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A Hint of Wicked Sophie, A Duquesa De Calton, Recome Ou Por Fim A Viver Ap S Sete Anos De Luto Pela Perda Do Marido, Garrett, Em Waterloo, Casou Com O Melhor Amigo E Herdeiro, Tristan Sophie Entrega Se Lhe De Corpo E Alma At Ao Dia Em Que O Marido Regressa Do Continente E Exige O Seu T Tulo, As Suas Terras E A Mulher.Agora, Sophie Tem De Escolher Entre O Primeiro E O Novo Amor, Sabendo Que, Seja Qual For A Sua Op O, Esta Destruir Um Dos Homens Que Adora.Ser Garrett, O Seu Namorado De Inf Ncia, Cuja Perda A Ia Aniquilando Ou Ser Tristan, O Amigo Querido Que Se Tornou Amante, Que A Apoiou Nos Ltimos Anos De Luto E Que Lhe Deu A Conhecer Uma Paix O Que Ela Ignorava Enquanto Os Dois Maridos Lutam Pelo Seu Cora O, Sophie V Se Envolvida Num Jogo Perigoso Onde As Apostas N O S O S O Amor Mas A Vida E A Morte.

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    Beware of O SPOILERS O JH has written a daring debut, full of romance, passion, emotional ups downs, intrigue sympathetic characters Potential readers should know in advance that the heroine, Sophie, does have marital relations w both Hubbies, on separate occasions There s also a m nage fantasy which is described in detail, not just a hint a slight tinge of BDSM, so if this is not your cuppa tea, stay away from this book I can only presume the title alludes to the kinky heroine, who equally loves both of hubbies in a different way is turned on by her own m nage fantasy.Tristan has always carried a torch for Sophie, but when Garrett confessed to him that he intended to marry Sophie, Tristan gave her up married another From the get go, we discover that Sophie s preggers w her daughter her hubby, Garrett, is declared MIA in Waterloo Fast forward 8 yrs later, Sophie Tristan are in conjugal bliss To their eternal shock, Garrett comes back from the grave literally barges in during Sophie Tristan s heated bedroom encounter then wreaks havoc in their life After the explosive encounter, Garrett s friend drops the bombshell that Garrett only recently recovered parts of his memory Garrett went home, not knowing that things have changed Garrett has a 7 y o daughter he never laid eyes on Tristan, his cousin heir who has a 5 y o...

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    A steady, slightly above average historical mass market debut from Hay who also writes erotic romances as Dawn Halliday This looks to be the first of at least a Trilogy and the author leaves some storylines dangling so that they can be explored further in the next two books.I have read two of the Dawn Halliday ebooks and for the most part enjoyed them but I am unsure whether I will continue reading this Regency trilogy as I have higher standards when reading historicals I didnt care for a lot of the writing decisions made in the book This was a Love Triangle where the Losing Point so to speak was arguably the most vivid character in the book, which I think is a mistake It made me NOT care about the sedate, boring, thinly drawn other characters and I didnt even particular LIKE the Losing Point Man The My Favorite Husband situation could have been used to ratchet up the Angst but the author chose not too The focus on the Triangle itself was diffused in the second half of the book with the manipulations of the one dimensional villain I ...

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    I really wanted to like this book, but it just didn t work for me The middle 2 3 of it nearly put me to sleep there wasn t a single character in it I could really identify with It s wallpapery, neither of the heroes was fleshed out enough, an obvious device to keep the reader happy with the outcome either way it went, the end result for me being that I could have cared less Either one would have been fine for a lackluster romance which is all this ended up being I totally get the whole torn between two lovers thing and was intrigued with the premise, but there s no romance in it for me if one of the main characters is in love with two people I know if it had been the hero who felt like that about two women, it would have hit the wall Part of it too is that the heroine is so ubiquitous her chara...

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    There is just no way to salvage this book.I felt that all the relationships that were going around were already tainted in some way.Let me start with Sophie and TristanTristan was in love with Sophie She loved Garret Garret and Sophie married Tristan lived in hurt Then he married And all would have been strained if at this point Garret was gone Because he was But then we have Sophie and Garret s child in the mix And thenand then Nancy got pregnant and Tristan started loving Nancy All this is 2 years after Garret is gone How did he love Nancy and, you know, had sex with her, when the woman he loved all his life was now free And he did marry Nancy because she was fun So,tarnished And he had to take 4 years to live up to the courage to tell Sophie he loves her Wait What Did he not love NANCY How are we back at Soph At what point does he love her Is it again Is it all this time Is it now Shat a mess.Then we get Sophie and Garret.I wanted to scream at the author to just make Garret go away It s not just that he messed with Sophie s head And messed with Tristan s love All in all he messed everything Also there was the fact that he was thinking of Jollie How dare he He him...

