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When We Have Wings ➳ [Reading] ➶ When We Have Wings By Claire Corbett ➩ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The dream of being able to fly is now physical reality but only the rich and powerful can afford the surgery drugs and gene manipulation to become fliers Peri a poor girl from the regions will sacrifi The dream of being able to fly is now physical reality but only the rich and powerful can afford the surgery drugs and gene manipulation to become fliers Peri a poor girl from the regions will sacrifice anything to get her wings and join this elite but When We PDF/EPUB ² the price is higher than she could have imagined So why then does she throw it all away.

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  1. Ann-Marie Ann-Marie says:

    I do hope she writes a seuel Claire Corbett has created a world I hope to read about I put this novel in my SF Fantasy shelf even though it´s much much than that and I definitely don´t want to scare anyone from reading it The story is set in a future were man has learnt to manipulate nature and shape himself into fliers among a lot of other developments In the society the city there is an increasing tension between fliers and non fliers because the fliers see themselves as a superiour kind Both fliers and non fliers live in the city sheltered from the others on the outside and the fliers seem to want to change the city to a place fit for them only The novel starts with a death and is in many ways a crime story Zeke a private detective gets involved than he ever could have imagined and you really want to read on and on to learn what is happening I liked the plot but what really got me hooked was the world the author has created She describes some of it of course but often she gives you a hint or just states a fact and let the reader form a picture of it and what has happened to it That made me very curious I want to know The novel also raise many ethical philosophical and thoughtprovoking uestions What defines a human being? Is it alright to manipulate your body? What happens to us when we change something in our genes? How do we wish to lead our lives? How much are you allowed to use another human being? What are we doing to our world?This is why I hope the author will continue to write about it And even though we get some answers in this novel there are many uestions left to consider And I really miss Zeke Peri Hugo and all the others

  2. S.B. Wright S.B. Wright says:

    When We have Wings is Claire Corbett’s debut novel though from page one the reader is in no doubt that Corbett is a practised and skilled writer It’s rare as a reviewer that I get surprised by a work when you read a lot of uality fiction your expectations are high When We have Wings enchanted me as I was reading it and had me deep in thought when I wasn’t The TaleWhen We have Wings is set in a near future Australia1 where sea levels have risen and our tampering with genetics has altered not only our own biology but that of many of the life forms surrounding us Picking your child’s features is commonplace; the cutting edge of genetic manipulation is the creation of humans with wings The dark underside to these genetic wonders are superbugs ultra virulent strains of mosuito born diseases and super weeds that clog any land not repeatedly cleared Society limps on the gap between rich and poor ever widening encapsulated most elouently in a piece of graffiti viewed by one of our protagonists In dripping gold letters three metres high ran the words if GOD wanted you to FLY he’d have made you RICHThe story is told from two perspectives First Peri a poor girl made good a wet nurse and surrogate mother for a pair of rich flyers; her payment is her wings Second Zeke an ex cop turned private eye agonising over the choice to let his ex wife turn their son into a flier Peri absconds with the child she is caring for and Zeke is hired to track her down What looks like a straightforward case takes Zeke and the reader further into the mysterious and seedy world of flier culture and politics While with Peri the reader is treated to an unravelling of a personal mystery and the wonders and possibilities of flightOnly reading can do this book justiceNo short block of text is going to adeuately impress on you the scope of this novel So rich did I find the world building so convincing and multi layered did I find Corbett’s vision that it seems a pity to let it rest at one novelCorbett could have just hand waived some of the explanations associated with human wing powered flight but she didn’t Without giving us too “crunchy” or technical an explanation she makes flight seem probable rather than possible I’d go further so evocative was her prose that I could almost feel the experience of flightCorbett could have hand waived some of the changes to culture and society brought on by the creation of human fliers but she didn’t and the reader is treated to a a world that has depth and verisimilitude If there’s a way flying humans would change our society she’s outlined it from architecture to the way crime would changeShe’s also used her experience working for government departments to give us a sometimes depressingly realistic vision of future bureaucracy and the services that would spring up around a self centred culture ‘Is this one of those child hotels?’ I’d said as we pulled up to the seedy highrise with its billboard slick outside that made it look like a resort complete with palm fringed pool From newborns to 12 years old the sign said 24 hour care; weekly rates Special needs catered for Separate dormitories for boys and girls We give them the best holiday so you can have the best holiday ‘Never seen one of these before’‘Jack and Jill?’ said Henryk ‘Hope that doesn’t reflect their standard of careThis book got under my skin and awoke in me that rare experience in fiction where for a second magic or the imagined becomes tantalisingly real I caught my self day dreaming watching clouds and believingDon’t let this slip under the Specfic radarMy fear with When We have Wings is that many with in the Speculative Fiction community won’t read it simply because it won’t register on their radar At Booktopia it’s listed as contemporary fiction its cover says “literature” This is a book that uite comfortably sits in the realm of speculative fiction I would hope it gets nominated for an Aurealis; it should be nominated for a Campbell if not a Hugo award Don’t let this one slip under your radarThis book was provided to me at no coast by Allen Unwin Footnote1 It’s never actually stated as the location but the language and culture indicates that it is Imagine a fusion of Sydney and the slums of Mumbai

