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Welcome, Little Baby Welcome To Our World, Little Baby We Ve Been Waiting For You In A Simple Text That S Perfect, Aliki Conveys Warmth, Love, Hope, And The Special Tenderness Felt By Parents At The Birth Of Their Child Horn Book

About the Author: Aliki

Aliki has written and illustrated many books, both fiction and nonfiction, loved by readers throughout the world The books were inspired by a word, an experience, or the desire to find out Aliki lives in London, England.

10 thoughts on “Welcome, Little Baby

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    Love the cover and the graphics The story is not as good It is a cute kids book about welcoming a new baby into the household.

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    Sweet picture book describing the love and thoughts of a new mom towards her new baby The text and illustrations are both simple Would make a good story time book on new babies.Aside I always thought Aliki was a man But while I read this book I think he had truly captured the feelings of a new mother Turns out Aliki is a woman.

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    So simple and poignant It s nearly perfect The only want I would add is to be held I m sure the fact that I just became a grandma has something to do with how drawn I am toward this sweet book.

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    This is such a sweet book to read to a brand new baby I wish I had had it on hand when my son was born It has simple illustrations, but they make an impact and I was especially thrilled to see an illustration of the mother nursing her baby, hooray It s an all around charming and gentle book.

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    Simple story about the first days of a baby s life.

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    A sweet, gentle book, with tender illustration I was especially excited to see an illustration of a mother nursing her baby.

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    can t readaloud due to breastfeeding picture book was sweet and welcomes a baby to the family comforting.

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    Basic new baby introduction which goes overboard on the schmaltz.

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    Love this book, very sweet way to welcome baby into the world I love reading it to my daughter and adding her little brother s name to the book

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