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  1. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    re read July 7th 2013“ Forgotten about you?” He caught her chin forced her to make eye contact his gaze flashing anger then slowly going gentle “That would never happen Never”Oh Zack and I will never forget you too This book was just AMAZING And I am so incredibly stupid for giving up on this series after book one So so so very stupid The storyOn the way to a journalism convention in Mexico Natalie's bus gets stopped by the Zetas and they kill every Mexican reporter on it while Natalie gets kidnapped Zack is being held by the Zetas and tortured for information and his cell ends up right next to Natalie's Even though he'd given up on himself he still tries to help her get out any way he can so they make a run for it together She thinks he's a criminal involved in drugs while he's in fact a deputy US marshal but he can't tell her that of course The most of the story is them running through Mexico trying to get home in one piece and I totally loved it It was full of action from page one lots of torturing killing running having sex falling in love running again getting saved having sex some and so on She met his gaze again “Please don’t let me down Zach I do not want to die out there in the desert”He drew her into his arms and held her close partly to reassure her and partly because he couldn’t help himself “If you die angel it means I’m already dead” NatalieShe has a sad story in the background which I'm not going to tell because you just have to read it in the book But what I will say it involves a dead fiance and she never got over him She finds herself in a cell faced with possible rape and murder and her only salvation could be the criminal next door Zack They manage to escape but there's still the worst to come going through the desert toward the American border She trusts him even though he's a criminal and they get attached pretty uickly I really liked her and the attitude she had with Zack when he told her they can't be together ZackHe is a deputy US marshal working undercover and been almost a week in Zeta's hands being tortured He knew it was over that they'd kill him soon but then came Natalie He just couldn't give up and did everything he could to get them out swoon He is just magnificent I can't say how much I adored him He is still troubled by his time in the Afghan war and is basically blaming himself for being alive Natalie's the one who shows him he is worth it Oh yes one thing Zack is not a man of many words but he seems to like one in particular when it comes to Natalie can you guess? Yes it's beautiful Babs I'm gonna kill you every time he said it I was in laughs Here's one of my fav Zack uotes love his inner monologue She looked up at him a hint of uncertainty in her eyes “I’m probably not very good at this but I want to taste you”The idea of his erection in her mouth shorted out his brain“Okay” he said stupidly Okay? Holy hell McBride you stupid idiotIt was than okay The ending was just a wee bit sweet for me but the action before it Wow I had tears in my eyes One of my fav scenes is with the view spoilercar bomb hide spoiler

  2. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    I really enjoyed Breaking Point Zach McBride was yummy sexy and kicked ass Natalie was brave smart and sweet I loved Zach and Natalie together I think the only thing I didn't like about this read was Natalie's dead ex fiance I don't mind dead exes in books I just don't want to feel like they are in a love triangle with a ghost I felt Beau Nat's dead fiance popped up way too much in this book I didn't feel like Zach was second best just that Beau was too much a part of the book for a dead man I loved all the Marc moments I got Marc is my favorite hero of the series so far I just love how him and Julian play around with each other The brotherhood and friend these men share is so cute Overall a good read I can't wait to start the next one

