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Interfaces Between Language and Culture in Medieval England The Twelve Articles In This Volume Promote The Growing Contacts Between Historical Linguistics And Medieval Cultural Studies They Fall Into Two Groups One Examines The Interrelation In Anglo Saxon England Between Latin And Vernacular Language And Culture, Investigating Language Contact Between Old English And Latin, The Extent Of Latinity In Early Medieval Britain, Anglo Saxons Attitudes To Classical Culture, And Relationships Between Anglo Saxon And Continental Christian Thought Another Group Uses Historical Linguistics As A Method In The Wider Cultural Study Of Medieval England, Examining Syntactic Change, Dialect, Translation And Semantics To Give Us Access To Politeness, Demography, And Cultural Constructions Of Colour, Thought And Time The Volume Will Be Of Particular Interest To Scholars Of Anglo Saxon Culture And Middle English Language Contributors Are Olga Timofeeva, Alaric Hall, Seppo Heikkinen, Jesse Keskiaho, John Blair, Kathryn A Lowe, Antonette DiPaolo Healey, Lilla Kopar, C P Biggam, Agnes Kiricsi, Alexandra Fodor And Mari Pakkala Weckstrom.

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