Dr Elwin Ransom There are other differences between Milton’s poem and Lewis’ novel “Paradise Lost” is set on the Earth during the time of Genesis Perelandra takes place long after the fall of Adam and Eve on a planet named Perelandra Milton’s tempter is Satan in the form of a serpent Lewis’ is the brilliant but twisted Dr Weston the physicist from “Out of the Silent Planet” But these are superficial and only thinly disguise the many similarities between these two great works of literature It may be fair to say that just as “Paradise Lost” is a retelling of Genesis “Perelandra” is a retelling of “Paradise Lost”Both Milton and Lewis dwell on what it might be like for men and women to live prior to the fall from grace Such is the genius of both authors that they not only create a convincing image of pre fallen humanity they are able to communicate that image to their audience Their understanding of what we lost in the original fall was so deep and their longing to return so keen that unspoiled worlds seem to flow from their pens as smoothly as ink In one way though Lewis was able to do his great predecessor one better Lewis was not constrained by the nature of Earth as Milton was Lewis’ Perelandra is a world of many and varied delights an otherworldly Eden There are trees the fruit of which are huge shimmering transparent orbs that burst at the lightest touch bathing the passerby in a thrilling shower Other trees bear fruits that are achingly beautiful to taste both savory and sweet There are fantastic and extraordinary creatures that rival the whimsy of Hieronymus Bosch Perelandra is easily the most glorious world CS Lewis ever created Lewis and Milton also focus on the female as the vector of attack Lewis wisely avoids speculation as to why this should be There is no indication that the female is somehow inferior to the male It is simply a matter of fact that in the history of Earth Eve was deceived not Adam It stands to reason that the tempter will follow the same planThe last great similarity between “Perelandra” and “Paradise Lost” I want to mention is the way language is used in the temptation of Eve and her Perelandrian counterpart Tinidril Both authors give their tempters brilliant speeches with which to seduce their prey They are elouent and persuasive flattering but not obseuious Their arguments are successful in making that which is forbidden seem attractive and disobedience seem heroic The tempters are so elouent that the reader is nearly moved to agree with them Which brings me now to two real and remarkable differences between “Paradise Lost” and “Perelandra” First unlike Eve who’s story was carved in history long before Milton lived to set it to verse Tinidril has a champion in the form of Ransom He is by her side fighting constantly against the influence of Weston It is in their subseuent philosophical battle of words and ideas that Lewis explores a powerful theme Ransom and Weston fight on uneven ground with the advantage going to Weston Ransom has reason and truth on his side but is constrained by the absolute morals of Christianity and the rules of reason itself not to stray from those ideals Weston is seductively irrational He is utterly immoral and can lie in any and every way twisting and distorting the truth to suit his ends As the war becomes hopeless Ransom is faced with a terrible conclusion; reason alone cannot defeat non reason A person who is dedicated to being irrational cannot be argued out of their position There is no example strong enough to persuade them no beauty in reason sweet enough In the end for truth to win over a lie something extraordinary is necessary The great example of our own world is the Cross This is reflected in Perelandra in a surprising wayThe second great difference is the end Ransom is successful in overcoming Weston and Tinidril overcomes her temptation She along with the Tor the Perelandrian Adam passes the test that Adam and Eve failed Together they “step up that step at which our parents fell” Lewis takes the theme of unfallen humanity and extends it beyond what Milton conceived He contemplates what life might have been like had we not fallen for ourselves and the rest of creation What would our stewardship of the world and its creatures have been like? How would our relationship with God and the spiritual realm been different? How would our transition from the physical realm to the Heaven have been different? These uestions and others like them are asked and answers are hinted at as the book ends with a verbal fugue that would rival the musical fugues of Bach“Perelandra” is a work of startling beauty that stings the heart of the reader It was one of Lewis’ personal favorites one supposes it still is and it is easy to see why In it there is a glimpse of Paradise that stands eual to the work of Milton and Dante If there is any justice in the literary world it will one day take its rightful place in the literary canon by their sides

  5. Megan Baxter Megan Baxter says:

    CS Lewis I'm disappointed in you And that's the first time that has happened I don't share your religion but it's never kept me from enjoying one of your books before I have been in love with the Narnia books since first I read them I enjoyed the first book in this series I even enjoyed the start of the theological discussions in these books And then I hated where they wentNote The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

  6. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    My favorite of the trilogy ExcellentThe Space Trilogy by CS Lewis is a classic early science fiction read while at the same time being a than excellent allegorical story of Christian faith I'd say that if you aren't a Christian that won't keep you from enjoying the books The allegory aside you will still get wonderful time tested SF classicThis volume gives a sort of retelling allegorically of the Genesis story but with a difference This book is in my opinion than simply well written It is in its way inspired Personally I also find it the best in the CSLewis space Trilogy series story wiseIf you have read the first in the series Out of the Silent Planet then you've already met Ransom and been introduced to the allegorical pictures or names used to represent God Here Lewis takes a look at temptation and human reaction to it He gives a view of the type of reasoning that allows us to lie to ourselves and justify actions we know to be at best unwise and at worst wrongeven evil and deadly He lays out a story in which we can see the the choices presented in Genesis and get a thoughtful take on themHighly recommended I like the entire trilogy each of which has it's own strong points but I think I like this one best of the three Just my opinion

