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Adored (It Girl, #8) Epub Adored It Girl, 8 Cecily Von Ziegesar Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Brett Messerschmidt Is Organizing Waverly Academy S Annual Holiday Ball And Secret Gift Exchange But When Some Enterprising Students Decide That Playing Secret Satan Is Infinitely Fun, The Entire School Starts Acting Naughty All Brett Wants Is A Successful Party And A Goodnight Kiss From Unexpected Crush Sebastian Valenti Too Bad Callie Vernon Also Has Her Eye On The Newly Made Over Sebastian Sharing Is Caring, Right Or Not Everybody At Waverly Is Getting Into The Giving Spirit The Only Present Tinsley Carmichael Wants To Unwrap Is Her New Boyfriend, Julian McCafferty But What Happens When She Uncovers A Shady Secret From His Past Instead Looks Like Jenny Humphrey, Waverly S Newest Small Screen Star, Is About To Land On Tinsley S Hit List Again With Raucous Get Togethers And Secret Admirers, There S Never A Dull Day In The Life Of An It Girl But No One Ever Said Being Adored Was Easy

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    Jeez, these books are so vapid and ridiculous Needless to say, they are part of my so addicting I can t stop reading them collection.

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    This latest entry in the It Girl series indeed merits a mere it was okay Though they re back at Waverly, like the book before it Infamous Adored suffers from a tedious holiday related plotline Callie s annoying, Jenny s uninteresting, Tinsley s bitchy, Brandon s long suffering also when did he become such a central character , and as usual, it s up to Brett s plot to carry the whole book Unfortunately, Brett is very much caught up in the boring, Christmas related plot Likewise, characters who were enjoyable and added interest to earlier books e.g Kara and Heath are either non existent or back to being their dull, one dimensional selves I will say it picks up quite a bit toward the end and I am looking forward to the next book, which is good since when I was only maybe halfway through this one, I was having gee, is it time to stop reading this series thoughts There are some alluring teasers hopefully we ll have picked up once the new semester s started and won t have to suffer through a book of everyone s Christmas break New Year s I am once again wondering how long they plan to let this series stagger onward, if twelve weeks eight books I d be surprised to see it continue with Brett, Tinsley, and Callie away at college, so perhaps we ll only make it to the end of Jenny Humphrey s sopho year Then again, maybe ...

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    I hate how damn enjoyable I m finding these books Still, only two to go.

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    The plot lines are ridiculous and there s basically nothing likeable about these characters yet I keep reading this series

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    I would recommend having someone read this book to you It s much entertaining that way, especially if s he uses different voices for each character.Other than that, an enjoyable boarding school romp The ghost writer did make one error, saying that Evergreen Co...

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    I don t remember the last time I enjoyed an It Girl novel so much Maybe, it wasn t anything special, but in comparison to Infamous which I found boring, slow paced, nothing really happened and I wanted to slap somebody every page it was much, much, much better Can t say I didn t enjoy all the Gossip Girl Easter eggs, since the only reason I m reading these are so I can fill my empty ...

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    Pretty good poolside read, but the story is getting a bit old by now.

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comI have to admit, the IT GIRL series is one of those guilty pleasures that I have I can t help myself when I know another release is forthcoming So, I eagerly sat myself down the other night when I had ADORED, the eighth installment in the series, in my hands.The crew has returned from Thanksgiving break and has to buckle down to get ready for finals As with all the books in the series, ADORED only covers a couple of weeks in the lives of the gang at Waverly All the players are back, and they ve all got drama going on.Callie is recently single, after having broken things off with Easy in INFAMOUS She s on the prowl for a new beau, but it seems that the pickings are slim at Waverly Everything changes when she spies an unknown hottie in the cafeteria.Tinsley is back together with Julian, thanks to Yvonne Stidder s party in New York City But now Tinsley has nagging thoughts that Julian may have lost his virginity already He s only a freshman And all Tinsley can do is picture Julian withJenny Jenny has become a small celebrity on campus A group of freshman girls are filming her for a documentary for their class The freshmen want to see how someone in the in crowd lives But having a camera in her face at all hours is turning into a nightmare.Bret...

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    For starters, it was an okay read Surely entertaining, but not something I would die to read This book gives us an inside view of what elite schools are like I got this book from my school library and was really excited to read it as it was by the same author who has written the best selling Gossip Girl series which is also a Tv show But I didn t realize that this is the 8th book in the series I saw the book and was so excited that I totally forgot to check out anything about the book before I issued it Not having read the previous books in the series, I couldn t feel a flow in the storyline ,that is, there was no sense of continuity It lacked sense of humor and I found the whole Secret Satan thing really silly But once again Cecily Von Ziegesar has successfully managed to bring out the story in its true teenage sense.The characters were as real as students in your high school Many of them were love sick throughout the story up until the last 3 4 chapters In general they are all impractical and let their judgments be swayed by jealousy, sym...

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    AdoredPoppy Hachette Book Group 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017Cecily von Ziegesar 9.99 Pages.224ISBN 13 9780316025096Never knew that after betraying a close friend, they are still want to be your friend Adored by Cecily von Ziegesar is the eighth book in the It Girl series Throughout the novel there are a lot of teen dramas going on There were a lot betrayal among friends, but they still want to be friends again Cecily von Ziegesar wrote many other books for instance, Gossip Girls series and The Carlyles series This novel contains love, teen drama, friendship, family, betrayal, and life.As long as Jenny Humphrey isn t Tinsley Carmichael number one enemy, she feels easy But sooner or later Jenny was Tinsley number one enemy again, by just knowing a little about her and what she did Brett Messerchmidt knew that she won t fall in lov...

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