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Miss Daisy Is Crazy! [Epub] ➟ Miss Daisy Is Crazy! By Dan Gutman – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Never before has school been this mixed up – or this much fun Miss Daisy who teaches second grade doesn't know how to add or subtract Not only that she doesn't know how to read or write either She i Never before has school been this mixed up – or this much fun Miss Daisy who teaches second grade doesn't know how to add or subtract Not only that she doesn't know how to read or write either She is the dumbest teacher in the history of the world Ages .

10 thoughts on “Miss Daisy Is Crazy!

  1. Acjerome2002 Acjerome2002 says:

    I really dislike these books but my 6 year old loves them and keeps bringing them home from the school libraryI'm trying not to be a grouch but the main character AJ has a really snotty negative attitude Many things are dismissed as weird dumb annoying or boring I would not be happy if my sweet impressionable son starting talking like that all the timeAlso did I miss a memo somewhere that the rules of grammar changed since I left school it wasn't THAT long ago was it? WRONG me and the guys went to the beach RIGHT the guys and I went to the beach This mistake was made consistently throughout this book and others in the series and it drives me crazy to keep editing as I read aloud to the kids Maybe book editors think it is cute and reflects the way kids actually talk but I can't stand it even if it does make me sound extra grouchy

  2. Janete Janete says:

    Scribd book and audio A very light and funny text and narrationSynopsis Prolific and popular author Dan Gutman launches a fun new series with this tale about second grader AJ and the unusual school he attends On the first day of class AJ tells Miss Daisy he loves football and video games but hates school Then Miss Daisy tells him she hates school too and the students think their teacher just might be an impostor

  3. Bellezza Bellezza says:

    We've been reading a lot of Dan Gutman books in our school because he made a special guest appearance as an authorspeaker yesterday These books are funny especially appealing to kids and in the same manner as Junie B Jones only for boys Don't let the illustrations put you off as they did me as being unappealing; the text is really uite hilarious Reluctant readers will especially enjoy this Weird School Series

  4. Cicely Cicely says:

    This was recommended to me by the Barnes Noble sales associate that said the series was popular right now I have a 1st grade 7 year old son who reads relatively advanced; I was looking for a bit of a challenge but still having a few pictures and what not The reading was not difficult for him; however after reading the first few chapters he told me there was a lot of bad words in this book Mind you he thinks words like stupid shut up and the alike are bad words But regardless I saw what he was talking about when I opened the book and saw the chapter title was Dumb Miss Daisy If this is something that flies in your home then it might be a good book for your child; however calling a teacher dumb is considered very inappropriate for our family I didn't look at this book close enough and was disappointed Maybe it could work for a student a bit older but I didn't like it for my 7 year old I am discovering it is difficult to find good relatively clean but not cheesy series these days

  5. Aidan Aidan says:

    I learned AJ likes football and he said football players were dummies My favorite part is when he asks one of the football players do you like knocking people on their butts? That was really funny

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I was impressed I'm skeptical of series books especially ones with rhyming titles and dippy cartoons but this was awfully sweet without being nauseating It's a good high interest easy read for reluctant readers who will enjoy being smarter than the narrator and other characters It's about a level L on Guided Reading read a loud to kindergartners or first graders and independent reading for 2nd or low 3rd

  7. Taylor Taylor says:

    THis book is laugh out loud funnyIt's is in a seires so there is rolling on the ground coming

  8. Janet Blowers Janet Blowers says:

    This book is the first book in this series that my youngest daughter Claudia is reading Actually she finished it first and loved it so much she wants to buy the whole series It was really cute how the teacher Miss Daisy pretends not to know how to read or write or do math and she has the kids teach her using their favorite subjects Everyone thinks Miss Daisy is Crazy but she comes up with some great ways to teach the kids using football and video games She gets the kids to read a million pages so they can rent the school for one night and turn it into a video arcade the best part is the kids think it was all their idea I think I might read the whole series too Really cute the way the kids are very reall life in the book

  9. Olivia Olivia says:

    I think that Miss Daisy is very crazy

  10. Stacie Stacie says:

    This was a funny story I read this out loud to a third grade class and they loved it

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