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  • 21 January 2016
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10 thoughts on “My Soul to Save

  1. Maggie ☘ Maggie ☘ says:

    “I need my books from my car then I’ll need you to put this back wherever my dad left it”Tod gave me a mock bow “Anything else? Can I fan you with a big palm leaf? Feed you grapes while you write your homework in my blood?” My Soul to Save second book from Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent was still fast and enjoyable read but a bit weaker than the first book When a famous pop star Eden drops dead right on the stage and Kaylee doesn't have the urge to wail she knows there's something wrong Especially when no soul emerges from the pop star's body as if she didn't have any at all Kaylee discovers that Eden traded her soul to a Hellion for her now lost fame fortune and beauty And when Tod discovers that the same thing will happen to his ex girlfriend Addison Page another famous pop star the gang knows they have to help her before she suffers the same fate an eternity of agony and torture as a slave of the Hellion she sould her soul to through the 'help' from a rich owner of a big entertainment company “They only offered that deal to the best of us Addison’s words haunted me and their implication sent fresh chills down my spine to pool in my limbs as my teeth began to chatterThey’d done it before A lot Dekker Media was making deals with demons—and letting its teenage stars pay the price” And let me just tell you that to agree with something like that is just plainly stupid and ignorant Is really fame and fortune important to them than their soul?I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous one mainly because the whole plot centered around this theme Around saving soul of someone who gave it out in the first place because of her pure irresponsibility and ignoranceI disliked Addison Page and her sister for that matter uite a lot especially at first She somehow reminded me of the old Miley Cyrus Pop star stupidly happy rainbow coloured teenage sitcoms and movies cute with pale blue eyes yeah sounds familiarBut also because it all centered too much around media fame rich pop stars ruined careers and greedy owner of multinational movie company Not my thing at all “When you sign with Dekker even if you’re not selling your soul you’re selling out They get most of us before we hit puberty and you become whatever they want you to be They design your look cast you in their shows and put you in at least one made for TV movie a year The movies themselves don’t make much but the merchandising brings in some serious cash” She sighed and began ticking points off on her fingers “They pick the songs you’ll record schedule your appearances and book your tours They’ll even choose your haircut unless your agent is a real shark But most of the agents are in John Dekker’s pocket too because they want clients who have guaranteed careers”So Creepy Dekker Media was starting to sound scarier than the Netherworld“Okay maybe I’m misunderstanding but we’re talking about the Dekker Media right? The child friendly shiny happy sitcoms? With the cartoon suirrel and the sueaky clean animated fairy tales? That Dekker Media is actually reaping the souls of its stars in exchange for commercial success?”Addison’s lip curled into a bitter smile “Ironic isn’t it?” Doesn't that sound a bit like a certain famous multinational company we all know?; But there's also something very addicting about Soul Screamers series I couldn't put it down in most parts So I didn't hate My Soul to Save it was still fast entertaining read also the Bean Sidhe world and Netherworld is intereting but it was not as good as the first book for me “So you’re notdangerous?”His pouty grin deepened into something almost predatory like the Tod I’d first met two months earlier “Oh I’m dangerous”“Tod” I warned as Nash punched his brother in the arm hard enough to actually hurt“Just not to you” the reaper finished shrugging at Emma “I see you all the time but you’ve never seen me because Kaylee said if I got too close to you I’d suffer eternity without my balls”“Jeez Tod” I shouted my anger threatening to boil over and scald us allThe reaper leaned closer to Emma and spoke in a stage whisper “She’s not as scary as she thinks she is but I respect her intent”Em looked like she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and I rolled my eyes at Tod “Do you have to be so difficult?” I stand by my opinion that Kaylee is an amazing heroine Maybe she doesn't literally kick asses like some of my favourite female characters but she always saves the day with her uick wit and intelligence I love that about her And she also acts like a real teenagerBut I didn't always like her with Nash the love interest Tbh I didn't hate him he is decent enough boyfriend so far in the series but sometimes too much hormonal both of them actually overprotective toward her and a bit close minded for my taste He also constantly snapped at someone Mainly TodWho I started to love actually is Tod But why does his name have to be Tod? Is it a nickname or something? Am I the only one who doesn't like his name so much?But anyway I liked him already in the first book and his character gets only better and better He's fun he's unpredictable and he's sarcastic “Stop doing that” Nash shouted and I turned to see Tod on the bench seat next to him one finger pressed to his lips in an exaggerated “shh” signal while his other hand pointed at Emma“Sorry” she snapped assuming Nash was talking to her She swerved into the right hand lane without bothering to flick on her turn signal and the driver of the car behind us honked gesturing angrily “It’s not like I’m actually wishing for dead cheerleaders I’m just saying if someone has to go”Tod snorted “I like her” I adored Kaylee's best friend Emma And yeah the heroine actually confined in her with her Bean Sidhe secrets What a refreshing surprise Emma took everything with such an ease I liked her attitude and personality But I want to see of their friendship in the next books there was not enough of itLevi Tod's boss was also interesting character Little ginger boy by apperance creepy old Reaper in actualityI'll definitely continue with this series “Chocolate says I'm sorry so much better than words”

  2. Kim Kim says:

    The second book in this amazing series and I enjoyed it as much as the first one I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible but most of this will make no sense if you haven't read this book Just some of the thoughts I have swirling around in my headKaylee's abilities are developing she's finally learning to control herself and her powers and Nash is with her every step of the way Did I mention I adore him already? I love their dynamic and their chemistry especially when the room temperature rises above critical levelsRawr babyI wasn't blown away by Tod in the first book but I really like him now He's cute funny and I just love it when he gets on his brother's nerves He seems to be getting closer to Kaylee as well and I like that It's not like he has a lot of people in his life and I think it's good for him to have her around As long as he keeps a safe distance scowlsI really didn't like Addie in this book my god what a pain in the ass Nash setting her straight towards the end even got a BLEEP YEAH out of me while I was reading that part But she redeemed herself eventually which left me feeling uite satisfied with the outcomeI have one silly remark but it's something that seems odd after a while Nash and Kaylee hold hands constantly All the friggin' time A little less hand holding a little action please Cause I love how graphic the action is in this series winksNext

