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Royal Blood [PDF / Epub] ☄ Royal Blood By Rhys Bowen – A royal wedding brings Lady Georgiana Rannoch to Transylvania and lands her in a truly draining state of affairs in the fourth mystery in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series London 193 A royal wedding brings Lady Georgiana Rannoch to Transylvania and lands her in a truly draining state of affairs in the fourth mystery in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series London With her hateful brother Binky in town Georgie has been desperately seeking an escape So when an invitation from the ueen of England arrives asking her to represent the royals at a wedding in Transylvania legendary home of vampires she's delighted to accept But when the bride starts acting a little batty and a prominent wedding guest is poisoned something must be done lest the couple's vows become till undeath do they part.

About the Author: Rhys Bowen

Constable Evan Mystery.

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  1. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written January 8 20173 12 Stars Another fun and cozy 1930s mystery adventure with Lady GeorgieBook #4Her Royal Spyness is one of my favorite cozy mystery audiobooks series Always jolly fun to meet the British ueen's amateur spy in the 1930s — Time for the fourth installment Year 1934Our heroine Lady Georgie aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch is a cousin of King George V of England and when the ueen ask it's hard to say a simple NO Our poor penniless heroine is conseuently leaving London for far away east Europe to represent the royalties at a foreign relatives a Romanian princess' weddingOur Gergie is this time traveling with a uite hopeless actually hilarious newly found chambermaid ueenie and two older very proper 'English' ladies as chaperones They all arrives in a very cold white and snowy Transylvania and already the second evening is there a murder case to solve They are all running around in this big castle in the middle of royalties and of course are there blood drinking vampires and scary howling wolves in the corners Luckily is gorgeous sexy as always shamelessly flirting Darcy O'Mara will it ever be? appearing as well Hmmm I was listening with a loving dorky oldish style UK stuff big happy smile — This fourth installment Royal Blood isn't in any way stunning fab or very exclusive newish but I got 925 good audiobook hours As always excellent narrated by Katherine Kellgren A non romance series I will stay withI LIKE to know what to expect

  2. beachbum bookworm beachbum bookworm says:

    Oh I really do love a trip to see Lady Georgiana Afterall she is of royal blood being 34th in line for the thronenot too shabby lol I was a little hesitant about this visit Although I was excited to hear I wouldn’t have to deal with Binky and Fig thank goodness and that Georgie was getting some independenceI was shocked that she was living in London with no heat no servants hardly any food and no job Somehow I knew Fig was behind this What an awful woman However this would not sway me from a chance to catch up with Georgie Darcy Belinda and fingers crossed maybe even the UEEN Wouldn’t that be something? Arriving and settling in at Georgie’s was just as I expected Georgie informed me that she was indeed being summoned to the castle by the UEEN OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH This was so exciting but Georgie seemed apprehensive then excited She reminded me that when she is summoned to the castle it is usually for a favor or an order really since you don’t say no to the UEEN As we were talking about what the UEEN might want Georgie got a horrific phone call No No one died it was her brother and sister in law bleh informing Georgie they were coming to stay in London for the winter DratI thought I was going to get out of seeing them this time around They arrived at the most inopportune timeGeorgie and I ran into Darcy and things got a little crazy Darcy escorted us home and was still there when you know whose showed up Man all the yellingGeorgie and I were both sporting massive hangovers When Darcy finally made his exit Binky and Fig started making demandsa fire be made breakfastunreal In all the hubbub we forgot about lunch with the UEENwell until the escort arrived that is I will say the outrage and jealousy from Fig was worth it Lol I wished Georgie luck with her visit and uietly made off myself Anywhere was better than staying with those two Later Georgie filled me in on her visit She is going to represent the Royal family at a wedding in Transylvania A ROYAL WEDDINGand I was going to get to go?? OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH After some breathing in a bag lol we were off to Romania Things were going well I mean I was a little creeped out to be in Transylvaniaisn’t this where all the vampires are? that is until one of the guests turns up dead I was ready to get out of there but I knew Georgie was going to stick her nose into figuring out what was going on She always does Which translates into me helping lol There was one OTHER thing keeping me from leaving this spooky castle we were snowed inno one was going anywhere Another royal installment to this series The change in settings was so cool I loved the idea of the castle in Transylvania The author does a fantastic job painting the picture I really felt like I was walking those spooky halls The usual cast of lovable characters were all present I even like that Binky and Fig were included they are so much fun to dislike This installment was enhanced by the addition of Georgie’s “maid” ueenie She was so not like what you would imagine for a servant in those times and made for some hilarious incidents I hope to see of her in the future lol I can’t say enough what a fun series this is I am already planning my next visiti just need a little rest after this one lol For book fun subscribe to my blog

  3. Zyra Zyra says:

    i love how cozy the books in this series arei have come to like the characters so muchi absolutely loved the addition of ueenie in this book its also going to be continued i m going to get to read antics of her i am so looking forward to it

