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Branded Outlaw ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Branded Outlaw Author L. Ron Hubbard – Take the law into your own hands and you risk losing your grip on everything else—including your life Lee Weston—a young Paul Newman with a Colt revolver at his hip—is as good looking as he is u Take the law into your own hands and you risk losing your grip on everything else—including your life Lee Weston—a young Paul Newman with a Colt revolver at his hip—is as good looking as he is uick tempered and he’s got a lot to be angry aboutHis father murdered his family ranch torched he goes gunning for Harvey Dodge—the man who he’s convinced is the killer—and it’s Lee who ends up on the wrong side of the law Shot in a gunfight on the run and running out of time he holes up in a mountain hideout and waits for death to come find himBut he wakes up in the arms of a beautiful woman who has beat death to his door and nursed him back to life She’s the first and only woman he has ever fallen for and her name is Ellen Dodge—Harvey’s daughter Can a great loss lead to a great love Can the search for revenge lead to redemption The answers lie in the wild heart of the Wild West—in Branded OutlawL Ron Hubbard was so prolific and his stories so much in demand he occasionally had to publish under a pseudonym to ensure that his name wouldn’t appear twice in a single issue of a magazine Thus did Branded Outlaw originally appear as being written by a writer named Barry Randolph But as is clear from the action and authenticity of the story it was Hubbard behind the curtain pulling the levers This is one of sixteen westerns Hubbard wrote in —all influenced by a foray into New Mexico to round out his research His unsurpassed knowledge of the West originated in his years growing up—and riding on—the range “Packs a ton of action and some priceless shootout scenes” —EZReadercom.

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  1. EZRead eBookstore EZRead eBookstore says:

    I’ve got to come clean I’ve been on a severe Western kick ever since I started playing “Red Dead Redemption” and so I was pre reading pumped to jump into “The Branded Outlaw” a pulp fiction style Western It’s gotten bad lately I’ve started using words like “pard’ner” I’m doodling Winchester rifles and I dream about hog tying criminals And as my motto goes if you have an itch scratch it So did “The Branded Outlaw” scratch my back to my satisfaction? This highly biased EZ Reader finds outClassic to the pulp fictionWesterny genre our hero is Lee Weston a lone ranger type with a heart tucked deep away in his brawny chest The story begins when he returns to his family ranch in Pecos New Mexico and finds his home destroyed Loaded with the three R’s regret rage and revenge Lee seeks Harvey Dodge a family enemy What makes “The Branded Outlaw” an even better book than previously reviewed “The Baron of Coyote River” is Ellen a great female character that adds romance and “girl power” to the plot Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for romance especially when Ellen is described as “the only girl at whom he had ever looked twice” Team Edward and Jacob eat your lily livered hearts out Of course when your nickname is “Suicide” and you’re perpetually on the run love comes at a high price No spoiler alerts hereRunning under 100 pages this puppy packs a ton of action and some priceless shootout scenes Stories from the Golden Age also does a nice job of adding a glossary at the end to expand my Western vocab with phrases like “owl hoot” and “pushing up prickly pear”; all so I can annoy the “batwings” long chaps off my friends Of the Golden Age stories I’ve read by L Ron Hubbard I have to say I rate the ones that have a side of romance the highest ie “Spy Killer” and “The Branded Outlaw” However I do make an exception for zombies so “Dead Men Kill” also makes my top threeDerringers shootouts and forbidden romance; consider this itch scratchedBang bang Pew pewEZ Read Staffer Jenifer

  2. Jeff J. Jeff J. says:

    A murder mystery set in the Wild West A fun pulp novel from the prolific Hubbard

  3. Don Don says:

    Not bad I love old pulp fiction stories but have read nothing by LRHIt has uite a bit of background on Hubbard as well I had no idea how accomplished he was at just about everythingHell I thought he was just a nut that created Scientology Although I understand there is rumor that he created it as a joke Who knowsNothing about Scientology is addressed hereI think the few page bio is what really impressed me I want nowThe actual story was good It's pulp fiction and written for a magazine in the 1930's so you have to allow for thatIt's fast action happens on nearly every page there's love forbidden Love mystery and intrigue

  4. Dale Dale says:

    About as action packed as a book can be Originally published in 1938 in Five Novels Monthly magazineRe published by Galaxy Press in 2011I read this as a kindle e book which seemed sort of appropriate considering L Ron Hubbard's standing as a world class science fiction author When this story was originally written in 1938 my standard issue Kindle HD tablet would seem to be nothing short of science fiction You may not be aware that Hubbard wrote plenty of westerns back in the days of pulp serial magazines and long before his name became synonymous with Scientology His familiarity with western life came from his childhood in Montana when Montana was still only a few steps away from its rough and tumble cowboy past Branded Outlaw is an all out Western adventure with all of the familiar elements fans of Westerns are readily familiar with Lee Weston is coming from Wyoming after being summoned by his father to his ranch in New Mexico When he arrives he finds his father dead and a smoldering ruin where his father's ranch had been He is sure that the biggest rancher in the area is the source of this trouble and he is determined to get his revengeWhen he arrives in town he finds himself in a gunfight with the hired hands of this rancher and he is forced to flee town and nurse his wounds While hiding out he is discovered by a beautiful headstrong girl who patches him up Lee falls for her only to find out she is his enemy's daughterWhile none too subtle this book is about as action packed as a book can be It is followed by an interesting biography of the almost unbelievable life of L Ron Hubbard Read all of my reviews of L Ron Hubbard's Golden Age pulp serials at

  5. Bruce Deming Bruce Deming says:

    ���In this full cast and full sound effects production the narrator���s steady almost conspiratorial delivery of the narrative heightens the tension in this exciting shoot ���em up��� ���AudioFile Magazine AudioFile review is good and I usually listen in the car but it is a huge treat to experience this on a good set of headphones at home for great sound and story experience when you have the time It's all such a real experience for my imagination There really isn't anything close on the market for uality

  6. James Mourgos James Mourgos says:

    Branded OutlawWeston’s father wrote a letter to him to come home and watch out for a varmint named Dodge But when he returns home he finds his father dead his ranch hands and cattle gone and one burning desire to take care of Dodge His first attempt almost kills him In his escape he is saved by a beautiful woman who happens to be Dodge’s daughter Holy matrimony Did Dodge do it? Or is there some other rustler pitting the two against each other and collect from both of them?Cool Western by Hubbard Short and sweet novelette

  7. Traci Traci says:

    Great fun pulp fiction Had no idea the Dianetics guru was also a pretty good fiction writer uick entertaining read not much on the intellectual stimulation front but worth a hour of reading instead of your evening tv show

  8. Craig Craig says:

    This is a short old pulp Western a genre with which I'm not too familiar I didn't enjoy it as much as most of his work in other categories the characters seemed a bit too stereotyped and the plot just a little too obvious but it was nonetheless a uick and entertaining diversion

  9. Bryce Emley Bryce Emley says:

    good olde fashioned hootenanny

  10. Erin Cataldi Erin Cataldi says:

    To date the other L Ron Hubbard book I've ever read was Battlefield Earth which I loved I even loved the movie sue me so reading an old pulp western was definitely a big change up for me This book wasn't bad or good It was short and sweet and had the standard ingredients for a western Warning spoilers ahead I've literally outlined the entire book Man's childhood home and father are killed He comes back seeking vengeance No one believes him so he starts shooting up people Man becomes an outlaw He is saved by a young girl who helps clean his wounds and heal him He falls in love Turns out her father is the bad guy He runs away Gets captured Escapes Discovers the truth Is vindicated Gets the girl A uick unmemorable read that wasn't poorly written

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