  3. Annabel Smith Annabel Smith says:

    When We Have Wings explores issues of money and class against the backdrop of a future society in which through surgery drugs and gene manipulation flight has become possible but only for the richPeri a poor girl with a shadowy past earns her wings when she becomes a nanny to the Chessyres a rich and powerful flier family But when her only friend dies under mysterious circumstances Peri flees the world she worked so hard to become part of taking baby Hugo with her The world of flight in its physical and technical dimensions is skilfully rendered and the emotional element – the exhilaration and terror of flying yields some of the novel’s most beautiful prose though as the book progresses the repeated extended descriptions become tedious The plot is complex and gripping with an intriguing mystery at its heart though there is a loss of momentum midway when Peri disappears and some of the confrontations feel anticlimactic let down by dialogue which lacks subtlety and fails to convey an authentic sense of character However the tension rebuilds through a series of exciting action scenes towards a dramatic and inventive denouementWhen We Have Wings explores the ethics of human modification with intelligence and originality; a compelling and satisfying read

  4. Ângela Ângela says:

    They never gave up anything they never risked anything and the less they did for him the less they loved him I thought it was the other way round that they did nothing for him because they didn't love himI am a little disappointedThe book synopsis seemed very appealing but in the end the word that occur me to describe the story is boringThere are a few high moments but in general I didn't like it much

  5. Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum says:

    This debut novel by Australian author Claire Corbett is a fantasy set in a future where humans can fly thanks to surgery gene manipulation and an ongoing drug regime But such a process is extremely expensive and therefore only available to the rich thus dividing society into fliers and non fliersFrom the first page of When We Have Wings I was immediately dropped into the action of story where people can fly without any character or story background at all At first this was a shock and I found myself a little disoriented and struggling to piece together the constructs of this new world without any background or intro to the scenario However; as the book continued character background was filled in and the science behind creating human fliers was provided and I was hookedI was very interested in the differences between fliers and non fliers and the multitude of societal and environmental dilemmas arising as a result Corbett explored these extremely well in the novel giving us plenty of food for thought without guiding us toward a particular point of view It was a clever glimpse of an alternate future but also underscored many of the ineualities in the world todayMy favourite part of the book had nothing to do with flying funnily enough It was a character insight and doesn't give any of the plot away so I'll share it here The main character realises why the parents don't love their babyThey never gave up anything they never risked anything and the less they did for him the less they loved him I thought it was the other way round that they did nothing for him because they didn't love himThis really made me want to stop reading and soak this in So poignant and so trueFinally the author seemed to have such an amazing understanding and knowledge of flight that I was often left shaking my head in admiration of her writing and frowning in wonder how did she do that? I was also impressed by her knowledge of clouds and cloud formations weather patterns air movements and the science behind flight If I didn't know any better I'd say she was a flier herselfI really enjoyed living in Corbett's cleverly created world plants bio engineered to glow in the dark at night eliminating the need for lights buildings created for fliers and especially the lion that was genetically engineered to grow to the size of a house cat Corbett's creativity reminded me of reading Harry Potter for the first time and wanting to taste all of the different lollies J K Rowling had created I'd love to witness and visit some of the sites in When We Have Wings if only they were realA fabulous debut novel for Australian author Claire Corbett and I'll be keeping an eye out for what she does next