  3. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    Books like Breaking Point are the reason Pamela Clare is my favorite Romantic Suspense author Yes I know I sound like a broken record but it’s true and this latest installment of the I Team series only further solidifies her place of honor in this genre The story is action packed from the first page to the last and once again I was kept on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next and once that was revealed how they’d ever be able to get out of it And when I say my heart was pounding and my hands trembling while reading this story I’m not exaggerating I won’t go into the plot other than to say that the dedication gives us insight into the depth of Breaking Point than the cover blurb ever could This book is dedicated to the memory of the hundreds of murdered and missing women of Ciudad Juárez Mexico You were brutalized and discarded like you didn’t matter But the earth received your tears your blood your bones and like a bereaved mother the earth itself cries out for justice May the violence end and those who stole your bodies and your lives be held to account With all of Pamela’s novels we are given stories we can believe in causes we can champion and if Breaking Point is any different at all it’s only in that the underlying truth the story is founded on is so heartbreaking And while it’s true that there are hundreds of missing and murdered women whose names we’ll never know we know of them and they live on through Pamela’s writing They are not forgottenNow as those of us I Team fangirls know this wouldn’t be a Pamela Clare novel without a gorgeous passionate hotter than hell hero and Zach MacBride fits that bill perfectly giving us plenty of burn up the pages sexy goodness Both he and Natalie Benoit are incredibly strong people inside and out and they had to be in order to survive the physical and emotional hell they’re put through in this book While Breaking Point has one of the most intense exciting endings I’ve ever read in a romantic suspense novel it is also filled with memorable and heartwarming moments One of my favorites from this book also takes place towards the end when we get a candid touching glimpse into the depth of the friendship formed between Marc and Julian a couple of I Team heroes from previous books It seriously brought tears to my eyes If you haven’t yet read this series you’re really missing out on some incredible stories They’ll enlighten you entertain you make you laugh sigh and fan yourself and they might even move you to tears but most importantly you’ll finish the book knowing that what you read was well worth your time And who knows you might even be inspired to take a look around and see what you can do no matter how small it might seem to make someone’s life a little better To make a difference I was incredibly honored to be part of Pamela’s “ride along” team a few lucky souls who were invited to read the manuscript chapter by chapter as she was writing it To share in this experience was easily next to the birth of my grandson the highpoint of my 2010 year And to be so trusted was well I just don’t have the words to express what a privilege this was Thank you PamelaThe I Team reading order so far1 Extreme Exposure15 Heaven Can't Wait a novella found in the out of print anthology Catch of the Day and on ebook 2 Hard Evidence3 Unlawful Contact4 Naked Edge5 Breaking Point55 Skin Deep59 First Strike6 Striking DistanceEdited to add The book trailer for Breaking Point has been released and it's awesome Check it out you're already a Pamela Clare fan or interested in learning about her and her books be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads

  4. Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* says:

