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The Badlands Book Two of Two [Reading] ➮ The Badlands Book Two of Two ➶ Susan Wright – Located perilously near the Cardassian border the turbulent region of space known as the Badlands has been an interstellar hazard to navigation for at least two generations Many starships have been lo Located perilously near Book Two Kindle Ó the Cardassian border the turbulent region of space known as the Badlands has been an interstellar hazard to navigation for at least two generations Many starships have been lost amidst its violent plasma storms but the true danger may only be beginningBefore she began her historic sojourn in the Delta uadrant Captain Kathryn Janeway led the USS Voyager into the Badlands in pursuit of a renegade Mauis vessel There she encountered the same threatening and inexplicable phenomena that had previously The Badlands eBook ☆ endangered both Kirk and Jean Luc Picard Now detoured from her mission by an urgent Cardassian distress call Janeway finally uncovers the origin of the hidden menaceArmed with Janeway's hard won knowledge Captain Benjamin Sisko must deal with the exposed threat once and for all But first the USS Defiant must battle both the Dominion and the Romulan Empire for control of an unleashed power source that could devastate the entire Alpha uadrant.

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  1. Adam Adam says:

    A engaging read than part 1 I really enjoyed the pre history of Voyager's story especially the insights into Paris and Janeway The DS9 story was also fun to read as I especially enjoyed the soft focus it put on Odo

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    This book is part of a Star Trek cross over series concerning that area of space known as 'The Badlands' The first book deals with Kirk and Picard this book deals with Janeway and Sisko This review is about the first half of the book These events take place before and during the Voyager TV pilot 'Caretaker' We see detail about the Mauis and Sesko's motivation Gul Evat is a player and then we switch to Voyager and most of this is from Tom Paris' point of view We see him as a real outcast Everyone is rude to him or suspicious of him except Harry and Stadi In this story he actually becomes friends with Stadi She takes him to the holodeck where he is introduced to a simulations of Voyager's helm and he familiarizes himself with itOne thing I have a problem with is the EMH is activated before events in Caretaker He has said that his first memory was being activated after Voyager had been pulled into the Delta uadrant after the medical team had been lost This book changes those events and I'm not really sure why the author felt it was necessary to do that They are not bad scenes but they might feel a little jarring to those fans who are insistent about what is 'canon' and what is not Some scenes are identical to the events in Caretaker and it ends with the flash of light and Voyager disappearing and if you what to know what happens after thatread CaretakerThe story itself is well written and constantly moves forward It in an interesting way to expand a familiar story

  3. Jenny T Jenny T says:

    Book Two in the Badlands Duology dealt with Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine The Voyager novella was the better of the two serving as a preuel of sorts for the series The characterization is excellent and the Cardassians once again steal the show though I might be slightly biasedThe Deep Space Nine novella took place at the beginning of the Dominion War Though the characterization was again fantastic and the voices of Dax and Odo captured PERFECTLY the ending felt anti climactic We finally learn what it is causing the Badlands curse and there's some good politically intrigue But I don't think the author likes Romulans very much they have the worst luck with their ships

  4. Jimyanni Jimyanni says:

    The first half of this book is a telling of the events that led up to the beginning of the Voyager series in detail than we have seen them told before; the second half is a new DS9 story Unlike in book one of this series these two stories meshed well and formed one continuing story that actually works well I was pleasantly surprised by the uality of this book given that I had been significantly UN impressed with book one of the series

  5. Daniel Kukwa Daniel Kukwa says:

    MUCH much better than volume 1as if Susan Wright managed to 1 take inspiration from the superior storytelling found in the world of DS9 and 2 took the opportunity to add some much needed emotional trauma to the otherwise plastic perfect people of Voyager A very satisfying read and a very satisfying tie in to much of what we see on screen in certain episodes

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    It's so easy to write things in retrospect

  7. John John says:

    2000 grade B series book BD2Multi genre Trek

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