Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape

Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist [Read] ➬ Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist Author Janice Weaver – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This illustrated biography of Harry Houdini combines original artwork and archival artifacts—including photographs playbills and posters letters and even some of Houdini’s own stage props—to bri This The Legend of the Kindle - illustrated biography of Harry Houdini The Legend eBook ↠ combines original artwork and archival artifacts—including photographs playbills and posters letters and even some of Houdini’s own stage props—to bring the story of the world’s greatest escape artist to lifeReaders will learn all about Houdini’s uniue rags to riches story from his birth in a Hungarian ghetto to his death from a ruptured appendix at Harry Houdini: Kindle - age fifty two The Houdini: The Legend of the ePUB í book details his career as an escape artist and explains how he evolved into the “King of Handcuffs” on the vaudeville circuit and became an international star as his escape attempts reached ever elaborate and dangerous heights Filled with little known facts this is the perfect book for readers interested in magic and the history of HoudiniThe book Houdini: The Legend ePUB ↠ includes a bibliography and index Praise for Harry Houdini a beautifully illustrated biography of this most fascinating manWith entertaining sidebars on metamorphosis tricks and dime bars Harry Houdini is sure to enchant aspiring magicians offbeat history buffs and anyone who in our own straitened times appreciates a good rag to riches tale— New York TimesSTARRED REVIEWPeriod photographs from newspapers personal collections advertising Houdini: The Legend of the ePUB í flyers and other sources alternate with full page color artwork to create a rich engaging tableau While there are several excellent biographies of Houdini availablethis one is a solid addition— School Library Journal starred reviewA well rounded addition to the children’s bookshelf about the multifaceted man— Publishers Weekly Award Recognition Orbis Pictus Recommended book Norman A Sugarman Children’s Biography Award – Honor book.

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  1. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    He was born as Erik Weisz in a Budapest ghetto in 1874 At the age of four he and his family moved to tiny Appleton Wisconsin where his father hoped to succeed in the American Dream When he was just 12 years old he decided he would follow the US Cavalry as they opened the western lands but he eventually ended up in New York City where his appetite for magic took hold Through sheer hard work he mastered the art of escaping from any lock chain or keyed contraption which made him famous He rarely stopped working and studied nonstop to improve his specialty and build his reputation If that meant learning how to hold his breath for up to 3 minutes so he could master being underwater so be it When movies became popular he also hit the silver screen to star in stories where his routine could be displayed for anyone not lucky enough to see him in person His prodigious work ethic also entailed going to seances where he would reveal the tricks the fraudsters were using One day a young man asked Houdini if it was true that he could take a punch to the stomach no matter how hard that punch could be Houdini said he could and was immediately hit by the young man The punch ruptured his appendix and Houdini died appropriately enough on Halloween 1926This book though meant for children is a well designed illustrations photos posters overlay of his life and performances Each chapter starts with a picture of him at a specific age so the reader can follow easily through his life I wasn't sure what I expected but I really enjoyed this book I barely knew anything about the great Houdini apart from the fact that he and Valentino both died within months of each other in 1926 from appendicitis issues I ripped right through this book and now am ready for an adult size bio to learn about this immigrant who lived a true rags to riches life Book Season Autumn the impossible becomes possible

  2. CB CB says:

    Chris BancellsWeaver J Lane C illustrator 2011 Harry Houdini The legend of the world's greatest escape artistBiographyNorman A Sugarman Award Winner 2012PrintSelection tools consulted WorldCat School Library JournalReviewHarry Houdini whose real name was Ehrich Weiss lived a life of excitement and mystery but also one of complication and difficulty This book captures both through a canny combination of well written text historical photographs and original illustrations The book chronicles Houdini's life from being born in Budapest to immigrating to America to struggling to make a living to his first tentative steps as a magician Weaver's writing is clear concise and engaging She conveys historical fact and interpretation with the immediacy of a reporter helped on by her subject and makes Houdini's life accessible to students Lane's illustrations done in a variety of styles enhance the text and contribute to the book's contemporary feel Her King of Handcuffs painting on page 27 for example evokes both the historical photographs in the book as well as a manga style which will be popular with teen readers The only design flaw in the book is the inclusion of occasional sidebar articles While these add interesting information their placement relative to the main body of the text is often distracting The book also includes a strong list of resources and references Highly recommended especially for younger YA and lower reading levels

  3. Kathleen Ferrel Kathleen Ferrel says:

    I really liked this book a lot It is a biography of the famous magician Harry Houdini This non fiction book not only discusses Houdini's magic tricks but it also reveals intimate details of his personal life which I think children ages 10 and up could relate to Most people know Houdini was a famous magician but many don't know about his childhood and marriage to his wife Bess I liked that the author of this book used pictures to illustrate Houdini's illusions and stage acts I also really liked that the author personalized Houdini allowing the readers to see that he was just a person like everybody else Reluctant readers may enjoy this book because of all the magic talk as well as any children who are interested in learning about or reading about magic This book is from the NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children recommended books KFHarry Houdini The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist

  4. Lois Lois says:

    Combination of colorful illustrations and archival artifacts enrich the magician's life story as he performs increasingly dangerous escape routines In clear language the author includes sidebars filled with info of the time tips from Houdini for young magicians under eighty and extensive back matter making it a good choice for middle graders