    5 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne's Reading DenSPOILER FREE – Only plot points from the product description are mentionedBREAKING NEWS ON BREAKING POINT28 February 2011 Australia ARC OF BREAKING POINT PUSHES I TEAM OHOLIC OVER THE NAKED EDGE? An avid reader of Pamela Clare’s books and self confessed “I Team oholic” Lady Jayne is one of the luckiest people on earth to have received an advanced copy of Ms Clare’s latest thrilling instalment through the Mission of Mercy ARC Program for the Bed Ridden Reports of the sounds of excited sueals from the reader’s home in Adelaide Australia is said to have been heard as far as neighbouring New Zealand However no correlation to the recent earthuakes sadly suffered by the devastated Kiwis has been found Let us keep the people of Christchurch the cyclone and flood victims of ueensland and Victoria and all those affected by natural disasters in our thoughts and prayersThough it is not only the traumas caused by natural disasters that break our hearts The horrors that humans inflict upon each other ravage our spirits Pamela Clare’s dedication in her latest book reminds us of one of these horrors “It is so touching that it will make readers’ hearts ache and may even cause their eyes to glistenwell at least it did for meand it was just the dedication” said Lady Jayne “This book is dedicated to the memory of the hundreds of murdered and missing women of Ciudad Juárez Mexico You were brutalized and discarded like you didn’t matter But the earth received your tears your blood your bones and like a bereaved mother the earth itself cries out for justice May the violence end and those who stole your bodies and your lives be held to account” Breaking Point will grip readers from the start and is probably Ms Clare’s most action packed I Team book Yet like all the books in the series it deals with meaningful subject matter born from the author’s experiences as a newspaper editor and journalist At an interview at her home this week Lady Jayne stated “My 2011 started off badly with bronchitis then discovering I had Glandular Fever “Mono” in USA but receiving an ARC of Breaking Point has totally MADE MY YEAR I’m usually always behind on new releases in my favourite series being Down Under This is the first ARC I have ever received For it to be one of Pamela Clare’s books? I am without words Thank you again Pamela for another AWESOME read” “I LOVE this series Pamela Clare’s I Team books just work for me” said Lady Jayne “They are not just candy though they do inspire visions of yummy eye candy” she said smiling sighing and getting a glazed look over her face for a few moments before continuing “But the backdrop against which they are set is never something trivial They are important current issues that add depth to a sexy romantic suspenseful and movingly satisfying read Her characters aren’t just sexy as all hell but they have their own pain they are dealing with and have a lot of heart Just the kind I love to read about And Breaking Point is a worthy edition to my personal favourite Romantic Suspense series” Breaking Point will give readers “heart attacks” of the “WHAT?? Noooooooo” and “WHOA Really??? JustWHOA” variety heart pounding and breathless moments of the suspenseful and other kind And even if the dedication didn’t make you cry other aspects of this book than likely willNatalie Benoit former resident of New Orleans is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina Her story is just heart wrenching Following the devastation wrought by Katrina Natalie joined the investigative team I Team of the Denver Independent as its crime reporter replacing Tessa Novak Denver Independent Investigative Crime Journalist Natalie Benoit Natalie has beautiful auamarine eyesWhile on a three day convention on American Mexican border issues of immigration the drug trade and human trafficking in Ciudad Juárez Mexico along with her colleague photojournalist Joauin Ramirez Natalie is taken captive by a ruthless drug cartel Denver Independent Photojournalist Joauin RamirezNatalie ends up in a dirty cell next to deputy US Marshall and former Navy SEAL Zach McBride who is also being held prisoner The man is a true warrior Together they must find a way to escape It will take all their strength and cunning to do so and they must trust each other with their lives There is nothing like being thrown together in such life threatening and challenging situations to brew a romance eh? Recreation of US Marshall Zach McBride while in captivity“This book was scorching HOT And not just because they were in the prickly Sonoran Desert” said reader Lady Jayne during an interview at her home “In fact it contained one of my fantasies” she said blushing A desert waterfall flowing after a thunderstorm The landscape of the Sonoran Desert is filled with prickly things bushes bumpy terrain and peaks The “Fk You” cacti are a warning of how treacherous the desert is once the sun sets“I loved Natalie and Zach They are both such strong characters and have been through a lot in their lives both with tragic pasts that still haunt them I loved when they began to open up to each other and move on from their pasts My heart ached for them I really loved how they watched out for one another The ending of this was justWOW Soo intense and emotional but I'm not giving anything away You just have to read it for yourself I also loved seeing the development of characters from earlier books with their kids pregnancies the depths of their friendships just “Awwww”Though Post Viral Fatigue prevented Lady Jayne from devouring this book as fast as she would have liked it has aided in her recovery uplifting her spirits Sources close to Lady Jayne have confirmed how “ beyond thrilled” and thankful she isIt is no secret that I Team fans are twitchy with anticipation for this one In Lady Jayne’s humble opinion “ Breaking Point will be worth the wait” Hunky Jed Hill is the cover model for the book It is expected that there will be worldwide reports of women suffering ‘heat stroke’ once they get their hands on it Shirtlessness and unbuttoned fatigues are a necessity for survival in the desert Zach McBride a True Warrior and HeroIf Jed Hill as Zach McBride entices you to read this book and you haven’t read the I Team series yet while each book does stand alone for plot and main characters Lady Jayne recommends reading the books in order as your reading experience will be better enhanced by doing so “Plus Reece and Kara Julian and Tessa Marc and Sophie and Gabe and Kat and now Zach and Natalie join the ranks are all amazing individually and combined I love the moments in the later books where we see the interactions between the characters from earlier books I really enjoyed the “Bromance between Julian and Marc in Naked Edge and we get of that in Breaking Point and now with the addition of Gabe” Lady Jayne said smiling with a shimmer of tears in her eyesOr if you just must fondle lick read the Jed Hill covered one first then Breaking Point is due to be released on 3rd MAY 2011 “Though that leaves enough time for you to experience Extreme Exposure But you’ll want to have Hard Evidence coughsin hand And you’ll be desiring Unlawful Contact uite badly after that Which will make you want to rush to Naked Edge and in agony for Breaking Point waiting forrelease” said Lady Jayne blushing and gigglingPamela Clare’s 4th book in the I Team series Naked Edge recently won the All About Romance Best Romantic Suspense for 2010 as voted by the readers Though Ms Clare seems to be her harshest critic as in her response posted on ARR she stated “Thanks to AAR and all the readers who voted for Naked Edge When I got the news I was utterly stunned Naked Edge was a tough book to write and took a lot of risks in part because I wanted Kat the heroine to be authentically Navajo When I turned it in I told my agent in tears that it was the worst thing I'd ever written She told me I was crazy For the book to be voted Best Romantic Suspense by AAR readers I can't tell you how gratifying that is Ahèhee Thank you” Well if Ms Clare felt that way about Naked Edge wonder what she felt about finishing Breaking Point ? Let’s hope she'll be in tears again of happiness and satisfaction that is because as reader Lady Jayne says “This one is absolutely another winner”In fact Breaking Point received a starred review from Publishers Weekly who had this to say about it Clare’s fifth I Team novel after Naked Edge sizzles with constant adventure and romance US Marshal Zach McBride is the unwilling guest of Mexican drug lords when he meets another prisoner American journalist Natalie Benoit The two join forces to escape and make their way across the treacherous Mexican desert toward the US border Their romance and mutual attraction develop as they share their unhappy life stories and dodge their enemies in one harrowing encounter after another Natalie's initial fragility is juxtaposed against Zach’s stalwart nature as he helps unearth her hidden strengths and she encourages him to listen to his heart Complex characterizations and a fast paced plot filled with sensual romance and mystery make this a highly enjoyable read for newcomers and series fans alike ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS1 Natalie Benoit Lauren Cohan Zach McBride Jed Hill Joauin Ramirez Christian de la Fuente2 Special thanks to the author’s unnamed co worker for igniting the fun double entendre discussion on the I Team book titles on Pamela Clare’s Facebook page on Weds 23 Feb 2011 which was the inspiration for those used in this “News Article” DISCLAIMER I have not received any payment for this review nor been coerced in any way to write it All my thoughts are genuine though are just my subjective opinion The I Team books seem to inspire some creative reviewing from me My playful review style is intended to entertain make people smile and laugh while sharing what I love about these books hoping that I can do the book justice and that others will enjoy the books as much as I do Apologies for any unintended offense Thank you for taking the time to read it Jayne COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright I will do so