  4. Matthew Hunter Matthew Hunter says:

    I'm a glutton for frustration I think The 4th installment in the Royal Spyness series fits perfectly with the first three all lightning fast reads with hardly a likable character to be found Georgie simply must lose her virginity immediately I don't want to hear another word about it Maybe Bowen could have Georgie and Darcy sleep together between books? And don't get me started on Belinda Best friend my foot She spends all of her time either shagging crashing events or criticising Georgie I find myself preferring Georgie's horrible mother over Belinda At least you always know where you stand with Mommy Dearest One other frustration is Georgie's willingness to keep thinking vampires might be responsible for the mayhem in the castle Matty a blood sucker? Of course not I find it incredible and highly unlikely that Georgie would attribute even for a moment the murders to fanged foes She may have periodic lapses in common sense remember her astonishing naivete in advertising herself as an escort? but she's not a doltTo Royal Blood's defense there's some fun to be had here The plot moves faster and takes sudden turns than in the first three novels But my ongoing complaints about the poop like cast of characters and the continued focus on Georgie's sexless life have become greater obstacles to my enjoyment as the series progresses Maybe I would feel differently if I put distance between installments Doubtful but possibleWhy do I persist in reading these Royal Spyness mysteries? For whatever reason I'm interested in learning about characters like Darcy and Belinda They have secrets that once revealed may redeem them slightly in my mind Besides I have hunches about them that I'd like to see de hunched

  5. Natalia R Natalia R says:

    I absolutely love this seriesSuch a funentertaining historical cozy

  6. ✨Susan✨ ✨Susan✨ says:

    As always I enjoyed another great Georgiana adventure In this edition she is to represent the Royal family by attending a wedding of the Prince of Transylvania at a family castle in Transylvania Hilarity ensues when she is at the last minute indentured with a maid who is anything but cultured or proficient Upon her arrival after a long journey fraught with strange events she is to find out that her presence there may not be by chance or simple representation A fun romp with some of the reoccurring characters in a spooky old castle cut off from civilization Imaginations are heightened and running rampant after the death of one of the guests that may or may not have been murder Katherine Kellgren does a fantastic job as Georgiana and takes all the characters on an exciting ride

  7. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    I'm increasingly dissatisfied with this series probably because it suffers so much in comparison to the other series I'm reading The problem with this one is that Georgie comes off as kind of stupid particularly in supposing that real vampires could be responsible for the mayhem surrounding her school friend's nuptials I also didn't like her temporary maid ueenie who is also extremely stupid but is meant to be endearing and the fact that ueenie is going to be a recurring character or at least appear in the next book makes me less interested in reading it And I'm getting tired of Georgie and Darcy dancing around the issue of whether they have a relationship or not I didn't realize how much I liked Georgie's grandfather until he wasn't in the book and it turns out he's one of my favorite parts of the series so that might have contributed to my dissatisfaction I may or may not continue; the series has been a good way to occupy my brain during my short break when I don't want to get into something I care about

  8. Tracy Tracy says:

    Book 4 in the Royal Spyness series Georgie ends up in Transylvania of all places and of course Darcy Belinda and her mother are all around somehow A fun romp in a possibly vampire ridden castle I love these audiobooks So well doneonto book 5

  9. Kirsten "count every vote" Kirsten "count every vote" says:

    I absolutely love this series The audiobooks are also excellently done by Katherine Kellgren She does a great job on all the accents The characters are fun and the historical context is engaging The period between the Wars is one of my favorites But she also refers to all sorts of things the rise of Hitler the Bolsheviks the Abdication Crisis the Depression The romance is nice too You want one of them to find some hidden inheritance so they can marry but I think the tension is great too Love it

  10. Sarah Sarah says:

    'Penniless and thirty fourth in line to the throne Lady Georgiana Rannoch finds herself in a truly draining state of affairs To escape her hateful sister in law Georgie accepts an invitation from the ueen to represent the royals at a wedding in Transylvania But at the macabre looking castle Georgie finds the bride with blood running down her chin and a wedding guest is poisoned Now it’s up to Georgie to save the nuptial festivities before the couple’s vows become “to love and to cherish till ‘undeath’ do them part”'45 stars rounded down to 4 stars Royal Blood is the fourth book in Rhys Bowen's Royal Spyness series and is a historical mystery set into he 1930sI'm so glad that it lined up perfectly for me to be reading this particular book in the series so close to Halloween it was the perfect fun and spooky vibe with the Transylvanian castle Georgie's fear of vampires and a murderI love that the main characters tend to make an appearance in ridiculous fashion Like Belinda for example getting herself invited to the weedding in the most absured fashion Georgie has gotten a new lay's maid and despite ueenie's inability to play the part of a proper lady's maid I'm honestly loving her She's such a disaster I love itDarcy is so yummy but so infuriating I don't understand how he is constantly surprised by Georgie's unwillingness to put faith in his affections when he fades in and out of her life like a phantom Things are improving here though I hope they don't take any big steps back in the next bookOne thing bothered me from the book and it truly doesn't matter to the plot itself but I felt like it was a missed potential When Georgie startles the bride who has lost a shocking amount of weight since they were at school together and Georgie is beginning to fear may be a vampire and finds her withwhat appears to be blood dripping off her chin in a secluded staircase My suspicion was that it was from bullmia since she'd lost so much weight but instead it was filling from some pies she was binge eating in secret It just seems a little silly to me that Georgie who has so much experience with stumbling across murders would confuse cherry tart filling for blood and turn and flee Granted her fear of the castle was getting the best of her but still Overall though this has been one of my favorites in the series so farThis is uickly becoming one of my favorite series I adore Georgie's character Looking forward to the next book

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