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  1. S. Div. S. Div. says:

    For Yule last year I received two copies of Carol King is an Alien The emphasis on law of attraction is not accidental I'm sure I first learned of CKIAA by reading Boland's astrological column which I've always enjoyed I really like her very frank and contemporary writing style and after reading an excerpt of the book I was intrigued She creates very fashionable settings and depicts her characters much the same It's very easy in her character development to laugh at the fluffy new age snark and to take in the subtle information she gives about elemental arts and personal spiritual development The book is the first person perspective of Cara a young writer who is taxed with authoring the biography of a seemingly nutty trance medium Cara is particularly skeptical of all things esoteric which is acceptable at first That flaw considering the book she is to write seems somewhat formulaic in that from the beginning I wanted to see her step beyond her doubts and fears and soar I can relate to a character having trouble accepting the initial responsibilities delving into the Beyond and growing into knowledge; thus the pattern of one step forward two steps back But when the main character reaches the ceiling of say 5 6 epiphanies and still runs screaming the other way I lose patience At that point I lost interest in Cara and began to distrust her perspective on events and watched how the other characters tackled their bumps and joys Cara is somewhat unreliable a stroke of genius on Boland's behalf that shifts the emphasis of Cara's perspective to the periphery That said I did not relate to any of the core 7 8 characters which is odd The overall plot showing each character's reaction to new self knowledge however was very relatable and that is what kept me reading Cara never did have that clearly defined aha moment that I wanted her to In that light Boland shows rather than tells how we can't predict the ways in which widening awareness will change our lives or the ways that it won't Energy work nothing if not shapes from the periphery Subtly done gracefully realistic Boland is a brilliant writer and I can't wait to see where her path takes her This book is a great read for those who are 5D curious and for anyone who wants a good representation on where most people in the west are regarding their understanding of esoteric arts

  2. Melinda Crumblin Melinda Crumblin says:

    This is one of my fave books ever It's chick lit hippie new age romantic What's not to love?

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Carole King Is an Alien ❮KINDLE❯ ❃ Carole King Is an Alien Author Yasmin Boland – Freelance journalist Cara Kerr is in the midst of the great Australian rite of passage known as A Few Years in London when she accepts an assignment to ghost write the autobiography of a prominent mys Freelance journalist Cara Kerr Is an MOBI · is in the midst of the great Australian rite of passage known as A Few Years in London when she accepts an assignment to ghost write the autobiography of a prominent mystic guru Gaelle Carrington Keane Gaelle's revelations change not only Cara's life but those of her Battersea flatmates as well slick TV producer Moni and ethereal graphic designer Lucy Soon all three girls discover that the journey to inner peace reuires than just meditation mantras and monster Carole King MOBI :Ê spliffs And the last thing Cara expects to find along the way is love.

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Carole King Is an Alien
  • Yasmin Boland
  • English
  • 13 December 2015
  • 9780752841854