  5. Raina Raina says:

    LOVE the primary sources and high appeal layout here Houdini is a fascinating figure I took this out to local elementary schools in MayJune 2016 and found out that many of them had heard of him from school staff How does someone become a famous escape artist? Did you know that Houdini had a brother who was also a famous magician at the time?Great stuff

  6. Gabi Jones Gabi Jones says:

    This is a riveting story about the famous escape artist Harry Houdini and his life and journey to become the legend we see him as today He worked hard to learn all his tricks and opened many acts for example with his brother Dash and wife Bess This biography talks about the wonders of the magician himself he never gave up his secrets and he was always pushing himself to do and learn I believe this is a good story for children because not only is it important to be informed of who Houdini was but it also teaches them that hard work pays off and that if you truly want to do something you can do it This is a very inspiring tale based off the hard work Harry completed to be the best for example he wanted to hold his breath under water longer for an escape so he trained hard to build up his lungs to stand pressure This another great story that's theme exemplifies that hard work will pay off and to follow your passion Houdini came to this country with nothing but followed his passion and worked hard which lead him to his wife and huge success

  7. Adam Bakken Adam Bakken says:

    I feel this book would best be used in a classroom of 10 year olds and up Prior to reading this book I will admit that I did not know much about the life of Harry Houdini aside from him arguably being the world’s greatest escape artist After reading this book I now know uite a lot about his life and accomplishments and it was told in a very pleasant way The book tells his life in chronological order documenting his rise from poverty in Budapest which was the only country at the time to have eual rights for Jews all the way to his death in America after becoming world famous This nonfiction book did not just focus on his stage tricks but revealed intimate details about his life such as his love for his mother and his petite wife Bess who became his stage assistant This book tells of his stunts but also tells of ways in which Harry would exaggerate things to further his fame For example after jumping into a river and escaping within minutes in one of the most uneventful escapes he ever did But he later tells how the river was frozen over it was not and how “the current pulled him under he was swimming frantically to and fro grabbing small breaths from the tiny pocket of air between the water and the ice above” These excerpts not only told the legend of the great escape artist but of a great showman and made the book authentic The accuracy of this book is excellent featuring a resources and references section for those who want to know The organization of this book was great By choosing to approach Houdini’s life chronologically the author made the famous figure human and relatable as well as provided a fresh perspective that children are sure to love The design of this book was great While this book did have uite a lot of text it featured many dazzling illustrations and amazing real life photographs that complemented it very well It also had a rich mix of different types of media The style of this book was fantastic Not only did I learn a lot from this book but I am now inspired to read about Houdini thanks to the appropriate terminology rich language and the author’s enthusiasm for the subject Overall this book was a delight to read and one that I would love to use in my future classroom

  8. Tami Tami says:

    This is an EXCELLENT biography of Harry Houdini It details his early life emigrating from Hungary to the United States his childhood in Appleton WI and his subseuent decision to enter the world of show business as a magician entertainer and escape artistThe text is clear and concise easily accessible to children and adults alike His transformation from penniless immigrant to amazing showman and extraordinary escape artist is vivid and engrossingLearning about the way in which he developed his act from its defining moment after a show in my home state of Minnesota to his World Tours and back to acclaim in the US is exciting and fun There are numerous publicity photos of Houdini in various stages of his act I was previously unaware of the lawsuit overseas where he was accused of bribing a policeman to help him fake one of his escapes I found the story of his unuestionable triumph in that libel suit to be exceedingly interestingI also liked the attention given to his work toward the end of his career as a partner with Scientific American to debunk the con artistry of those posing as mediums who preyed on grieving individuals by stating they could communicate with the dead Harry would attend seances in disguise and expose the charlatans mid performance I was surprised to learn that Houdini had also posed as a medium with his wife early in his career but stopped because I was chagrined that I should ever have been guilty of such frivolity and for the first time realized that it bordered on crimeJanice Weaver has also successfully included sidebars on child labor and the Dime Museums of the early 1900s along with the secrets to some of Houdini's amazing tricks and a fascinating aside detailing Houdini's place in aviation history when he recorded the first airplane flight in Australia 1910 with himself as the pilotIf you are a fan of Houdini or would just like to learn about him this is a great first resource for both adults and children

  9. Elyse Elyse says:

    Best Book EVER

  10. Ryan Rainey Ryan Rainey says:

    The book Harry Houdini by Janice Weaver was a very good book This book explained the life of Harry This book starts out talking about the childhood of Houdini Then the book goes into all of the jobs that Harry had from the time before he was an escape artist to the time after he was The life story of how Houdini became famous is also explained through out this book Overall this was a very informative book about the journey of Harry Houdini This book conveyed accurate and authentic information about Harry Houdini Some of the information that this book conveyed that was true was like where he was from what he did as well as his family information The information was presented in an organized way The story started out with his childhood and ended at his deat The format and design of this book is appealing to children because it contains many pictures of Harry Houdini and his escape tricks that are very interesting to look at The authors writting style was very clear because they used words that were simple to understant for children and also explained the words that were difficult This book was very fun to read One thing that I like about this book was how if gave little bits of historical information between the actual story like how familys came into Castle Garden when immigrating before Ellis Island opened One thing that struck me was how this book had all of its references labeled in the back of the book since Houdini could only be learned about through research I could relate this book to my life because there are times that I would like to just ecape much like Houdini does in his tricks I could use this book in a classroom aspect to help teach the students about a piece of history in our country

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