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    I have it it works. what else can be said about a thesaurus I m always amazed at how many different ways one thought might be expressed and use this extensively when I m writing I don t have to say this is a very good thesaurus , I can say it s a astonishly good, or immensely good, or just so What better way to have fun with words

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    Not really a worthwhile thesaurus I m generally disappointed by Webster s reference books, but I went ahead and bought this since it was at a discounted price In the end, though, I still had to buy a better thesaurus This one only offers up the usual fare of word choices, things I could have thought up perfectly well on my own.

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    It s a thesaurus, so there s not much that can be said about it as a review return The layout is acceptable and considering I m most likely using it to verify my own knowledge, I can t really call it out on any errors.

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    Webster s New World Thesaurus by Charlton Grant Laird Warner Books 1974 423 is an indispensable guide for anyone who has ever written anything My rating 7 10, finished 1976.

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    The most important tool in the world for a sonnet writer.

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    Instead of using that same word over and once again and same one and repetitive and continual word againone should have never be without this book either.

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    The first time I found out what a thesaurus is was when my father gave me this volume I used it for giving unique headings to my history notes in 7th grade.

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Webster's New World Thesaurus The Last Word On The Right Word Includes New Synonyms, New Slang And Colloquial Expressions, New Technical Terms, And

  • Paperback
  • Webster's New World Thesaurus
  • Charlton Grant Laird
  • English
  • 18 March 2018
  • 0446314188

About the Author: Charlton Grant Laird

Charlton Grant Laird 1901 1984 was an American linguist, lexicographer, novelist, and essayist Laird created the 1971 edition of the Webster s New World Thesaurus that became the standardized edition still used today During his lifetime, he was probably best known for his language studies books, textbooks, and reference works elucidating the English language for the layman along with his numerous contributions to dictionaries and thesauruses.Source Wikipedia