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Torment [Reading] ➶ Torment By Greg Chapman – Jessica Newman's tragic childhood has come back to haunt her Her father a Catholic deacon she hasn't seen since he was found not guilty of her mother's death during an exorcism ritual has turned up de Jessica Newman's tragic childhood has come back to haunt her Her father a Catholic deacon she hasn't seen since he was found not guilty of her mother's death during an exorcism ritual has turned up dead in Scotland with a wound to the headForced to take her family to Scotland and deal with her father's estate a derelict mansion in the Grampian Ranges Jessica begins to uestion her mother's death and what role her father played in itThe house and its dark basement could provide answers than she bargained for.

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  1. Greg Chapman Greg Chapman says:

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  2. Fiona Dodwell Fiona Dodwell says:

    I read this book in one sitting because I didn't have a choice it gripped me from the beginning and wouldn't let me goGreg Chapman tackles the subject of demons hauntings and evil with vividness and with an increasing sense of unease Torment follows the story of Jessica Newman a woman who lost her mother when she was a child during an exorcism Jessica travels back to her family home to uncover the truth behind her mother's death and her father's sinister secretsTorment is full of dark creepy moments it has a way of crawling under your skin and unsettling you There were certainly a few moments where I found myself feeling uneasy Based on this book I'd definitely be interested in reading from Greg Chapman He has done a wonderful job with Torment and I recommend it

  3. Nick Cato Nick Cato says:

    In 1984 Deacon Douglas Mackinnon performs an exorcism on his wife; she dies in the process Police believe it's a case of cold blooded murder and Mackinnon's young daughter Jessica is left traumatized25 Years later Jessica travels to Scotland with her husband and son when they learn of her father's passing They've been called to assess the Deacon's mansion and decide if they want to sell it Of course things uickly go wrong when Jessica decides it'd be a good idea to spend the night at the house; her son is haunted the first night her and the hubby uickly afterwardTORMENT features some genuinely scary moments and keeps the reader guessing if it's a possession or a haunted house tale or a combo of both The brief 61 pages could easily have been stretched to novel length but considering how slick this reads perhaps it's current size works for the bestI want from Chapman

  4. S.B. Wright S.B. Wright says:

    Published by Damnation Books Torment is a first time novella by Australian author and AWHA member Greg ChapmanThe StoryAs a young child Jessica witnesses the murder of her mother at the hands of her devout father in an exorcism gone wrong He escapes prosecution and returns to his native Scotland and Jessica is left in the hands of relativesFast forward 25 years and Jessica in an attempt to lay to rest her childhood demons travels to Scotland to settle her father’s estate Jessica must come to to terms with the monster she pictures juxtaposed against a devout and kindly gentlemen the village people saw her father as What awaits Jessicahowever is a test of faith as her family’s lives and her own sanity is put on the lineWhat I likedChapman makes good use of flashbacks to the days after the death of her mother in order to uickly generate empathy for the protagonist and to set the tone for the rest of the piece We are led to believe that her father was a madman unable to handle his wife’s mental illnessI also liked the scene where her son alone in one of the rooms in the mansion is contacted by an entity through his iPod This was the only part in the book that I began to get a slight chill Perhaps it’s to do with the use of the moderntechnical by the spirit world the invasion of our safe ordered structured world in such a subtle way that gave me a shiverSome slight annoyancesPerhaps I have watched too many episodes of Escape to the Country or Grand Designs but I was thrown immediately by the mansion being described as having wooden steps leading up to the main doorI’m fairly sure that Scottish Mansions of built in the 1850’s would have had stone or slate steps A small thing perhaps but then in a novella it’s important to get small things right when you are trying to establish a certain ambiance This and a few other ill fitting word choices niggled at meSummaryI have spent a couple of days considering this piece to determine if its had a fairly hard run against my own biases I’m both an atheist and a skeptic which while it doesn’t rule out my enjoyment of theologically based horror fiction it does mean that the work has to be a bit unpredictable or do the unexpected for it to tap into my psyche and give me a jolt I found the ending a little cliché – Jessica is saved by her faith all she has to do is pray really hard With my biases firmly in mind then I find that Torment is good stock standard ghostpossession story with some promising passages I’ll be keeping an eye on Greg Chapman

  5. David Watson David Watson says:

    A great horror novella by Greg Chapman is Torment Jessica Newman has just found out that she has inherited her father's Scottish Mansion She leaves America with her son and husband to Scotland in hopes of selling the mansion and putting her past behind her once and for all Her father was a Catholic Deacon and when Sarah was young he was found guilty of killing her mother while performing an exorcism on her Going to Scotland brings back some haunting memories for Sarah and in the basement of the mansion lies something evil that will change everything that Sarah believesTorment is a tale of good versus evil coming to terms with the past conuering your fears and having faith Sarah is a woman who lives in fear and relies on her husband for everything she has had some horrible things happen to her and has lost her faith I enjoyed how Sarah changes in the story and I also liked how her son goes from a kid with a bad attitude to trying to be a heroTorment is an excellent supernatural horror tale The atmosphere is spooky and I thought all the characters were excellent I love the idea of a ghost making contact through an ipod and all the scenes in the basement were chilling The best part of the story was the battle scene in the cellar at the end when all truths are revealed As I was reading it I kept thinking that this would make an excellent horror movie No doubt about it Greg Chapman knows how to tell a great horror story

  6. Trish Trish says:

    This book is brilliant The author captured the essence of murder through a child's eyes to the grief anger hurt and resentment manifested when carried through as an adult unresolved The inter play between the argument of mental illness or demonic posession is superbly done leaving the reader in a state of subjective ambiguity and suspense throughout the book The description of mental illness hidden carefully in conversations and descriptions of actions is very well researched and portrayed in its purest form not stereotypical form which really enriches the book and makes you grip onto each word to try to discover if your suspicions are correctI love how the central characters are very real and as a woman I can really identify with the main character as a child and as an adultThe horrorsuspense aspects of the book were pretty scary to say the least One particular part is pretty gruesome and I just didn't see it coming it certainly is a heartstopping sickening OMG moment The ending of the book is really well done and it has room for to be written and if that happened I would be first in the ueue to buy it

  7. Gary Olson Gary Olson says:

    Jessica Newman returns to the derelict Scottish mansion where she spent her early years to sort out her late father's estate She is forced to confront the legacy of her mother's death during an exorcism ritual and what role her father might have played in it But what she finds in the house in its basement is horrifying than she could ever expect and may claim her as wellGreg Chapman tells a gripping story that starts out slow and creepy while introducing and fleshing out the characters It then grows violent and intense with several bloody visceral passages that are all the gripping due to the care taken early on with the character development There are a number of movies and books that I wish would take such care It's a short novella that can easily be devoured in a single sitting one I think fans of supernatural horror will enjoy

  8. Chris Chris says:

    This book grabs you by the throat from the first sentence and compels the reader to keep reading until the end scary haunting wrenching horror stories are few and far between but Greg Chapman is going to change that but beware youll need to leave the lights on

  9. Andrea Scott Andrea Scott says:

    I enjoyed it from start to finish Really had me wanting to know what next Intriguing read

  10. Sheri White Sheri White says:

    Good story not great Needed to be longer fleshed out

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