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  1. Nora toomey Nora toomey says:

    this is how I learned about sex Thanks mom and dad for owning it Also I stole it from you

  2. Lukas Prytikin Lukas Prytikin says:


  3. Amanda Amanda says:

    I give Little Birds four stars in comparison to Delta of Venus' two though as a stand alone it would probably only get 2 or 3 There are almost no disgusting and despicable sex scenes in Little Birds and for this I am grateful As it turns out I'm a bit prudish after all Little Birds is set in various places around the world but uite often set in New York and New Orleans It feels modern than Delta of Venus It feels aware present And this my second dip into a collection of Anais Nin's short stories I finally understand why she is a noteworthy FEMALE writer She is finally writing about women Silly stupid women And most of it's pretty sexy

  4. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    The stories here which I found to be finely crafted and deeper than Delta of Venus were clever entertaining and of course sexy In my opinion Nin set the bar higher than anyone else when it comes to erotic literature This is literary erotica for intellectuals and her beautiful style of writing which is easy to connect with covers a range of sexual and sensual indulgences and reveals insights into the mysteries of women and their sexuality Most are based on her adventurous experiences and on those of her friends exploring different cultures and sexual habits I find her work far effective than the sleaze of Henry Miller

  5. Ian "Marvin" Graye Ian "Marvin" Graye says:

    In Full FlightThe titular birds feature in polar opposite contexts in this collection of eroticaIn the first story Marcel rents an attic with a terrace He feeds the birds so as to attract the attention of schoolgirls across the road Having won their trust he exposes himself to the girls after which they take fright and run away like little birdsIn the last story a runaway 16 year old girl Jeanette finds physical shelter with Jean and Pierre She wants to have a few men to herself One is not enough? asks Jean I don't know yet I will have to seeBoth men treat her sensitively as they initiate her into the sensual world Pierre even withholds his penis from the immediate satisfaction she is seeking It was as if he held a palpitating bird in his hand a captive bird that tried to leap at her but that Pierre kept for his own pleasureHe continued to massage itas if to say 'I don't need you'In response Jeanette is emptied of all but her own desire to be taken and satisfied She bloomed under his caresses no longer the girl but the woman already being bornHere the bird helps Jeanette to take flightItalian cover featuring La Belle Rafaela by Tamara de Lempicka 1927The Most Delicious ViseI initially felt this posthumous collection was inferior to its immediate predecessor Delta of Venus However gradually it's thematic content cohered and became apparentThis is very much about the transition from 13 year old innocence and naivety to 16 year old experience and worldliness As she grows the notional girl awakens from flight to the embrace of birds not to mention the little silver foxes of other women who moan like pigeonsbeneath the satin and the fur and the most delicious vise of silky salty fleshThe life of this fiction is filled with perfumes jewelry curtains and caressesThis is the feminine flipside of the masculine rites of passage explored in the fiction of Haruki Murakami except it's both focussed on and better attuned to a woman's sexual perspectiveSOUNDTRACKLittle Birdy Beautiful To Me of The Woman On The Dunes

  6. Kitty Kitty says:

    This book along with it's companion book they run together in my mind and am talking about both here Delta of Venus are wonderfully evocotive erotic stories They are never the wham bam thank you ma'am stuff of porn magazines Sometimes magical sometimes freaky with a European sensibility these stories are softly spellbinding I can't help but get caught up in them whenever I pick up these books Elena Pierre Leila the Basue and Bijou what a cool group of characters And there are so many The sexual encounters depend on the development of the characters and there's to them than you find in pretty much any other such stories Very enjoyable

