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  • Paperback
  • Emily's Runaway Imagination
  • Beverly Cleary
  • 16 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Emily's Runaway Imagination

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    I loved this book so much, I have no idea why I was so resistant to reading it I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to Ramona as well, I suspect because the first Cleary I ever read was one of those dreadful teenage romance things, and I read it at my most cynical, disaffected and obnoxious So my default response to Cleary is Oh, I ...

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    THE SUNDAY FAMILY READI was in a bad mood when I started reading this book, about a girl who is always being told that she lets her imagination run away with her It instantly made me feel happy.Emily is nine going on ten She is the only child of a farming family outside Pitchfork, a very small town in Oregon Her mother came from somewhere east, possibly Chicago, where she had been a teacher Her father is descended from pioneers who came to Oregon generations ago They all work hard and Emily s mom gets involved in starting the town s first library.Though a specific date is never mentioned, times are hard and Emily s grandfather gets one of the town s first automobiles, so it must be the 1920s Beverly Cleary later wrote a two volume autobiography I haven t read those yet but from what I have gathered, I would say Emily s Runaway Imagination is somewhat autobiographical In any case, the book is another example of her smooth and entertaining writing style with children as fully realized characters.My favorite chapter was the one where Emily decides to bleach their horse, an old ...

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    The Light Flaky Pie Crust chapter is probably my favorite, but The Hard Times Party is a close tie I made my own version of Emily s valentine once, and the entire plot centers on opening and sustaining a public library What could a Beverly Cleary devotee ask for I have this original hard cover edition now, but growing up I had the Dell Yearling cover with Emily Cloro...

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    Although at times it strays away from the main plot in ways that don t feed back into it, this is really quite a lovely story Well written, colorful characters, and, if you re familiar with the time period, an excellent snapshot of the 20s I also love t...

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    A solid 3 star read Old fashioned, not of this day and age, yet life lessons that may still be gleaned Wholesome and good I liked it, while my 10 year old daughter liked it best of all Antiquated but endearing nonetheless.Some of the life lessons It begins with a dream small steps lead to wonderful adventures and dreams that come true.Good things don t happen all at once sometimes, said things require steadfast perseverance Don t take for granted those who are always there and yet overlooked Someday, you will have wished you showered them with of your time and affections.When living out a trade, when creating with your hands, become known for the time, quality, and genius you are Craft well and become known.Take pride in your loved ones, delight in them be neighborly and live a life of charity live a life of love Immerse yoursel...

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    This might be one of my new favorite kids books I like the way the story was structured each chapter was its own episode, but there was an arc throughout the whole book Emily s goal is to get a town library, which is kind of hard in the middle of nowhere, Oregon So she and her family keep thinking of different ways to raise money, such as a hard times party where everyone dresses up like hobos and donates some cash.Chapters like that are what made the book so unique Of course, my favorite chapter would have to be the one where Emily tr...

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    This book has aged well since I read it as a child Emily s small Oregon town of Pitchfork is a good place to live, but it is sadly lacking in one regard it needs a library Emily hears of the riches of the Portland library from her city cousin, and longs to read Black Beauty, and other wonderful sounding books Her mother decides that Emily is right, and sends away to the State Library for help Sort of a Henry Huggins story with a female protagonist, readers should enjoy this g...

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    I would give it 3 4 stars but the kids voted 5 this morning on the drive.It was so funny, I just finished reading an article about Why British tell better Children s Stories compared to Americans, and it came down to we use moral realism in the US and the Brits use fantasy I agree and this book is the epitome of moral realism A slice of life story about a girl in the rural west in the early 1900s Kids said their favorite parts were the horse, ha...

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    Trying to read this book aloud, we could understand our daughter s frustration We love Beverly Cleary and we were excited to introduce her to a new author This was a poor choice Although we stopped reading with our daughter, we kept reading unt...

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Emily's Runaway ImaginationBOOKS Emily S Runaway Imagination Author Beverly Cleary Rarefishingbooks.co.uk Can Imaginative Emily Make Her Biggest Dream Come True Spunky Emily Bartlett Lives In An Old Farmhouse In Pitchfork, Oregon At A Time When Automobiles Are Brand New Inventions And Libraries Are A Luxury Few Small Towns Can Afford Her Runaway Imagination Leads Her To Bleach A Horse, Hold A Very Scary Sleepover, And Feed The Hogs An Unusual Treat But Can She Use Her Lively Mind To Help Bring A Library To Pitchfork Adventure Is Pretty Scarce In Pitchfork, Oregon So Why Shouldn T Emily Bleach Dad S Old Plow Horse Or Try Some Of Her Other Ideas Written With Cleary S Customary Warmth And HumorThe Time Of The Story, About 1920, Is Delightfully Brought To Life BooklistAdventure Is Pretty Scarce In Pitchfork, Oregon So Why Shouldn T Emily Bleach Dad S Old Plow Horse Or Try Some Of Her Other Ideas Written With Cleary S Customary Warmth And HumorThe Time Of The Story, About 1920, Is Delightfully Brought To Life Booklist

About the Author: Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary born April 12, 1916 is the author of over 30 books for young adults and children Her characters are normal children facing challenges that many of us face growing up, and her stories are liberally laced with humour Some of her best known and loved characters are Ramona Quimby and her sister Beatrice Beezus , Henry Huggins, and Ralph S Mouse.Beverly Cleary was born Beverly At