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St. Cuthbert, His Cult and His Community to AD 1200 Very Fine Collection Of Essays A Rich Feast Of Scholarship With Many Discoveries And New Interpretations Of Greatest Value For Anglo Saxon History SPECULUMSt Cuthbert Is Known To Many As The The Saintly Bishop Of Holy Island Inthe Th Century, But He Was Also A Figure Of Great Political And Territorial Power The Book Is Divided Into Four Sections, Each Dealing With Different Aspects Of Cuthbert And His Milieu Among The Topics Investigated Are The Early Lives Of The Saint, Two By Bede Himself, And His Cult Lindisfarne, Its Scriptorium And Of Course The Famous Gospels The Sumptuous Treasures Gathered Round The Coffin, Such As A Portable Altar And Elaborately Worked Silks, Many Of Which Are Still Preserved At Durham And St Cuthbert S Community At Chester Le Street And DurhamContributors J CAMPBELL, CLARE STANCLIFFE, MICHAEL HERITY, BENEDICTA WARD SLG, MICHAEL LAPIDGE, WALTER BERSCHIN, ALAN THACKER, DEIRDRE O SULLIVAN, CHRISTOPHER D VEREY, MICHELLE P BROWN, JANET BACKHOUSE, R BRUCE MITFORD, DAIBHI CRINN, NANCY NETZER, ROSEMARY CRAMP, RICHARD N BAILEY, JM CRONYN, CV HORIE, RI PAGE, JOHN HIGGITT, ELIZABETH COASTWORTH, HERO GRANGER TAYLOR, CLARE HIGGINS, ANNA MUTHESIUS, ERIC CAMBRIDGE, GERALD BONNER, LUISELLA SIMPSON, DAVID ROLLASON, DAVID HALL, AJ PIPER, VICTORIA TUDOR

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