  6. Angela Meyer Angela Meyer says:

    re posted from my blog main theme and dilemma for the two main characters in When We Have Wings is an old one how do we deal with technological progress the divides it can create between classes between generations and the power it may provide to a privileged few? More specifically how does someone raising a child in a rapidly changing environment make decisions about their future?But the main reasons you should read this novel are1 people can fly2 one of the main characters is a private detective3 there is a miniature lionDid I mention that people can fly? Yeah WowPeri was abandoned as a child and grew up poor in the regions outside the city When we meet her in the novel she’s been given her wings and she works as a nanny to baby Hugo for a wealthy influential couple Her employer the architect Peter Chesshyre is the creator of exclusive buildings for fliers and is a little too in love with his own power The wings are due to advances in science—genetic engineering—as are much of the spectacular materials for building and fashions Even pets are hugely altered if one has the money It’s natural for people to choose their baby’s eye and hair colour This is already something that doesn’t seem far away so When We Have Wings asks how far would we go?The other main character—our private dick Zeke Fowler—has to let his ex wife know whether or not their three year old son will go ahead with the treatments to become a flier Of course he wants his son to have every opportunity to go forward and be happy in the world but what he’s learning about fliers on his current case isn’t very attractive His case is to look for Peri who has taken off with baby HugoThe story is addictive there are adventures with flying mysteries and intense encounters The book is large and so there’s plenty of time to get to know both Peri and Zeke; their histories their passions their weaknesses Corbett creates a great deal of sympathy for her main characters by giving them both ‘tough but caring’ natures Peri is very protective of Hugo; Zeke is genuinely concerned about Peri There are also some lovely moments between Zeke and the aforementioned tiny lionCorbett has built an imaginative complex world a city where permanent residency is like a Wonka golden ticket plus edge cities swampy outlands with nasty diseases and a burgeoning world in the sky The weather is tropical the population is multicultural Technological and genetic advances are for the haves The have nots may be left behind but there are groups working as there would be to try to make sure there will be choice and clearer ethical guidelinesCorbett in creating this world and her characters has also engaged with theology and mythology with nature and with history When We Have Wings is hence densely layered It’s smart and political raising the kind of uestions the best science fiction should raise about ethics about progress about how future generations will make meaning but it’s also just damn entertaining The characters are well rounded the story is genuinely exciting and best of all Corbett does not pander to her readers She does not tie everything into a neat little bow The future is possibly bleak and strange it may also be exhilarating Either way we will have to deal with many of the same issues we deal with now

  7. Karen Brooks Karen Brooks says:

    This would have to be one of the most original and thought provoking books I've read in a long time Exuisitely written and populated by characters about whom you care the novel is a wonderful melange of genres Encompassing science fiction crime and fantasy it is also a considered tale that deals with fascinating and all too real philosophical issues including the timeless one of just what it means to be human Adding a delicate frisson to this is the role of science and surgery and just how far humans are prepared to go in order to reach for and extend the aesthetic physical and psychological limitations of their body and the potential and actual conseuences of this Dilemmas we already face as plastic and cosmetic surgery and other bodily modifications as well as our obsession with aging dominate headlines and already create very real class and economic divisionsSet in an unspecified but one imagines not too distant future When We Have Wings explores a world where the new divide exists on vertical lines up and down of those who have the money and connections to undergo the surgery and comprehensive drug regime to get wings and those who don't Of those who literally live in the clouds or those who are forced to dwell on the ground and feel the gulf between them and this new angelic race grow At the centre of this page turning story is young Peri nanny to a couple of wealthy and powerful fliers When Peri kidnaps her charge Hugo she triggers a series of events that leads to uestions and an investigation into the secret world of fliers led by the 'ordinary' PI Zeke who has his own personal problems to deal with including whether or not to give permission for his son who lives with his ex wife Lily Thomas to be given wings Thrust into the privileged and secretive world of fliers Zeke finds out than he bargained for and as he works hard and fast to track Peri the uestion of why she ran with Hugo soon overtakes the need to locate herTold as parallel narratives Peri and Zeke's stories offers amazing and beautifully told insights into a divided future where getting what you wish for can be a poisoned if seductive chalice Ethics morals right wrong religion politics parenting nurture nature biological recklessness exploitation and responsibility are all explored in intelligent and evocative prose Descriptions of flight are irresistible as is the power of nature conjured by Corbett in what i can only describe as breath taking word stormsThis is a sublime book that will appeal to such a broad readership An absolutely fabulous read that I simultaneously found hard to put down but also didn't want to end

