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The First Wives Club [PDF / Epub] ✅ The First Wives Club Author Olivia Goldsmith – A sexy wickedly funny novel about three first wives who band together to take their due from the men who used them abused them then dumped them How Elise Brenda and Annie discover the sweetness of rev A sexy wickedly funny novel about three first wives who band together to take their due from the men who used them abused them then dumped them How Elise Brenda and Annie discover the sweetness of revenge how they reclaim their own identities ambitions and the The First ePUB í ability to love again makes this an exhilarating and empowering blockbuster LG Featured Alternate.

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  1. K. K. says:

    Trigger warnings Donald Trump Also suicide and racism and misogyny all of which go hand in hand with that first oneI tried really hard to love this one because I know that my dear friend Wendy loves it Buuuuuuut reading this in 2017 is a lot like reading a 470 page book about Donald Trump Because seriously Every single one of the male characters in this book is basically Donald Trump Donald Trump is name dropped multiple times All the male characters basically aspire to be Donald Trump There's a crapton of Trump esue racism in the story The younger women are basically only there for the Donald Trump characters to stick their dicks in The older female characters pine for the days when they were married to Donald Trump characters I just GAAAAAAAH I made it to page 232 and when it featured one of the male characters having sex with his younger wifefianceegirlfriendsomething and the reveal that he can only orgasm if she calls him Daddy and says I'm Daddy's little girl as they fuck? Yeah no Bye Sorry Wendy

  2. fleurette fleurette says:

    This book turned out to be completely different than I expected Also I read it at a time when I felt like reading something completely different Still I think it's a very good book and I really enjoyed it Even if there are a few things I would changeI am aware that there is a movie based on this book but I don't think I watched it But knowing the cast of this movie and suggesting tags on GR I expected this book to be humorous I was wrong That is there are funny moments but humor is mainly manifested in the language and style of writing In exaggerating and overdrawing certain things so that they are fun I can fully imagine that a movie can be uite fun But the topic and the events in this book are not that amusing And I was looking for something funny and light This book is not like that It tackles many very difficult topics such as suicide and domestic violence There are also fragments when we follow the story from the point of view of the husbands who left their wives They are not nice guys Being in their heads is tiring and is not a pleasant experienceEspecially since it's uite a long book And before you get to the part where good characters begin to win you need to get through a large part where all good deeds are punished and evil characters triumph Because I wanted something definitely lighter those long fragments of failures tired me This does not mean that this book is too long I have practically not skipped pages which is rare for me with longer books I don't think there are any unnecessary scenes or words here Although for my current mood there were a bit too many different threads and charactersAnd I think all of these characters are a little too closely related Take Phoebe Bill's new girlfriend for example view spoilerLeslie Aaron's new wife is her psychiatrist She exhibits her paintings in the gallery of Shelby Morty's new wife Leslie's brother is an art critic who assesses her paintings and has sex with her And who see it? Larry Elise’s lover hide spoiler

