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Dumping Hilary? Michael Roe Is Trying To Give Up Smoking, The Sunday Times And His Girlfriend Hilary He Works In Television And Plays In Cocktail Bars, Where He Can Be Found On A Daily Basis Studying The Finer Points Of Zen Master Martini Drinking With His Lovely But Slightly Deranged Colleague Yasmin Sadly, Though, Yasmin S Interest Seems Only To Extend As Far As The Olive Lemon Twist Debate Until, That Is, They Are Thrown Together On A Work Trip To New York And The City That Never Sleeps Looks Set To Work Its Spell

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    awful gave up after two chapters which mostly concentrated on the main characters feelings about smoking

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    Hmmm, this is new I thought, romance from a male perspective Errr, wrong, there s no romance here, just the rather confused shennanigans of Michael Roe, who is fed up with life and has made a list of things he wants to do to change it One of them is to dump his girlfriend Hilary, because, well, she s just too nice He lusts after one of his co workers Yasmin, and a lot of the story centres around his pursuit of her There s also a fair bit of the story dedicated to his work in television, which in some parts is funny, but in others, quite dull I did finish the book, because a story has to be REALLY bad for me not to want to see what happens in the end, but it wasn t what I was expecting from reading the book blurb I was imagining a male Bridget Jones and it was nothing like that Maybe that s the difference between a males view of romance and a womans, hey It s worth a read, if only to see things from the male view, and, don t get me wrong, some of it...

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    Ok, this one was odd This a book that my husband was given by his best friend back before we were even dating We were in the same circle of friends, and I was bored so I asked to borrow the book It was funny and a good story, but the ending was completely lame The two ch...