  5. Lady Vigilante (Feifei) Lady Vigilante (Feifei) says:

    45 starsYup Another high rating for another Pamela Clare book D At this point I’m starting to sound like a broken record in my reviews for this series since I say pretty much the same things but once again this author is amazing The I team series is amazing The amount of research and effort that goes into each and every one of her books is awe inspiring especially for this book “The seed of the story was planted several years ago when I Pamela Clare researched and wrote an opinion column on the femicides in Ciudad Juárez where than 400 women and teenage girls have been murdered their sexually mutilated bodies found dumped on the outskirts of town or in the desert Most of the murders remain unsolved and than 1000 women and girls are still missing Try to imagine an American city your own city perhaps having 400 unsolved sexual homicides and 1000 missing women It defies comprehension” That’s what I adore about her books not the murdered and missing women part LOL Her stories are grounded in reality and always inspired by a real life experience – often her own – and combined with her journalism skills it gives her books a very authentic feel Not just the romance but the suspense the action the mystery Although I try not to play favorites in this series as all of them are great I have to say that this book along with books 3 and 4 I love just a teensy bit than the others For starters this is the only book where a big portion of the story is not set in Denver Colorado home of the I team headuarters Not only was it a nice change of scenery but it was like a fresh start for both the author to write and for me to read The other books made me feel comfortable in the same setting and with this book in the tumultuous turf war zone in Mexico the stakes are higher than ever before Another thing that was refreshingly different from the other books was that this one started out with the hero and heroine already knee deep in trouble and their aggressive fight for survival and getting back to US soil I love that the author explores different levels of law enforcement through each of her heroes’ occupations and in this book the hero Zach is a Deputy US Marshal pretty much the highest level up there topping even the FBI who’s being tortured and interrogated by a ruthless Mexican drug cartel after being betrayed by someone he thought he could trust On the other end the heroine is an I team journalist traveling to Mexico to report on border violence and she’s ambushed taken captive and placed in a grimy cell right next to Zach’s Even though Zach and Natalie are attracted to each other they don’t let it get to their heads Their number one goal is survival and neither of them cut each other any slack while escaping and I just love that Every moment of this story is intense and nail biting and despite this being the 3rd or 4th? time I’ve re read this book the plot still manages to take me by surprise each time I read As I don’t want to end up spoiling what happens next in Zach and Natalie’s escape this is all I’m going to say about the plot Here comes my absolute FAVORITE and most memorable part of the book even this series and the author’s note couldn’t have said it better “It has been a goal of mine for some time to write an I Team story in which the past heroes all play a pivotal role in the action in which the stakes are so high that all of the I Team heroes have to come together to keep the heroine alive I was finally able to write that kind of story in this book” And she really delivered on that If you’ve read one or all of the previous books in this series THIS is where that previous knowledge and background on the other couples will pay off Seeing Reece former senator Julian FBI background Marc sniper and Gabe extreme sports jock former ranger and all their smart passionate I team wives come together to protect one of their own just makes me feel all emotional inside Because somewhere along the way these characters became than just names on a page They feel real Their friendships the heroes’ bromance feels real There’s a scene near the end of the book involving Marc and Julian that made me cry not because it was something epic but because of the sheer simplicity that spoke volumes The only reason why it’s not a full 5 star read is that it took me a while to warm up to the heroine Natalie No character stupidity or anything on her part It’s just that for the other heroines I got to know them a little through other books and the only thing I knew about Natalie was that she lost everything when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and doesn’t like to get close to anyone Maybe that was the author’s plan to make her a little aloof than the other heroines and have a fragile strength that appealed to Zach Either way I ended up loving her sweet character by the end of the book I seriously don’t know what else to say about this book that I haven’t already mentioned before It’s definitely another smashing hit for me and another strong addition to the series that both longtime fans and new readers to this author will enjoy Do I recommend it? Hell yeah The rest of the series too Breaking Point is the 5th book in the I team series and just like the others can be read as a standalone However because the other couples play a pretty important role in this book I recommend reading it after the first 4 books Reading order

