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The Dark Horse Dark Invader Is A Beautifully Bred Racehorse, But After A Disappointing First Season He Is Sold In Disgrace And Shipped From England To Calcutta With Love And Gentle Handling Darkie Wins The Hearts Of The People And Becomes The Firm Favourite For India S Most Famous Race, The Viceroy Cup.But Three Days Before The Race, Dark Invader Disappears Can He Be Found Before It Is Too Late

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    I finished this last night and have been wondering how to talk about it with sounding too gushy Rumer Godden s writing does that to me every time I have read many of her books, from Black Narcissus to Kingfishers Catch Fire She is an author I always watch for at used book sales so when I saw The Dark Horse at my favorite online used bookseller, I grabbed it so fast I should have been awarded the Viceroy s Cup.You know from the title that this is a story about a horse, but of course there are people around the horse, and ultimately this book is mainly about how Dark Invader touched their lives and changed one corner of the world The groom who travels with him to Calcutta, the new owner, the new trainer and his wild but wonderful pack of children, the nun in charge of the convent old folk s home next to Dark Invader s new digs They all experience something very nearly magical after this amazing horse arrives in town This is a feel good book for anyone, not just horse lovers India is brought to vivid life with honesty and respect The people become your friends, the horse your hero And according to the aut...

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    20th century novelist Rumer Godden 1907 1998 was born in England but raised in British India actually in the part that s today Bangladesh , and spent much of her life there This short gem of a novel is set in Calcutta s high stakes horse racing milieu, ca 1932, and fictionalizes what is said to be a real life incident, imaginatively recreated here with the flair of a master writer Godden brings to her tale something of the feel of Kipling, a touch of Dickens, a palpable love and feel for horses, and a style that s all her own Around her four legged title character and he s a character as realized as the humans a perfectly crafted plot entwines the lives of a cast of characters a wealthy horse owner, a trainer and his unconventional family, an ex jockey with a dubious reputation and a convent of nuns How did they get in there Well, you ll just have to read the book and find out A writer in the Realist tradition which doesn t mean she s without emotional sensibility, or an openness to a touch of the miraculous , Godden brings the Calcutta of that day its beauty, its exotic quality, its extremes of wealth and poverty, its teeming polyglot masses Brits, Indians and Chinese Christians, Hindus and Moslems the high and the lowly to vivid life, with just the right amount of description and sensory appeal to allow readers who haven t been there to experience it Her characteriz...

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    John Quillan, a disillusioned ex British Army officer, has a new addition to his Calcutta stables Dark Invader, beautiful, powerful and fast, but with a checkered racing history With Dark Invader comes Ted Mullins, his stable lad, banished from racing by an old scandal Along with Darkie s owner, Mr Leventine, the four are all dark horses, their promise hidden and perhaps fatally flawed But Mother Morag, superior of the Sisters of Poverty, is a dark horse in her own way When the Sisters have to find a way to replace their own ancient horse, Mother Morag s compassion and shrewd understanding may find a way for her neighbors and their horse to get their second chance.I love Rumer Godden Can you believe my library is getting rid of all her books Why, why why Yes, I got to buy this gem for only a quarter, but really, I would be happier if the library kept making the book available to everyon...

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    You just have to love wily nuns and horse racing.

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    Unfortunately this wasn t my cup of tea I did like some of the characters but I found them very flat and honestly quite boring since they were so superficial I did mostly like the writing style and the descriptions of India but other than that I didn t really connect with the book.

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    I ended up reading this book twice At first, I didn t find it as impressive as some of her other books, and I think Rumer Godden is a beautiful writer This seemed, to me, to be just a little out of focus after such gems as In this House of Brede and An Episode of Sparrows It seemed a little too much a told story But Then I reread it It s a subtle, rather quiet story of what must be to many a very strange world upper class Calcutta in the 1930s, and the men who trained racehorses there In just a few words, characters appear, complex and fully alive The most notable of these are Ted Mullins, a middle aged English horseboy John Quillan, an Anglo Irish ex army officer his charming wife Dahlia Mother Morag of the convent down the street and the young horse, Dark Invader himself He is a big, powerful, lazy and kind hearted beast, and he naturally wins many fans But there is trauma in his past Can he overcome it A very satisfying story that left me wanting to know about all the character...

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    I love Rumer Godden s writing, and I loved this book, too, though not as much as some of her others She tells a cracking good story, and is so convincing in her descriptions that one could waste A LOT ...

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    In Godden s novels for adults, the atmosphere she creates is usually what carries them, and The Dark Horse is no exception The world of Calcutta in the 30s, the slums, racecourses and animals, are all vivid The story focuses on Dark Invader, a race h...

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    It provides the cultural clash of the English, Indians, and horse racing in Calcutta Success can be achieved by the so called failures if the conditions are right for a second chance Even those most compelled by greed can learn the virtue in giving.

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    Rumer Godden, RDC M 5 1981, 1982 A true story about an ex British Army officer and the new addition to his horse stables A horse with a checkered racing history Good.

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