  3. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    If like me you spend an inordinate amount of time reading the cheatin' kinda romance or the ones with the Alphahole jerky H that seems so prevalent in various category lines and find that for every 10 you read 8 are probably just not satisfying the need for a good apology and a sincere I love you and only you from the misbehavin' sorry bstds If your tired of the H whose always seems to get out of a big grovel with a cheeky smile and a I will be faithful to you from now on mostly If I am not too tempted the by the buxom blonde in the spandex and some hot smokin' smexxing moves then you need to cleanse your palate with a good ole' fashion make the jerks sorry revenge novel I admit I wear a lot of rose colored googles and tend to throw a lot of pink and purple sparklies around in my uest to really believe in the HEA but there is a dark seekrit corner of my heart that just wants to see the dawgs beg for mercy That is why periodically I just have to read this bookYes it is vindictive it is cruel and probably very frightening to most males my own husband read three pages and ran away screaming I think it was the part about the paint job getting ruined on the jag but nobody actually gets physically castrated they just get a good dose of what is coming to them Olivia Goldsmith manages to take every kinda alphahole H know to Romancelandia and characterizes them brilliantly in her four male bad guys in TFWC She also does a pretty good job of exemplifying the typical doormatty h's seen in too many novels to count and finally gives them a backbone What I find particularly interesting is that none of the ladies could do it for themselves they really are good girls for the most part but when one of their own kills herself because of her asshat husband watch out The ladies find an inner strength and resiliency that would make any proper Romancelandia h stand up and cheer and want to move over to chick lit all in the name of avenging their fallen comrade They aren't really very kind or sweet about it either but they do remain ladylike at all times while slowly turning the screws on four very rotten scoundrels who finally get what is really coming to them The book is over the top and yep it has got a lotta fluff but believe me if you have read as many bad romances as I have you have got to appreciate the break In any other romance book the ladies would uietly get on with their lives and wait for the gents to see how they missed them and return Annie would take Aaron back with a half hearted apology and a few I really love you's his indiscretions overlooked and uietly swept under the rug Our abuser Gil would agree to go to counseling and maybe become a monk to help other's overcome their violent tendencies Elise and Bill would come off as Hollywood royalty and Bill would promise to be discreet in the future and Morty would realize that all he really wants is Brenda and a cannoli OG doesn't take the easy sweet route No way the guys were pigs of the first order and they gotta pay The ways to make them pay and the methods used are most of the fun of this bookI can't tell you how many times I have smiled in wicked glee as Elise sells Bill's collections for a dollar I had even fun contemplating Gil's major financial collapse and subseuent interview with the SEC almost as much fun as imagining the paint melting off his classic jag When Morty gets sent to prison I just had to cheer and when Annie nicely tells Aaron off it was the highlight of the book I know it isn't nice compassionate or kind but I was glad those caricatures of male romance hero's suffered I felt a blow was struck in the name of justice for all the times the h's have to say It is okay dear all is forgiven and I still love you and then ride off into an unbelievable HEA I know the ladies got an HEA in this one they made sure of it themselves All in all the novel is not the greatest piece of literature in the twentieth century Parts are trite some characters are obviously over dramatized but so what? Every one needs a break from the overwhelming forgiveness with no real reparation so prevalent in Romancelandia today and I am so glad Ms Goldsmith managed to do it in a wickedly funny entertaining style that still makes me laugh every time I read it

  4. Bettie Bettie says:

    Don't get mad Get everythingWhen their best friend commits suicide over her divorce Elise Brenda and Annie decide enough is enough Each was crucial to her husband's career But now that the men are successful they've traded in their wives for newer blonder modelsOver lunch one day they form the First Wives Club But this is no support group This is the SAS in Chanel Painstakingly inexorably they plan the downfall of the men who've wrecked their lives and know that revenge has never tasted sweeterFilm only flatline 3 chick flick which centres on mammon deception and revenge with a couple of chuckles thrown in

  5. Isabella Banner Isabella Banner says:

    I thought this book was wellunfortunate I was interested in reading the books because I had seen the movie first and loved it But I was very disappointed in the books I thought the transitions from character to character were a bit rough the plot was ALL over the place the characters were either overly developed to the point that we were still learning things about them up until the very last chapter of the series or they were underdeveloped to the point that made me wonder why the author gave them a point of view in the story at all In my opinion there was WAY TOO MUCH exposition Every chapter was a new meaningless character that the author described for what seemed like endless paragraphs or a description of a setting that was unimportant to the story And don't even get me started on the transitions between time and setting Why would anyone write a scene and then in the next paragraph make it suddenly nine weeks later in the story? Another thing I didn't like was the sex I am 15 years old and I just couldn't take all the useless sex It added nothing to the plot and very little to character development The contradictory statements in the books also bothered me Overall the book was mediocre and could have been improved but tells a good tale of three women overcoming circumstances that they were forced into by their low life husbands and even getting revenge on them along the way

