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Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing Author Lou Diamond – Who Else Wants To Generate Endless Leads, Brand Themselves Like A Marketing Expert And Make A Figure Income Even If You Know Next To Nothing About Network Marketing If You Are In Network Marketing, T Who Else Wants To Generate Endless Leads, First Year MOBI ð Brand Themselves Like A Marketing Expert And Make AFigure Income Even If You Know Next To Nothing About Surviving Your eBook ð Network Marketing If You Are In Network Marketing, This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever read Because This Will Teach You Everything You Your First Year ePUB ´ Need To Know About Making Great Money In The Internet Age Dear Friend,If you re struggling in your network marketing business, I totally understand your frustrationI remember the first time I stepped into a business opportunity meeting and I was filled with dreams I couldn t wait to sign up right awayUnfortunately, all my dreams came crashing down as I died a natural death in network marketingI was a casualty because I didn t know how to build a business at all I was so ineffective that I would approach all my friends and they would all run away from me I bet you know how that feels, right Little did I realize that Many Network Marketers Join An Opportunity But They Are Clueless About Prospecting, Making Money And Retaining Their Downline Let s be brutally honest with ourselves, here Running a business, even a low cost online business is serious business here You don t expect to attend a course on Internet marketing and hope to become the next Dexter Yager or a network marketing superstar overnight it s just an unrealistic expectationOthers have even outrageous expectations from their uplines often blaming them when things go wrong even after their uplines poured in their blood, sweat and tears into teaching and helping their downlines to suceedThis is just madness Let me tell you the cold hard facts How long did it take you to get a degree in college Do you expect to become a senior executive inyears Of course not A degree is really costly I m sure you were prepared to pay the price, right How about your products Do you expect them to sell themselves Even with your job, there s no way you can recuperate your investment in your degree in a short period of time so why expect the same in your network marketing business No wonder people do not succeed in their business opportunities It doesn t matter if it is a mature market or a ground floor opportunity Their expectations are all wrong But here s how you can avoid all the heartache There s A New Generation Of Marketing Methods Coming Up Time To Ride The Waves If you are not prepared, you will be throwned to the network marketing sharks out thereJust look at some of the mistakes people make out there They do not choose the right company They do not know their marketing plan They sign up under an upline with virtually no leadership They do not know how to generate leads They do not know how to talk to their friends They spend too much money on advertisingAnd they often fail without knowing why Why does this happen Because they have no idea how the market has changed in the st century Times have changed Gone are the days of inviting friends to hotel meetings hoping that they will come and sign upCold calling strangers Writing your name list Outdated These don t work any because of the Internet Make no mistake about this What If You Had The Exact Tools You ll Ever Need To Rewire Your Financial Blueprint And Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts Imagine if you have everything you ll ever need to jumpstart your understanding on how network marketing worksDo you think you can save you tons of heartache and trouble Do you think you will be able to save tons of money and avoid losing all your friends I ve gone down this road before and after burning all my savings in all kinds of network marketing opportunities, I realize that I must stop this insanity and I hope others will not share the same fate as I haveThat is why I ve written this guide for youAre you ready for the revolution Introducing Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing This powerful network marketing book will show you everything you need to know about this billion dollar industryWith these powerful tools at your disposal, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding the intricate secrets of the network marketing world Who Can Use This Book Business owners Internet marketers Uplines and downlines alike Life coaches Personal development enthusiasts Network marketing bloggers Web Publishers.

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