  8. Thoraiya Thoraiya says:

    Wow Part Mieville like mystery part Kress like genetically modified future Methinks we'll be seeing this book on some shortlists come Awards Season Now Time for honesty Before I uit work I was on my way to becoming a specialist Avian veterinarian I expected to find holes in thisNope No holes Excellent research I mean there's a teensy bit of handwavey with the absence of a steering mechanism and the convenient super strong flight muscles that don't reuire alteration of the existing human breastbone But we want our angels to be beautiful don't we? Not bizarre things with pointy two foot keelsHandwavey aside Corbett's observations of human nature are superbEvery strata of her society is perfectly pegged from the 'pigs do fly' remark to the game show where you can win wings from the government imposed non flier uota to the graffiti near the Church of the Seraphim which reads If GOD wanted you to FLY he'd have made you RICH p226The descriptions of Flight are immersive The two different POV characters are distinct and engaging I did think the switch to present tense for the opening chapter and several of the end paragraphs was a bit jarring but not jarring enough to deduct any half starsFor if the worldbuilding and lovely language weren't already enough the way the character of Tom was captured made my heart ache; made me look at the Small One as though it was me and not Zeke that had to decide whether or not to give wings to my young child; made me momentarily relieved that I wasn't in that position and then I remembered the wings are metaphor that I AM in that position that every parent issniffleGreat book Thanks Claire

  9. Michael Michael says:

    When We Have Wings is an wonderfully ambitious debut set in a truelly uniue world In this world Mankind has made the ability to fly with wings by humans a reality That reality though is expensive with only the rich able to afford the operation to have wings attached The story centres on young flier nanny Perri who has alegedly taken the child of rich couple Peter and Avis Chesshyre the Chesshyres Hire investigator Zeke to try to find Perri and HugoEarly on their is suspicion about how Perri came to be in the city as she was from the country and her parents unknown Normally country people would find it almost impossible to get a permit to reside in the city and were normally unable to afford wings creating suspicion What would be uncovered by the investigation would be corruption slavery illegal money laundering involving some of the highest institutions in society and would uncover shocking truths about Perris relationship with not only the Chesshyres but also baby Hugo We also have Zeke who is agonising on if his son Thomas if he can have the operation to have his wings something his ex wife wants for him but needs Zekes permissionClaire Corbett has done a great job with what is her debut novel The description of the world Perri lives in is one you can imagine being real You can easily imagine yourself jumping of a cliff and flying at great speed But also the story is a very human one with Corbett exploring the bond between parents and a child and what being a parent is all about Part Crime part fantasy all elements that combine for what is a uality debut

  10. Bookchick Bookchick says:

    When We Have Wings is an ambitious debut novel set in a world where the dream of human flight has become a reality thanks to science genetic manipulation and money lots of money The world is divided into fliers and non fliers and this ever widening gap continues to grow as the fliers seek to set themselves apart in every respect from those without wingsPeri is a young girl who has escaped a deprived upbringing and has come to the city determined to raise herself above her past literally by getting her wings and joining the elite But to achieve her ambition she must pay a high price and this is what makes it all the puzzling when she chooses a course of action that will see her throw away this longed for life of privilege Part fantasy part crime novel and compelling in every way When We Have Wings is clearly a work of passion for author Claire Corbett The descriptions of flight are written in language so assured and masterful that belief is easily suspended and you are taken on the journey into the clouds as one with the flier experiencing twin emotions of terror and exhilaration in eual force But it is also a story that has a very human and grounded element at its core as the author explores the notion of parenthood and the bond between a parent and child and what being a parent really means This journey of parenthood and the decisions and dilemmas that are inevitable in this journey is one as terrifying and exhilarating as flight itself and this moving exploration together with the cinematic uality of the writing sustains the story over the 400 plus pages of this outstanding debut

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