  6. Shawna Shawna says:

    5 stars – Romantic SuspenseThoughts Before ReadingHOLY #%%^% What a studtastically smokin' HOT cover hunk Y O W Z AMama likey I just wanna lick up all that dirt naughty grinThoughts After ReadingThere are 5 star reads and then there are 5 star reads and Breaking Point is definitely the latter Pamela Clare is one of my top favorite authors and her I Team series is without a doubt one of the very best in romantic suspense There are numerous reasons why that is the emotional thought provoking depth she conveys in her stories the nail biting white knuckle gripping edge of your seat suspense the uber yummy tough to die for alpha heroes the strong intelligent capable genuine heroines the believable passionate connection between the HH the yowza hot intense love scenes and the moving HEAs Breaking Point moved me to tears with the beginning dedication and the story grabbed me from page one and didn’t let go until the very bittersweet end I loved Zach and Natalie They were such complex caring characters and their relationship was evocative and poignant They had off the charts combustible chemistry and their love scenes were need a cold waterfall in a desert smokin’ HAWT Whew I also loved the funny and touching moments between I Team heroes Julian Marc and Gabe that demonstrated the strength of their friendship and added beautifully to the story I can never get enough of Julian “Dark Angel” Darcangelo sigh It’s a powerful thrilling heartrending and sensual romance with remarkable characters that’s not to be missed I absolutely loved everything about it It’s hard to decide which book is my favorite of the series because they’re all wonderful but I think Breaking Point is a close second place after my sentimental favorite Naked Edge I highly recommend this series for romantic suspense fans especially those who prefer them emotionally intense action packed and steamy Big 5 starsZachThere’s just never enough Jed Hill hotness NatalieElsa Pataky definitely has the striking eyes to play Natalie

