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The Schartz-Metterklume Method At A Railway Station, An Arrogant And Overbearing Woman Mrs Quabarl Mistakes The Mischievous Lady Carlotta Who Has Been Inadvertently Left Behind By Carlotta S Train For The Governess Miss Hope She Expected Miss Hope Having Erred In Her Date Of Arrival Lady Carlotta, Deciding Not To Correct The Mistake, Acknowledges Herself As Miss Hope, A Proponent Of The Schartz Metterklume Method Of Making Children Understand History By Acting It Out Themselves, And Chooses The Rape Of The Sabine Women Exemplified By A Washerwoman S Two Girls As The First Lesson

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    A short but very fun read I read an excerpt during my SAT Reading practice and fell in love with Lady Carlotta right away I needed to know how the story ended I googled it immediately after finishing my practice At least I can say that the SAT did something, haha

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    Most intelligent short story I ve read in a while It s very witty, and the satire of a wealthy family being brought to their knees by a woman pretending to be a nanny is so hilarious to read.

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    A funny, quick read

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    Very short but delightful story.

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    I ve arranged my thoughts into a haiku Rampant dickery,Livening up a delay,Milking her good luck.

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    Read on Ruth Reichl s recommendation Short but very funny I have encountered people like this She was one of those imperfectly self assured individuals who are magnificent and autocratic as long as they are not seriously opposed The least show of unexpected resistance goes a long way towards rendering them cowed and apologetic.

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    I found this story funny and very clever This mother got exactly what she deserved.

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    Really enjoyed the mischievous protagonist of this short story Heard it as part of CSA Word s Great Classic Stories 2 audio collection One of my favorites.

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    A mischievous young woman impersonates a governess She goes to the house and wrecks havoc based on her teaching method, which she terms the Schartz Metterklume method An amusing short story.

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    I came across an excerpt from this short story while preparing to teach SAT preparation and thought it was so funny and entertaining that I had to seek out and read the whole story This is a very clever and satirical story and well worth the short time it takes to read it.