  6. April Hamilton April Hamilton says:

    One of the grandmothers of the chick lit genre Funny if a bit mean spirited at times though it's hard not to empathize with the long suffering first wives who are tossed aside like yesterday's leftovers when their husbands decide it's time to bag trophy wives The story of how they work together to wreak vengeance on those cads and improve their own futures and that of their community at the same time is an entertaining read

  7. Martin Martin says:

    I picked up THE FIRST WIVES CLUB 1993 Pocket by Olivia Goldsmith only after reading FLAVOR OF THE MONTH I found the latterhttpssleaze factorblogspotcom20

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I decided to read this book because it has a movie connection and I wanted to watch the movie again as I didn't really remember it This has to be one of the most annoying books I have ever read I wish kept a tally of how many times I rolled my eyes or said aloud I hate this bookThis book is about a bunch of self absorbed divorcees that come together after a friend of theirs whom it seems they pretty much ignored or shunned commits suicide The seek revenge on their snobby husbands who seem to have left them for no other reason than for younger women or in Annie Paradise's case because she couldn't have an orgasm which I find as an outrageous reason to leave someoneThe concept of this book was a great one but the way it was written is straight up disgusting The stereotypes throughout this book are sickening I don't think I will ever forget until my dying day that Brenda Cushman was fat How could I forget when every two pages if she wasn't present someone was talking about how fat she is and if she was there was some type of reference that she was fat Always eating cupcakes and sweets but only a size 18 My guess is if she was a middle aged woman overeating that she would be closer to like 300 or 400 pounds But just a guess Then she falls in love with a woman but of course the author makes the woman seem manly so only fat women and those with manly features can be in love?? WTHThe conversations that the characters had were often predictable or shallow The sex scenes were odd and often the offers to have sex were very strange Also I couldn't for the life of me figure out why these women were constantly showing up to social events that all their ex husbands were also at And then with dates and people they were using to screw them over The last annoying thing was all the name and product dropping No I am not accustomed to high society but way to make me not relate by calling out all the designer name items they woreused The 4000 dresses I GET IT THEY'RE RICH SOOO glad I am done with this book and I am going to permanently remove this trash from my bookshelf as I will never read it again nor suggest any of my friends to read it

  9. Olivia Palmer Olivia Palmer says:

    Uhggg I SO wanted to give this book 5 stars Unfortunately a lot of this just didn’t age well If you grew up as I did watching loving the movie maybe just skip this one The movie is much better

  10. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    A sublimely satisfying read If you've only seen the film you owe it to yourself to read the book While the film was a terrific screwball comedy the book goes so much deeper Not only are there belly laughs a plenty but Goldsmith's novel has its touching moments its scathing moments its moments of satisfying and poetic justiceThe book is a completely different experience than the film If you enjoyed the film or even if you didn't pick up the novel and give it a try I will avoid spoilers but will say the story of Annie's daughter is one of the most touching I've recently read Unlike in the film her daughter is not a lesbian but a young woman with Downs Syndrome finding new independence Her mother's struggle to let go is told with delicacy and honestyThe husbands' crimes are 10 times worse than in the filmand the wives' revenge is 100 times sweeter These women aren't playing around this timeAs I enter the second half of my life I find that The First Wives Club has given me much to think about It's not merely a tale of revengeit's a tale of growing up and discovering who you really areOlivia Goldsmith has uite a knack of putting right into the places she sets her scenes I'm a 37 year old man who grew up in Midwestern suburbia and not exactly the intended demographic for this novel but I had no trouble feeling transported into the world of the backstabbing social elite Some of the situations and dropped names Leona Helmsley for one might date the book but Goldsmith's prose is so rich that I felt as if I had been thereI knocked off a single star for what I felt was the only shortcoming in a wonderful read There are so many supporting characters in the novel that I occasionally wasn't sure who I was reading about especially as many chapter may have passed since the last time they were mentioned Full disclosure however I read this during slow times at work so there were a lot of starts and stops your mileage may vary considerablyI can see myself revisiting the Wives and their uest for justice again one day It has definite re readabilityHighly recommended

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