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10 thoughts on “Love, Marriage. . .and Facebook

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    This was absolute rubbish Salacious and trashy, it advertises itself as something that actually examines the effect Facebook has had on marriage but turns out it s just a way for a creepy old man to get his rocks off.

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Love, Marriage. . .and Facebook You There The One With The Wedding Ring Ask Yourself To Facebook Or Not To Facebook That S The Question Of The Day With Over Million Active Users, Facebook Is The Global Leader In Online Social Networking, And People, Married People Especially, Are Reconnecting Each Day With Friends From Their Past And Rediscovering Identities They Might Have Lost Love, Marriageand Facebook Gathers Stories Inspired By What Happens When Some Married People Get On Facebook And Let All Their Inhibitions Out You Married People Who Inspired These Stories Can Breathe A Sigh Of Reliefall Names Have Been Changed, And Some Details Adjusted, To Protect The Innocent And The Guilty But Their Emotions Are Raw, And Their Stories Pretty Damn Sexy This Book Will Get You Hot, Turn You On, And Make You Think Twice, Especially The Next Time You Log Onto Facebook