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Innocent Blood ❮Ebook❯ ➦ Innocent Blood Author P.D. James – This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0743219635 9780743219631Adopted as a child into a privileged family Philippa Palfrey fantasizes that she is the daughter of an aristocrat and a parlor maid This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN Adopted as a child into a privileged family Philippa Palfrey fantasizes that she is the daughter of an aristocrat and a parlor maid The terrifying truth about her parents and a long ago murder is only the first in a series of shocking betrayals Philippa uickly learns that those who delve into the secrets of the past must be on guard when long buried horrors begin to stir.

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  1. Beverly Beverly says:

    Well written and engaging Innocent Blood is one of those books in which you can't like any of the main characters the word reptilian comes to mind to describe Phillipa and Maurice adopted daughter and father The innocent of the title is a raped and murdered 12 year old girl Julie The murder took place a decade ago and the book deals with the lies and distortions that come with this heinous act

  2. Bionic Jean Bionic Jean says:

    This book has an interesting premise The main character adopted and raised by a well to do family discovers that her origins are not as she has fantasised but much much bleaker view spoiler Her natural father and mother raped and killed a child What would happen if such a person still only 17 decided to track down her mother? And what would then happen if the murdered child's father had the same idea at the same point? hide spoiler

  3. Kavita Kavita says:

    Things I learned from this book1 It is always the fault of the child for getting raped for being stupid you know Or for taking the wrong route 2 You are supposed to like empathise with and feel sorry for child murderers3 If your husband rapes a little girl your immediate response should be to give him brandy murder the girl and try to protect your husband Because strength4 The poor poor men rape because they are looking for love and gentleness 5 Child rape is really okay It was all nice and gentle anyway6 A woman who likes casual sex will also enjoy rape Then it would be the poor man who has to get rid of her by giving her presents 7 If you are adopted it is merely because your adoptive father wants to have sex with you Ten years down the line It's all planned I tell you8 Everyone is unpleasant and disgusting 9 No one loves anyone else Except child murderers They are worthy of love and respect10 People don't need to feel passion anger despair to take revenge on someone It's all just a duty Emotions don't come into it11 Emotions are redundant anyway 12 There is no need for dialogue People all talk too much anyway 13 Lengthy descriptions of nothing in particular will make up for a lack of plot and characterisation NOTThe book starts off with an adopted woman who is seeking to find her roots She finds out that her father is a rapist and her mother is a murderer and decides she is stupid enough to communicate her mother and arrange to live together At the same time the father of the murdered girl is seeking to exact revenge of a personal nature on the murderess The premise is interesting enough but the execution is a very different matter Only three things happen in this book1 Philippa and her mother endlessly doing mundane things and going about their business No one cares2 Scase following them about all over the place endlessly planning a murder of two most unpleasant people No one cares3 A few of the other characters showing up once in a while and behaving in an artificial manner No one cares I have read psychological thrillers on this theme before and I had been thrilled In this book I could not care about anything and couldn't care less whether Scase gets to murder them or not The protagonist is a spoilt brat not to mention extremely stupid but the others are almost as bad I could also have done without an unnecessary sex scene between adoptive father and adopted daughter right at the end It just pulled down the already disgusting book down another notch The end is lame The story had enormous potential but execution was pretty badPD James passed away last month and I chose this book when I read the news and remembered I had a couple of her books lying around Big mistake I feel really mean writing this review but it's too late now

  4. mark monday mark monday says:

    who hasn't imagined that they were actually a child of mysterious fortune or an heir to a legacy of romantic adventure? does anyone imagine the opposite the legacy instead one of sualid violence and tawdry misadventure straight from tabloid headlines? this early revelation is only the first of many disconnects between fantasy and reality that the oddly good hud protagonist suffers essentially a slow burning psychological mystery depicting the uncomfortable dance between a murderess her daughter and a victim's vengeful father; not a whodunit but rather a what will happen next the murderess is a fascinatingly blank character pathetic and threatening and mysterious both predator and prey the mystery is all in the motivation and never in the atmosphere the latter of which is firmly grounded in prosaic kitchen sink reality per usual for James

  5. Lobstergirl Lobstergirl says:

    James is a good writer she must be considered at the top of the heap of the world's mystery writers Most others don't come close But her worldview is so misanthropic most of her characters so hateful pathetic or disgusting the lovely Dalgliesh is an exception and it's why you breathe a sigh of relief whenever he appears that all her novels are tinged and blighted by it Soaked in it This is a psychological thriller not a police procedural; Dalgliesh is not a character In this book the only humans you can stand are a blind hotel clerk Violet and a 12 year old rape and murder victim Julie Everyone else is absolutely awfulAlso nothing in the characters' motivations is believable The protagonist Philippa an 18 year old aspiring writer who will be heading off to Cambridge in a few months was adopted at age 8 by a well to do couple a haughty college professor and his uavering self loathing wife Philippa has never bonded with her adoptive parents so when she reaches the age of majority she decides she must know who her real parents were This is revealed early in the book so I won't be completely spoiling it her father was a pedophile rapist who died in prison her mother the murderess of the last girl her father raped Julie Her mother is due to be released from prison shortly and Philippa like any other normal daughter decides she must take a flat with her murderess mother and live with her until it's time to go to university Daughter and murderess enjoy each other's company and live happily working grungy jobs at a fish 'n chips fast food restaurant to support themselves until plot twists happen At the same time Julie's father Norman view spoilerkeeping a promise to his dead wife plots the murder of Philippa's mother Julie's killer hide spoiler

  6. fleurette fleurette says:

    This is totally not what I’ve expected And unfortunately mostly in a bad wayI expected a thriller a crime story Maybe some investigation And this is at best a psychological thriller With a emphasize on psychological It’s not what I was looking for And these kind of books are rather on the edge of my comfort zone and not in a good way I rarely feel a pleasure of reading with themLet’s start with something good The writing is excellent I can’t deny it The characters are uniue and complicated The whole idea is fascinating and distinctive I definitely enjoyed the opportunity this kind of plot gives There are some parts of the book that I really likedBut then there are all those pages I find completely boring The descriptions are so detailed that skipping is nearly a must And there is no really good reason for that I could live without the detailed report on every building every street and every meaningless action of the character The books drags through pages First half is uite boringI needed this book for a very specific challenge the author is generally familiar to me I have read one of her books years ago but I’m a bit disappointed with the experience This is just not my thing However I can totally imagine other readers truly enjoying this complicated psychologically story

  7. Manny Manny says:

    Over the last year or so I have met a wide variety of people who like knitting not least the ferocious and redoubtable knitters of CERN one of whom was even featured on a recent Swiss TV program So although I do not knit myself I have come to develop some appreciation of the joy and heartbreak it can bring peopleThis book is one that I would advise knitters to approach with great caution Suppose there were a person you had thought about every day for many years and longed desperately to meet Suppose by some extraordinary chance that you were suddenly granted an opportunity to meet that person Suppose as a token of your love and gratitude that you knitted them a miraculously wonderful sweater a piece of knitting into which you had poured your very soulAnd then view spoilersuppose they threw it in the river hide spoiler

  8. Mona Mona says:

    Well Crafted But I Did NOT Enjoy it I almost gave this a 3 since clearly the story is well crafted and James knows her way around crime fictionBut I didn't enjoy reading this; in fact I couldn't WAIT for it to endShe has a very cynical worldview All of the major characters are despicable It didn't help that Penelope Dellaporta read the audio in a sing song voice like a bored upper class English school girlPhilippa Palfrey the adopted daughter of Maurice and Hilda Palfrey uses the Children Act a British law and the name of an Ian McEwan novel to find her birth mother Philippa is intelligent scheming unfeeling and mean But she's very pretty and part of a well known upper crust family by adoption so people seem to overlook her unpleasant personalityHer birth parents it turns out had a history view spoiler Her birth mother Mary Dacton strangled a child Julie Scase after Philippa's birth father a pederast had raped the girl hide spoiler

  9. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    This was my first PD James and I'll definitely be reading Innocent Blood tells the story of Philippa Palfrey an 18 year old who was adopted at age 8 She has decided to exercise her right to find out who her birth parents were in an attempt to discover who she really is It doesn't all go to plan though when she finds out the truth about her real parents and it's not the same as the romantic fantasies she's made up in her head I loved this book from start to finish It kept me engrossed throughout and I really didn't want to put it down This isn't your typical crimethriller novel it goes much deeper than that It's a psychological story of human nature revenge and relationships The characters are well built although not entirely likeable and the plot is slow moving but in a good way The plot develops well and builds stedily to the climax which was a great twist I found the pace moved along nicely and although it was slow it didn't feel boring at any time The writing is also brilliant James is clearly literary than other authors in this genre Her command of the English language is excellent and she uses it to perfection in this book This is one I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a good plot and engaging characters

  10. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    So we come to Innocent Blood the second book I purchased from Sophie Hannah's Twist List with this one the unexpected part told me why it was on that list and was very clever but the rest of the book left me rather uncomfortable Good plotting and P D James classic writing that was not the problemThe characters were all pretty awful To be honest Phillipa Palfrey who discovers her mother is a child murderer never really bothers to find out the realities of that just dives into a relationship with her in some vain attempt to I don't know find herself? Annoy her adopted father? Stick two fingers up to her adopted mother who was so insipid I'd happily have stabbed her to death using only the thorns on the damned roses ? Whatever Phillipa was annoyingly whiny having ultimately had such a privileged upbringing and her adopted father was an asshole of the highest orderHer mother the child murderer is portrayed sympathetically Lots of references are made to how the child wouldn't have been raped by Phillipa's father and subseuently murdered by Phillipa's mother if the child had gone a different way home or hadn't made such a fuss about being sexually assaulted or hadn't been so naive That is never really addressed to ensure clarity of purpose When we hear about this poor child either from the murderess or from Phillipa she is almost an after thought in which she is seen as an unfortunate coincidence Only her father still grieves but even that is secondary to revengeWhilst the slight game changers that occur that make both the reader and the characters reassess situations are very beautifully placed and fulfilled the literary twist theme I've been exploring they served in a way to make things even distasteful Don't even get me STARTED on what happens in Italy No need for it None at ALL it added exactly zero to the plotIts not a problem when I don't like characters in fact often my best reads come from pure unadulterated hatred the problem with this lot was they had no redeeming features of an evil nature or otherwise To be honest I would have been much happier if P D James had suddenly jumped the shark and had a meteor crash to earth at the end of the novel wiping them all out and preventing them from procreating further1 to acknowledge the writing skill we all know PD James is brilliant and another for the one scene between Phillipa and her adopted Father where he pulls the rug out from under her and us and in THIS scene the characters came to vivid emotional life Then they went back to being annoyingly entitled again No really a volcano would have done it happened in that Tommy Lee Jones movie why not in the middle of London?I kind of want to recommend it anyway It is one of this classic crime writer's favourites among her readers in a way I can see why But it wasn't my favourite of hers in any way

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