  7. Cheryl Anne Gardner Cheryl Anne Gardner says:

    This little book of short stories is by far some of the finest erotica ever written Nin is a true master of love lust and the body’s betrayal of our innermost desires Nin writes with a simple elegance Never overdoing the imagery we get just what we need to feel the work without a crass microscopic examination Nin plunges deeply into the psyche of her characters and we get than an up close and personal intimate glimpse of their inner turmoil as they struggle to break free of their self imposed sexual limitations Her characters awaken blossom like flowers covered in the morning dew and perfume the pages before our very eyesNin is not merely writing about sex or sexual taboos in these stories; she is writing essays on humanity’s constant battle to reconcile our inner longings and emotional conflicts concerning sex and death She definitely pushes the boundaries but she does it with such nuance and such poetry and such innocence that the disturbing subject matter feels tempered in order for us to achieve a greater understanding of themes presentedThis is a wonderful introduction to Nin’s work I highly recommend that all authors read her work specifically authors who are interested in exploring sexuality in their own material Her approach is genuine voyeuristic without being intrusive Those who are already familiar with the great erotic enchantress know this This book is a must have for the collection It is a book to return to with a blush and a smile over and over again However if you are looking for graphic depictions of sex you will not find it here for this is true erotica and it takes a deeply subliminal approach not plot laden poke and jabTo me there is a huge difference between erotica and pornography Erotic doesn’t even necessarily have to be about sex and as a reader and a writer I don’t need it to be I find that erotica tends to titillate at a deeper emotional level and ambiguity can be used to great effect Well written erotica affects the reader beyond the physical and often times that affectation is so powerful that the physical can be left out entirely As for my own work I do write a fair amount of sex and it’s never comfortable no matter how many times you do it Each scene feels just like the first time you did it yourself It’s awkward and fumbling and downright un poetic but just like the rest of the story sex scenes evolve during the re writes Sex for your characters can be a well spring of self discovery and if done well they can deepen the experience for the reader and move the story beyond the plot line Sexual motivation is deeply rooted and exploring your character’s Id can be uite fulfilling if not a bit frightening Just watch your language erotica can turn into cheap porn with just a few puerile words it doesn’t take much and not every story needs sexual exploration You are the author you know the story and the characters you will know if the story needs it or not depending on your overall Thesis The trial and error part comes in deciding how deeply to explore Don’t justify the need be sure it’s worthwhile for your characters to go there; otherwise it will just read like a bad segueOf course I am speaking of literary erotica here If you are writing erotica for sexual titillation meaning that you are writing pornography for the sole purpose of arousing the reader then have at it But you had better make it good Clichés only leave my head throbbing and me longing for an aspirin Spare me the twenty inch manhood and the weeping multi orgasmic vulvas paleeease

  8. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    So I totally stole my first copy of this book from my mother I learnt about sex sensuality and pleasure from Anais Nin than from anything else I had ever read on the subject until much later in life and for that I would like to thank herWeird confessions aside this is a beautifully written collection of short stories that explore not just heterosexual intercourse but all kinds of other interesting sexual escapades some uite out of the norm – but bear in mind that this was a very different age with different standards and taboos For those concerned with such things there is no violence in these short stories but some stories do blur the consent line a bit It is also nice to see a wide range of pleasures for both the male and female characters of these stories We are very far from cheap American porn here ladies and gentsI cannot imagine why people would read “50 Shades of Grey” when there is such beautiful erotic prose such as Nin’s writing out there but to each their own Her other collection “Delta of Venus” which technically precedes this one is also well worth the read

