Outlasting the Trail: The Story of a Woman's Journey West

Outlasting the Trail: The Story of a Woman's Journey West ❴Reading❵ ➿ Outlasting the Trail: The Story of a Woman's Journey West Author Mary Barmeyer O'Brien – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Mary Rockwood Powers reluctantly left her comfortable life as a doctor's wife in Wisconsin in 1856 one of the many women whose destiny as a settler of the West was determined by her husband's wishes T Mary Rockwood Trail: The Kindle ´ Powers reluctantly left her comfortable life as a doctor's wife in Wisconsin in one of the many women whose destiny as a settler of the West was Outlasting the PDF \ determined by her husband's wishes Trading in her home for canvas roof and wheels Mary her husband and their three children set out on the arduous trek westward to CaliforniaShortly into the Trail: The eBook ¸ their travels west it became painfully obvious that Doctor Powers was simply not up to the task of making sure his family outlasted the trail Mary had to step in and the Trail: The Story of MOBI :Ê become the head of the household with its canvas roof and wheels leaving behind her ideals of femininity along with her beloved possessionsIn Outlasting the Trail author Mary Barymeyer O'Brien uses the letters.

10 thoughts on “Outlasting the Trail: The Story of a Woman's Journey West

  1. Denise Huntington Denise Huntington says:

    I purchased the book as a bit of research on what it was like for women to live in the harsh conditions of the American frontier I enjoyed this because it wasn't just a diary or a compilation of letters but was a bit of an historical novel also The author extrapolated the details of this woman'sfamily's journey from Wisconsin to California from the content of a handful of letters written over several months while on the trail and I think did a great job at expressing what it was like to live day by day through the harshest conditions imaginable The main character starts the trails as a meek and mild mannered cultured woman of the mid nineteeth century but had to change her manner and her actions while on the trail to ensure the health and safety of her loved ones It was well written and I enjoyed the book If I could I would rate it somewhere between 35 and 4 stars

  2. Sheryl Hanefeld Sheryl Hanefeld says:

    I enjoyed this book because this is where my love of history started years ago I always dreamed of living in the pioneers days of America So reading about a a woman's journey west was interesting A good book simple and to the point Knowing that the letters in the book were from a true story of a woman's journey made the book even enjoyable

  3. Darcy Darcy says:

    Really good book

  4. Connie Connie says:

    This really brought out the trials of crossing to the west in a covered wagon It was slow to start but well worth the time to read

  5. Linda Linda says:

    Another good pioneer book Fiction expanded from the letters and journals of a real woman traveling West in 1856 It's a wonder anyone made the trek successfully so many were ill prepared for the journey While this is a story of the hardships of the journey the main story for me was the transformation of a woman from submissive follower to confident leader I cringed as I read how long it took for Mary Powers to step forward and take a leadership position as her husband for whatever reason became increasingly irrational and yet insisted on making life or death decisions for his family but her reticence was admirable given her understanding of the meaning of wifely submissionIt did become a little maddening though wondering how long she would risk her life and the life of her family in deference to her unbalanced husband Her willingness to forgive and continue in partnership with her husband when they reached their destination and his 'former self' returned though was a humbling rebuke to my habit of holding a grudge and continuing to live in bitterness and belligerence Her attitude towards hardships and unfairness is a real example of peaceful and godly living

  6. Patricia Patricia says:

    I grew up on pioneer tales and read a lot of Oregon Trail novels For some reason I can't think of a single adult novel about the Oregon Trail published in the last five years Either the pioneer stories lend themselves better to children's literature or our frontier ancestors are not in vogue right nowThis tale is based on the true story of a woman whose husband sets out happily for California dragging his wife and family along Not far into the journey a major depression sets in leaving him argumentative and unable to pull his weight His wife Mary must step out of her sphere and ensure the family gets to CaliforniaThe story was pretty interesting but I was skeptical of a lot of the thoughts put in the main character's head by the author They did not seem authentically eighteenth century to me

  7. Fran Fisher Fran Fisher says:

    The whole idea of the westward expansion is amazing to start with This account shows once again the rigors of the trip the s of the time when women often had little or no voice in important family decisions Despite that the courage of Mary Powers and her perseverance demonstrated in this book is amazing The journey's hardships are painfully documented and the ending is rather sad This family paid a big price for their arduous trip as part of America's westward expansion In other accounts the continuing price the families paid after settlement is minimized This account makes clear that the journey was so difficult that many families were dramatically changed to subsistence level even after settlement at their destination and never fully recovered That recovery task remained for their descendants

  8. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I have a soft spot for narratives of pioneer women This is a fictionalized account of a True Story of a woman on the California Trail in 1856 As things started to go wrong her husband went into a severe depression and was just useless and so she basically had to take charge and make sure they got there Great story especially since you know it's based on actual letters and journals but the writing was a little cheesy and sensationalized and the editing was TERRIBLE I feel a strong urge to call this press and offer my emergency services as a copy editor

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    I read this book a while ago and found it very interesting She heads west although her husband does everything in his power to sabotage it Uses her letters to paint a picture of what life must have been like for her Based on a true person but the story is very fictionalized

  10. Splehm Splehm says:

    I'm a big fan of pioneer stories and am in awe of the courage and stamina that was reuired to cross the West to start a new life I enjoyed this story uite a bit; although I think it is most appropriate for young adult fiction audience

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