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Double Black (A Ski Diva Mystery, #1) First In A Very Cool Literally Skiing Series That Introduces A Sleuth Who Has Ditched Grad School, Along With Her Cheating Fianc E, To Become A Ski Bum.Twenty Something Stacey Curtis Is Living The Life She S Always Dreamed About Until She Finds A Dead Body In The Ski Chalet And After Her New Landlord Turns Out To Be The Local Sheriff, Her Life Contains A Whole Lot Suspense Than She Bargained For Populated With Quirky Characters, Loaded With New England Atmosphere, And Co Starring A Handsome Young Hunk With Nerve, A Sense Of Humor About It All, And An Enormous Trust Fund, Double Black Is An Exciting Run Down Some Mysterious And Treacherous Trails.

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    This book brought back memories of my time as a ski instructor and living at Loon and Stratton Mountain well, not the murder part so much, but the setting I found it to be a great page turner It only took me about a day to read it...

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    A quick, fun read It didn t always seem like a mystery, which allowed the characters to develop I would have taken a different driving route from Boston to the Vermont ski areas, but who cares, really, a...

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    Good book Nice twist at the end My only quibble is the editing, and this seems to happen and in books..CamelBak is not spelled Camelback Typos and misspelled words in books drives me nuts.

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    First in what I think is going to be a series of ski diva mysteries Stacey goes to Vermont to be a ski bum to escape a cheating fiancee and winds up in the midst of a small town murder mystery well written a few foul language uses that weren t necessary enjoyable light read

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    A really good first book Let s see how the characters hold up, since she clearly plans for this to be a series.

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    This is a lovely little book that is perfect for curling up with after a long day of skiing.

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    Very nice light readingWell constructed story The characters were believable Nice to have a murder mystery with interesting side plots that supported the main plot.

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    I really enjoyed this book The subject matter the ski life, not the murder really appealed to me being an ex ski bum myself The snow town lifestyle was very accurately described down to the nicknames for equipment, and groups of people The characters seemed very real with faults and all Even the speak in the book was as it is between people in real life, not long monologues that are never interrupted by others Some people may have found that frustrating but I found it refreshing as I have not seen it in a book before It made the whole experience true to life for me and left me day dreaming of my own time on the hill.The story itself was good and moved at a nice pace with just enough description of everyday life that happened to have a mystery going on around it, rather than a mystery story with only a little peripheral storyline But that was exactly what I was looking for after all the books I have been reading lately I can t wait to read the next b...

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    Nice start to a new series literally having your squatter protagonist walk into a room containing a very as in with benefit of chain saw murdered body Even if you don t like or know much about skiing, you ll appreciate Stacey Curtis for dumping her cheating fiance back in Boston, hopping in her car, and heading north to Vermont ski country What she does when she gets there is interesting, too as are her insider insights into ski culture, the economics of resort communities, and the internal dynamics of the communities that cater to skiers.One question, though When did the ski bunny an admittedly problematic label become the ski diva I truly hate the word diva and everything that it connotes in pop culture Moreover, I see see nothing diva esque about Stacey In fact, I quite like her I m not a skier, so have no personal knowledge of the changing tides of sentiment or the etymological evolution from ski bunny to diva, b...

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    I picked up this book for my trip to China, and I ended up finishing it before I even left San Francisco I wanted to check it out since I adore Wendy, and I trusted she would do justice to skiing culture and experience The reading is very effortless and fast, which makes it easy to get engrossed Stacey is a great protag...