  9. Alex Alex says:

    I found this less subversive than her famous collection Delta of Venus That book I compared to a kitty who rolls on her back for you and you reach out to rub her stomach and she shreds your hand with no warning This one is a little like you want sexy stuff here's the sexy stuff I mean sortof It's all still pretty weird Nin leaves no kink unkinked She deals with power imbalances a lot She investigates the concept of consent She is nonjudgmental If you aren't eually nonjudgmental you'll find some of these disturbing Well either way probably They often take radical turns; they end abruptly or veer off into different stories altogether Nin maybe doesn't seem like she's actively trolling you uite as hard as she did in Delta of VenusI wrote down brief plot descriptions of some of these They're in order They contain spoilers Here they areA guy moves into a garrett so he can expose himself to schoolgirls He's too aggressive and they run away like little birdsA guy peeps in a window and then has a sexy rendezvous with a strange woman on the beach She tells a story about being consensually groped and fucked by a stranger in a crowd while watching a man get hanged A brief story about a gay woman who may be transgendered A complicated story about sisters One takes another's lover The guilt kills her sex drive She ends up faking an orgasm with him while remembering the orgasms she just had with another man whom she was imagining was this guy During an African dust storm a woman begins to tell what promises to be the long and weird story of her sex life but then stops and doesn't seem to the recognize the listener when she sees him next A painter starts to love his paintings of his wife than his actual wifeA whore's body is painted by an artist It turns him on and she promises that once the paint dries he can fuck her first; but she doesn't wait she lets everyone else fuck her A woman learns she must fight her passive nature and take sexual control with her passive lover When she falls for another man he's turned off by her aggression; he thinks she's acting like a whore A nubile teen marries a much older man Surprise he can only get it up for their black servants; she remains a virgin until she accidentally makes herself smell like a servant In New York I unfold my wings of vanity and couetry A lesbian gives a woman who's had a lot of sex her first orgasm by sticking a finger in her butt This story is almost pure sex An older man takes in a teen runaway who wants to be sexually awakened; when he tires of her his even older roommate is happy to inherit her It works out for her too

  10. Monique Monique says:

    This is my first time to read erotica but because I pretty much have a good idea what to expect I wasn't at all shocked surprised nor repulsed As I figured the only way to appreciate erotic literature such as this is to keep an open mind I would like to report that I did exactly that in the first stories Towards the end however I could not also help but become cynical andor sarcastic After all how much sex can you read about and let your mind absorb before your head actually truly aches and you declare you've finally had enough? Little Birds is a compilation of short stories of erotica These are stories about varying degrees and classes of sexual deviancy and exhaustive descriptions of all manner of copulation There's a story about an exhibitionist a pig like creature with a snout that finds its way between women's legs orgies homosexuality even incest the one that I couldn't stomach and sex Sex on the sand sex in a public place sex in the forest sex just about everywhere Cunnilingus and fellatio are described in clear vivid detail such that the author's words leave nothing to the reader's imagination The stories I couldn't forget are those with endings that I found either funny or weird The first story entitled Little Birds was about this man who lures several young girls to his apartment near their school by purchasing and displaying birds on cages in his terrace The man was an exhibitionist and something funny at least to me it is happens near the end And the one I found weird was about the husband who couldn't make love to his own wife preferring to do it with his colored servants instead Yes the husband would actually caress and touch and make foreplay with his wife but he couldn't just seem to be able to do it with her The wife is heartbroken especially since every night she would hear her husband and one of the colored maids getting it on somewhere nearby Finally when the wife makes a purchase of this particular herb the mystery is solved Oh had the wife only known In Anais Nin's foreword she narrated that she started writing erotic literature out of necessity creating the stories from an empty stomach According to her she became the madame of a certain group of writers who lived and got by through what she termed literary prostitution When I read this I realized that the value of these erotic literature was the fact that it put food on their table at the time And if it stirred people's sexual desires well that would have been a mere incident now wouldn't it?

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Little Birds [BOOKS] ✫ Little Birds ✭ Anaïs Nin – Provocative and superbly erotic Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and sensuality From the beach towns of Normandy to the streets of New Orleans these thirteen vignett Provocative and superbly erotic Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and sensuality From the beach towns of Normandy to the streets of New Orleans these thirteen vignettes introduce us to a covetous French painter a sleepless wanderer of the night a guitar playing gypsy and a host of others who yearn for and dive into the turbulent depths of romantic experience.

  • Hardcover
  • 146 pages
  • Little Birds
  • Anaïs Nin
  • English
  • 05 February 2015
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About the Author: Anaïs Nin

French born novelist passionate eroticist and short story writer who gained international fame with her journals Spanning the years from to they give an account of one woman's voyage of self discovery It's all right for a woman to be above all human I am a woman first of all from The Diary of Anaïs Nin vol I Anaïs Nin was largely ignored until the s Today she is.