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Regatta [BOOKS] ⚦ Regatta ✫ Libby Purves – Best E Book Regatta Author Libby Purves This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780340718810 format Paperback and others 314 pages and has a text language like English Best EBook, Regatta Author Libby Purves This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn : format: Paperback and others pages and has a text language like English.

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  1. Paula Paula says:

    What happens when two worlds collide Anansi is mixed race and has been living with her mum on a sink estate in London When she is sent on holiday to give her mum a break she finds herself transported to the prosperous middle class world of a small seaside village in Suffolk The opportunities for misunderstanding and havoc start to occur immediately and before long everyone's lives have been turned upside down Libby Purves has written about a world she knows well and the resulting story keeps you turning the pages until the end

  2. Ann Ann says:

    A really enjoyable book Well written good storyline believable characters and a bit of a moral too A child from an extremely deprived background is given a 'holiday' by a well meaning middle class woman she becomes a catalyst for various events in this affluent corner of the UK

  3. Annette Morris Annette Morris says:

    A bit sentimental for my taste but it's an easy to read charming story with a wonderfully happy ending A nice gentle book

  4. mrs s baker mrs s baker says:

    WonderfulBrought tears to my eyes than once Highly recommend if you need a feel good read Could we have a seuel?

  5. Louise Culmer Louise Culmer says:

    Sheila Harrison lives in a small picturesue sailing town on the Suffolk coast and every summer she has deprived children to stay in her spacious home and introduces them to the wonders of sailing picnicking and other wholesome pursuits This year she welcomes eleven year old Anansi a fiercely independent girl from a particularly grim single parent home Anansi is terrified by the sea the river and the boats at first and overwhelmed by the kindly but not very perceptive Sheila who expects everyone else to share her enthusiasms and is oblivious to Anansi's fears she also faces hostility from Sheila's youngest son Douai a year older than her who resents her presence in the house But she makes friends with Sheila's Uncle Harry a former soldier who tells her stories of his wartime career and helps her overcome her fear of boats and Marta an imaginative little girl who finds Anansi fascinating then an incident at a picnic provokes Anansi into revealing an embarrassing secret she has learnt which throws the Harrison family into turmoil Anansi's skill at sailing improves rapidly the hostility between her and Douai is unabated and the story builds to an almost unbearably thrilling climax THis is a gripping story with some marvellous characters but Anansi is the star you just wait to see what she will do next It made me think what 'Swallows and s' would have been like had Arthur Ransome introduced a determined streetwise inner city child into the placid world of the Walkers and the Blackets

  6. Sue Sue says:

    Anansi an eleven year old girl in council care excluded from school after fighting goes to stay at a seaside town She is thrust into wealthy tennissailing circles which at first confuse and alienate her But Anansi is a determined courageous and essentially honest person Underneath her aggressive exterior she also has some surprising kindness and empathy The sailing jargon is rather too extensive for my tastes and there are too many minor characters to remember But it's uite thought provoking; overall a satisfying book even if the ending is rather too nice and neat Recommended if you like women's fiction with some depth particularly if you're interested in sailing Three and a half stars would be fairer Longer review here

  7. Andrea Andrea says:

    This book is really good even I found it a bit soap opdeaish for me too many different characters hence 4 stars but the storyline is a FAB It's about a mixed girl black and white who is being fostered for a summer in a small town that loves to sailing She told a secret about 2 people and that secret made a huge impact on a town Soo good

  8. Chris Hinks Chris Hinks says:

    Difficult to put downThere are some real characters in this story you get to understand them It moves on easily but uite irresistibly It's one of the few books which I intend to keep rather than pass on But very keen to lend it

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