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    Adorei N o ia com muitas expectativas pois estes livros tem quase todos a mesma f rmula e acaba sempre tudo bem mas n o conseguia parar de ler, queria saber com quem que a Sophie ia ficar Agora quero ler os outros para ver o que vai acontecer D

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    Um toque de pervers o, com o t tulo original A Hint of Wicked um romance hist rico, cuja ac o decorre em Inglaterra no S culo XIX, na sequ ncia da Batalha de Waterloo.Garrett, o Duque de Calton, dado como desparecido na referida batalha, e durante sete anos, a Duquesa Sophie e o primo do Duque Lorde Tristan Westcliff envidam todos os recursos ao seu dispor para o procurarem, mas sem sucesso.Entretanto, o destino prega uma cruel partida a este trio aristocr tico, e o Duque de Calton regressa passados sete longos anos, vivo, e disposto a retomar a sua vida de volta, assim como o amor de Sophie, a qual entretanto, reconstruira a sua vida junto de Tristan, o qual assumira a administra o das propriedades do Duque.Sophie v se ent o dividida entre dois as, e surge ao longo do livro a quest o sempre latente pode Sophie amar ambos os homens Como ir ela tomar a mais importante e dolorosa decis o de toda a sua vida Como se explica o misterioso desaparecimento do Duque de Calton, durante longos anos e tendo sido arduamente procurado pela fam lia que tanto o estimava Estes s o alguns dos dilemas colocados durante a narrativa.A autora tra a um retrato fiel da sociedade Inglesa do S culo XIX, com o seu puritanismo por vezes exacerbado, as conven es sociais levadas ao extremo, e uma justi a que compactua com esta vis o deveras limitada da moralidade vigente.Em simult neo, a autora soube habilmente inserir na obra um toque de sensualidade, ...

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    The Players Sophie Duchess of Calton Garrett Duke of Calton Tristan aka Lord Westcliff a viscount and Garrett s heir The Plot Sophie, Tristan and Garrett grew up together, becoming best friends, and while Garrett did marry Sophie, Tristan had been in love with her as well However, Garrett leaves for war but ends up missing After 8 years, Garrett is proclaimed legally dead and during that period, Sophie fell in love and built a life with Tristan While engaging in a very intimate act, Tristan and Sophie are interrupted when a man crashes in to their bedroom and immediately starts pummelling Tristan Lo and behold, Garrett was actually alive He had been suffering from amnesia And Sophie now has to choose which one of her husbands she will want to stay married to.I had a feeling I was going to be disappointed after this and that the story would follow most love triangle plot lines where it so happens that one of the character s true colors are discovered etc etc and well, it d be very easy for the heroine to make her choice.Thankfully I was wrong Sophie s relationship between both men are subtly illustrated and even though she loves both, and gasp desires both, I think she chose the ...

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    Author Jennifer Hay grew up in Hawaii, where she surfed, learned how to fly airplanes, raced bicycles, and developed a love for sailing She has a bachelor s degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a master s degree in Education from UCLA Before she became a full time writer she held various jobs from bookselling to teaching inner city children to playing bit roles in soap operas A Hint of Wicked is her first published title Jennifer resides in Southern California with her husband and their three children.When Sophie s husband, Garrett, died at the battle of Waterloo, it was their childhood friend, Tristan who picked her up and helped the Duchess of Calton get over the tragedy Giving her body and soul to him, Tristan introduced her to a passion she never knew Now married seven years later, they are happy with their newly formed family and life together That is until Garrett returns and wants his land, his title, and his wife back Garrett, scarred in both body and mind, will do anything to regain all of his memories and make up for lost time Unsure which man she is even legally married to, Sophie is forced to choose between the childhood love from then, and the best friend she grew to love after As the two men battle for her affections, Sophie begins to question the motives behind the man Garrett brought home with him a supposed confidant and war hero They soon discover that this is than a question of love, it is a dangerous game of revenge and reprisal One i...

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    An emotionally complex, sexy debut

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    Definitely not my style, get me outta here Others may like this style of book, but it s not for me Didn t find this storyline to be romantic at all Read 30 pages or so, did not finish.

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