  7. Auntee Auntee says:

    Breaking Point does not disappoint Pamela Clare is on a roll with her I Team series and she's got everything right with this one delivering a top notch romantic suspenseStarting with that cover thump thump the brave beautiful heroine the sexy fearless hero the suspenseful plot filled with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing the sadistic depraved villain the fiery white hot romance the cliff hanger endingwhat's not to lovedid I leave anything out?Our heroine 27 year old Denver investigative journalist and New Orleans native Natalie Benoit we met her before in Naked Edge who lost everything important to her 6 years ago during Hurricane Katrina has traveled to the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez to attend a journalism conference with co workerfriend photographer Joauin Ramirez While on a bus loaded with her fellow journalists a trio of armed men enter the bus execute the Mexican passengers and take Natalie hostage to an old abandoned town While locked up inside an adobe shed awaiting her fate will she be held for ransom or will she be used by her captors? and reciting nursery rhymes to keep her panic at bay she finds out she's not alone A man in the next cell is also being held prisoner and his name is Zach Town where Zach and Natalie were held Natalie Zach McBride 33 year old Chicago native former Navy SEAL and currently a Deputy US Marshal is working on a case to capture Mexican human trafficker drug dealer perverted sleazeball Arturo Cesar Cardenas the head of Los Zetas a drug cartel who is wanted for the murder of Americans on US soil Zach's betrayed by a female Mexican Interpol agent who has sold him out to the Zetas telling them that he's stolen their shipment of cocaine Now the Zetas are holding him prisoner until he gives up the info who is he working for and where is the cocaine? Since Zach won't talk they figure they can make him talk by using a little 'electrical' torture Zach is blindfolded shackled suffering from broken ribs and gets a daily dose of shock therapy from a truck battery But still he won't talk He's prepared to die just like his SEAL buddies who died before his eyes in Afghanistan and resigned to his fate Until he realizes that he has a cell mate Now he must do everything in his power to help her Zach That's just the beginning of an engrossing plot that has Natalie and Zach escaping from the Zetas and trying to make their way 40 miles through the Mexican desert and across an Arizona desert filled with drug smugglers and extreme weather conditions Yes their struggle unites them their natural chemistry excites them and they make good use of their limited time together I'm thinking of that waterfall scene whew Zach can't believe this is happening to him The connection he feels to Natalie is unlike anything he's ever experienced but he's determined to fight his feelings He's only allowing himself four days the time it will take to get Natalie safely on US soil to enjoy the pleasure that is Natalie After all there could never be anything lasting between a woman like Natalie and a man like him she deserves someone who wouldn't be putting his life on the line every day and that's just not Zach He's tried the civilian life and it just doesn't work for him He'd only end up drinking his nightmares away again if he's not actively involved in some type of 'war' Zach Natalie's definitely developing feelings for Zach and she can't believe how fast it's happened There's been no one for her since her fiancee Beau but it's been six years of mourning and she's ready to move on with her life even if being with Zach and experiencing such untamed passion makes her feel a bit guilty But Natalie's unsure of just who Zach is He doesn't reveal much to tell her the truth would be too risky for her the less she knows about him the better and she knows there can be no future for them if he's into something that's illegal But she can see that he's a good mancan that be enough? Zach tells her that they can't have a future but Natalie's not about to throw in the towel yetJust when you think Natalie and Zach are out of danger and that maybe all that's left to the story is them possibly working on their relationship there's a bit of a plot twist Natalie is still in danger but maybe not just from the Zetas But does someone else out there want Natalie dead and if so why? Will Zach be able to protect her or is he too close to the case? And can he continue to resist her even though he needs to stay close to her to protect her? Will calling in reinforcements he can trust Natalie's friends Julian Marc and Gabe be the difference? Will Zach admit that he deserves happiness or will he continue to punish himself for something that wasn't his fault? Will Natalie give up on him or will she fight for what she knows they can have?No complaints about this one it's all good The writing is top notch with plenty of detail the plot holds up the suspense is suspenseful the romance is scorching oh my the intensity of the sex scenes; you've got your emotionally suffering from PTSD and suvivor's guiltand physically tortured hero your brave smart sort of kick ass heroine who is a lot tougher than she imagined; your thoroughly rotten bad guys; your supporting cast of protective alphas that would be Julian Marc and Gabe your cliffhanger final showdown ending where a couple of lives are definitely on the line tear time here; and of course your sweetly romantic little epilogue that also brought a few tears to my eyes I liked the fact that Natalie and Zach were both hurting emotionally each suffering a little from survivor's guilt and each helped the other heal When Zach finally opened up to Natalie breaking down in front of her I knew these two were going to make it All good stuff all making the book un put downable Zachagain What I would've liked to have seen? I wanted view spoiler to see that sadistic uintana meet a gruesome death I wanted to see him up on that roof searching for Natalie in that thunderstorm and have a bolt of lighting hit him making him fall from the roof 200 feet only to be impaled by a sharp object a fence post? before hitting the ground That would've been poetic justice for a man who got his kicks out of torturing Zach with electrocution hide spoiler

  8. ♡Karlyn P♡ ♡Karlyn P♡ says:

    Now this is one time when you CAN judge a book by its cover Breaking Point was HOT sexy and even a little bit dirty wink wink The I Team is hands down my favorite romance suspense series for many reasons but one is how uniuely different the stories are from each the other If you haven't found this series yet the common thread is that each heroine works as an investigative reporter for the Denver Independent newspaper and each story takes one of these ladies on a high octane adventure fighting believable bad guys and falling for a heart pounding hero However the criminal rings and bad people are unrelated so each book takes you on a brand new adventure with vastly different settings I also love that the heroines in these books are always ‘normal’ too meaning they are smart and tough but not cartoonish They are not fearless nor believe themselves invincible in fact uite the opposite but they will rise to the challenge when provoked In other words they are real women I can relate to In Breaking Point US Marshal Zach McBride gets tied up in Mexico – literally Starved tortured blindfolded and chained to a brick wall not to mention duped by a trusted agent who turned him in to the Los Zetas a powerful organized Mexican crime ring he has little hope of survival and bringing down Arturo César Cárdenas the head of Los Zetas Cárdenas a man of many crimes is wanted in the United States for the murder of Americans on US soilNatalie Benoit an attractive American journalist visiting Juarez Mexico for a three day SPJ Society of Professional Journalists convention and tour gets caught in the crossfire of what she believes is a local gang war They take her captive bring her to an old abandoned church where she finds herself in the cell next to a prisoner chained to the wall As you can guess Zach and Natalie do escape and begin a deadly game of survival with the Zetas across Mexico The escape was so nail biting OMG This story moves at a fast pace but never slips on the details You feel like you are right there Zach must rely on Natalie as he nurses his health back from the injuries sustained while captive They are two strangers who must now depend on each other for survival The Zetas want Zach recaptured believing he can lead them to millions of dollars worth of missing cocaine and Natalie may have a price on her head too This story had many layers which kept me guessing and the pages turning It eventually takes us back to the United States for what could easily be dubbed as the biggest show down in this series yet Holy crap so much happens The Zetas crossed US soil once and despite the risks they are ready to do it again to ensure their secrets remain hidden and millions of dollars safe Zach and Natalie’s romance was wonderful to see develop Both of them have damaged souls from past losses too grave to face Despite the fast paced action of the story they build a slow tender and heartfelt passion between them The bone melting kind that explodes when they come together mmmyum They were opposites in many ways but made a very convincing romance between them They had me in tears a few times too especially near the end I have to give props to Natalie She is easily my favorite heroine in this series now I just loved her She was smart willing to push herself beyond her comfort zone to do what is needed to keep them safe but not willing to take stupid risks I liked how she was able to deal with her past demons too Very realistic and touching Zach was a darker character with a damaged soul in need of healing and believing again – how can you not love a guy like that? The way he treated Natalie had my heart in my throat so many times His back story was heart breaking but part of it included a small bit with his father that never gelled with me as I honestly never understood the full scope of his anger with his dad You may sense of it than I did but if not it was a super small part that can be skipped over Past heroheroines Reece and Kara Julian and Tessa Marc and Sophie and Gabe and Kat all make reappearances too Julian Marc and Gabe play a significant part too but don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous books you will be able to follow no problem This was another fantastic addition to the series Fans are going to have a hard time picking their favorite among the series but no one will be disappointed with Breaking Point It was that good The story never slips on the details It is tight believable and unpredictable – not to mention sexy nail biting and seriously HOT Enjoy In full disclosure I got this book as an ARC copy but I would have paid full price the second it was released if I didn’t I love this series and all things Pamela Clare

  9. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    I Team reporter Natalie Benoit is attending a conference in Mexico when the bus she and Joauin her photographer are riding with other Mexican journalists is attacked by members of the Los Zetas cartel Her next reality is a dark dank cell where she hears a man being tortured US Marshal Zach McBride was betrayed by an Interpol agent who convinced the cartel that he's stolen a drug shipment The two of them provide support to each other through the dark until the opportunity for them to escape arises This was one heart stopping moment after another with lots of action suspense and mystery I was told this book was one of the best in the series and I wholeheartedly agree The scenes are riveting and often tough to digest There were a few twists that helped sustain the intrigue along with the developing relationship between Zach and Natalie I liked them bothIt's not an easy story and Kaleo Griffin's narration was just about perfect I'm loving this series and this was one of the best to date

  10. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read** says:

    5 Stars Sometimes the scar isn't on the outside Sometimes it's on the inside where no one else can see it Right from the beginning this book grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go It's filled with pulse pounding action and heart melting romance This bookTHIS BOOK Natalie Benoit is in Mexico to attend a journalism conference The bus she's on with other journalists gets ambushed by the Zetas a Mexican cartel and Natalie is kidnapped Thrown into a holding cell filled with spiders scorpions rats and who knows what else Natalie begins to panic Who kidnapped her? What are they going to do to her? Can she find a way to survive? Little by little her haunted memories return of her ordeal in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina six years ago The walls begin closing in on her and she starts to spiral into a deeper panicuntil she hears a comforting voice from the other side of the wall Zach McBride is a former NavySEAL and current US Marshall being held captive and tortured by the Zetas His colleague betrayed him and now he's paying the ultimate pricetorture in exchange for information Too bad he's trained to fight to never crack to endureif only his mind can hold on long enough for his body to finally give out so he can find some peace from his own past nightmares But then he hears a commotion outside A woman is thrown into the cell next to his and he hears the beginning sounds of her panickingand then she begins reciting nursery rhymes It's the sweetest voice he's ever heard Behind the darkness of his blindfold he has no way of knowing who she is but he takes the chance and opens his mouth to reach out to her In the darkness of those cells Zach and Natalie form a bond and hatch a plan for escape It will take strength determination and sheer will to fight their way through the Zetas and find a way to escape over the border and onto American soil Along the way a passion ignites between them Two lost souls fighting to stay alive find refuge in each other Do they have a future together if they manage to make it through this ordeal? And if they do finally make it home does that mean that the danger is over? Maybe the real enemy isn't in Mexico?This book had me stressed out I didn't know what was going to happen Danger lurking in every corner the risk of an ambush coming from any direction not knowing who to trust never fully letting your guard downSTRESSED I think what I loved most about this book is that even though Zach was your perfect swoony Alpha badass herohe had an eual counterpart in Natalie The girl was just as badass She was no wilting flower or damsel in distress Sure she had her moments of fear and doubt but when the time came to act she was right there in the thick of things holding her own But lets not forget about the romance As much as these two are fighting to stay alive they're fighting to break free from their pasts Natalie has been closed off since her horrific ordeal during Hurricane Katrina and finds herself feeling alive than ever in Zach's arms However with the elation of finally feeling something other than grief comes the burden of guilt and it weighs heavily on Natalie Meanwhile Zach is a disheartened man after the loss of his team and brothers in Afghanistan He doesn't feel he has anything to offer a woman having come back from war only a shell of a man There's something inside of me it just doesn't work I went away to war but I can't seem to come back the man who'd come home from one war only to find himself trapped in another much personal battle Natalie recognizes his pain because she feels it too The sorrow of being the only one to survivethe only one to make it out And with understanding comes patience determination and strength Zach helped her in so many ways and she's determined to help him slay his demons My life was cold and dark and empty But you made me feel again You brought me to life Zach Do you think I can turn my back on you when you're hurting like this? You're the strongest man I've ever known but sometimes even heroes need helpYou're not alone in this any You fought the Zetas for me I'm going to fight for you even if the one I have to fight is YOU This book was the PERFECT balance between romance and suspense Hands down my favorite book and couple in the series Marc and Sophie you come in a close second and easily one of my favorite reads of the year so far This is definitely a series that has NOT lost its momentum but only gets better with each book I've loved watching this I Team family come together and grow book after book Pamela Clare has uickly become my go to for when I'm craving a little heart racing actionboth in and out of the bedroom

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Breaking Point ❮Download❯ ➿ Breaking Point ➺ Author Pamela Clare – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk While investigating border violence in Ciudad Juárez Mexico Denver journalist Natalie Benoit is caught in a bloody ambush and taken captive Alone in the hands of ruthless killers she will need every While investigating border violence in Ciudad Juárez Mexico Denver journalist Natalie Benoit is caught in a bloody ambush and taken captive Alone in the hands of ruthless killers she will need every ounce of courage she possesses to survive Betrayed by another operative Deputy US Marshal Zach McBride has endured a week of torture and interrogation at the hands of a bloodthirsty Mexican drug cartel Ready to give his life if he must he remains unbroken—until he hears the cries of an American woman Although Natalie is only a voice in the darkness of their shared prison her plight brings renewed strength to Zach's battered body With her help he overpowers their captors and they flee through the desert toward the border the attraction between them flaring hotter than the Sonoran sun But past loss and tragedy leave both of them reluctant to follow their hearts even when the passion between them reaches its Breaking Point Faced with feelings neither expected they fight to stay ahead of the danger that hunts them as forces powerful than they can imagine conspire to destroy them both.