  7. Liam Degnan Liam Degnan says:

    25 Stars So here's a fun fact CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were the best of friends Lewis even dedicated The Screwtape Letters to Tolkein Lewis wrote this series because of a contest him and Tolkien had in which one of them agreed to write a trilogy about Space Travel while the other would write a trilogy about Time Travel For Lewis this series was the result Tolkien unfortunately never actually finished his book on Time Travel haha When they first met Lewis was a staunch atheist and Tolkien a devoted Roman Catholic As a direct result of his discussions with Tolkien Lewis was later converted to Christianity More than that he became what many consider to be the greatest Christian Apologist of all time and it was his Christian faith that became the point of influence for all of his main works of fiction and non fiction alike including the Chronicles of Narnia I have read almost everything that Lewis ever wrote Narnia was my first experience with fantasy when I was very little His non fiction books like Mere Christianity and The Abolition of Man are a huge part of the reason I came to understand my own faith The Great Divorce completely changed my life He was a voice of reason where all of the other voices in my life spoke of empty religion He showed me a God that I could know rather than a God that I just had to try and appease I committed to searching and finding the truth and I found so much beauty as a result And it's with that much love that I can tell you these books are by far his worst haha Lewis has a way of communicating ideas through fiction that is just not present in these books He spends time preaching to the reader through his characters than he spends delivering the story you'd think this would make his message clearer but the actual result is a bad story and watered down arguments and philosophy It does not work at allThis book tells the story of a man named Ransom who travels to a world where The Fall has not yet occurred He witnesses and interacts with the Green Lady who is the euivalent of Eve in the Garden of Eden in this world free of and pain and evil And then he has to watch as Weston the villain of this story comes in to corrupt her And he has very little power to do anything about it It is actually a great concept which is why I kept the 25 Star rating where it is The points in the book where I could get into the story and understand what was happening were excellent But they were so few and far between that it was spoiled for me The majority of this book is dialogue in which Ransom preaches to you as the reader or argues with Weston about good and evil and it makes for some of the weakest presentations of ideas in my opinion that Lewis ever wrote Ransom is not even a likeable character so that made it even worse for meIn seeking to create a world in this book that was entirely perfect it seems like the reality of what was happening in this story was lost on me None of it felt real which is how I hope to feel when reading any type of fantasy or fiction and that is extremely unfortunate Had a lot of potential but was definitely an unfortunate let down I tried continuing through book three but I think I'm going to put these books down for good I still love Lewis I'll just have to pretend these ones don't exist haha

  8. Paul Christensen Paul Christensen says:

    Speculative theology in the shape of a trip to the Morning StarWith a portrait of the devil that reminds of Poe’s M ValdemarPart of me sees this devil trope as a vile obnoxious leftist Bent on destroying folkways for he derides the Venusian deftnessWhich makes them avoid a certain island something the Left would call ‘Essentialist’ But really hard to know how Lewis would scrawlIf he’d lived to the current era Would he have been a Christian cuckOr would he have gone full Fourteen Words? He did have a deal of pluckIn the last climactic chapter he writes of a Great Cosmic DanceWhich certainly isn't orthodox So here he was taking a chanceBy infusing Hermeticism into his science fictionAnd sure and profound is the ultimate musicality of his description

  9. Nicholas Kotar Nicholas Kotar says:

    Whatever you might think of the uality of the currently popular fantasy books comic booksmovies and long form TV offerings one thing is for sure Dark and grim is king right now Of course judging by the news there are good reason for this Things are not going so well in places like Ukraine Syria Ira This election is a cheap reality show than the choosing of the leader of the free world Suicides and drug use are on the rise There are few heroes to look up to and most of our writers are doing a decent job giving creative expression to a general sense of purposelessness and tension C S Lewis lived in a time that was perhaps even uncertain than ours World War II the loss of almost an entire generation of men in England the rise of both fascism and communism I could go on for a while But instead of merely reflecting the ugliness around him Lewis was bold enough to imagine what it could have been like if the ugliness was cut off at its rootPerelandra is just this kind of exploration In this second of Lewis's so called Space Trilogy Ransom a protagonist loosely based on JRR Tolkien travels to Venus This planet is younger than earth and in terms of spiritual history the fall of man has not happened Not yet Ransom finds himself the only person capable of preventing a man possessed by the devil from subverting a second Eve this one with green skinThe language in this book is lush the imagery fantastic The philosophy is compelling without being preachy The conflict is real and the danger of man's moral fall has never been convincingly rendered This is one of my top ten books of all time in any genre

  10. Charles H Charles H says:

    Perelandra is the second of CS Lewis's space trilogy In that universe it is the name of the planet Venus a beautiful sinless planet with life at its dawn Perelandra is a passionate and fierce ocean world with awesome storms golden sunlight millions of floating islands and critters to inhabit them On Perelandra live only two sentient creatures the King and the ueen They rule the world as Adam and Eve A philologist named Ransom is sent from Earth as God's representative with an unknown mission When he arrives he finds the ueen alone and soon another guest from Earth arrives It is the devil's representative the age old serpent in the form of another man Thus begins a battle between Ransom and the Devil over the soul of the ueen The fate of Perelandra hangs in the balance

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