  3. Kristy Kristy says:

    Soundtrack going through my mind as I read this bookTake me down 6th Underground EclipseI want to sex you up Color me badLet the bodies hit the floor Drowning foolLiving Dead Girl Rob ZombieBetter as a memory Kenney Chesney Brick Ben Folds FiveI'm going straight to Hell Drivin' and cryin'I could die for you Red hot chili peppersBreak on through The doorsHighway to Hell ACDCNo soul The Rumble Strips Fix You Cold PlayGrim Reaper Blues The entrance BandDon't fear the reaper Blue Oyster CultI could go on but I'm sure you can get a general sense of where I'm going with thisAs we learned in the first book My Soul to Take Kaylee is a Bihne Sahd she is a screamer she knows when someone is about to die Only this time around someone dies and she doesn't feel a thing she doesn't have to let out her scream She learns that this girl had no soul she had made a deal with a Hellion We meet Addy this same night and learn she has the same fate as the dead girl death and the no soul thing Problem considering our own little Reaper Todd knows this girl and actually cares for her No one should have to spend eternity attached to a Hellion of torture Especially someone who signed a contract to become famous and unknowingly sold their soul at the same time Stupid? Yes she is But she's not the only one Apparently the big movie company has been handing these contracts with the devil to practically anyone who is dumb enough to sign it which is pretty much all teens There is an out clause but pretty much not going to happen in this book So our loveable characters go on a uest to the Netherworld to bargain for Addy and now her little sister as well soul Did I like this one as good as the 1st? No But it was still a fun uick ride I'd say if you like the 1st book to go ahead with this one I'm still looking forward to reading the 3rd installment 35 starsAnybody else remember that old song from elementary school Go For it??? something like go for it you're on the right track go for itsomething something back???Yeah you should do that go for itRant I'm sorry but for a guy with a name like Nash i'm not getting what I expected That sounds like such a tough guy bad ass name right??? I don't know he is kind of whiney and scared seeming in this book He is not macho enough for me this go roundAnd enough already with the I want you scenes I get it They want to have sex but they aren't going to yet Don't tell me you are waiting until the 4th book for them to go all the way??? But PS I love love love Todd

  4. The Flooze The Flooze says:

    For some reason this book makes me feel old Old as dirt like no other YA has thus farKaylee once again inserts herself in a dangerous situation because of her highly attuned morality and sense of duty She can't resist helping others She's a mixture of naivete and hope blindly blundering through obstacles But she has to finegle around being grounded to achieve her goals Has to find a way to work around both her car keys and her mobile phone being taken away And she has to remain focused despite the lusty pull of her older jock boyfriend Perhaps my feeling old is just a testament to how well Vincent describes the teen girl pathos For me being well past that stage the full immersion was a little much Especially one scene depicting Kay's friend Emma behind the wheel A horrible yet accurate representation of how distractedly and haphazardly some teens drive It was painful to read from the adult perspectiveNash the delicious love interest doesn't gain much depth here He's mostly present as the futile voice of contention and reason He doesn't do much than growl in either anger or lust though he does deliver a nice little smack down of a speech to a hysterical pop princess Although I would describe Kaylee as a sensible sort of girl she's a little too willing to drag herself into circumstances she can't entirely comprehend I keep wanting her to ask for help since she's so obviously in over her head and lacking in knowledge Yet for all her ignorance about the Netherworld and the business of souls she seems to always know the answers and always asks the right uestions Why does she understand this world of death than the reaper Tod? It doesn't sit well with me I can't figure out what makes her so special The most intriguing aspects of the book deal with the Netherworld We get to visit that alien landscape and the misshapen creatures residing there We also meet two reapers they are probably the most fascinating characters of the piece Were Vincent to write a novel dealing solely with these death dealers I think I'd be enthralled Overall I like Kaylee but her do gooder attitude frustrates me I plan to read the next because the glimpse into that hazy grey Netherworld promises surprises I want to know about the unhappy reaper Tod and his boss Levi And I get the feeling that Nash is not all he's cracked up to be But KayleeI don't really care what happens to Kaylee and that's the real problem

  5. Alexa ❤️ Alexa ❤️ says:

    4 Stars 'When I looked up I found Nash watching me his hazel eyes swirling with streaks of green and brown in the orange glow of streetlights I almost felt sorry for all the humans who wouldn't be able to see that to read emotion in another's eyes' Kaylee Cavanaugh Kaylee Nash and Tod are attending a concert when the star of the show drops dead onstage there's just one problem Kaylee a banshee screams whenever someone is about to die but this time she doesn't because the super star sold her soul When the gang find out that Tod's ex girlfriend and performer Addison has also sold her soul they go on a mission to get her soul back before the week is up and her soul is damned for all eternity

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    This novel enlightened me on what is actually going on with all the Disney Channel Disney Movie Stars Thank you Rachel for finally clearing up exactly what Disney is doing to these young child stars Oh wait Disney wasn't even mentioned in this book? Could have fooled meI have the worst time writing reviews on seuels It's so hard I hate spoilers I prefer to pick up a book not even having read the back cover I don't want to know where I'm going until I get there So all I can really say is that I really enjoyed My Soul to Save It's a great addition to the Soul Screamers Series which is uniue well written and very entertainingThe first book got a full 5 Stars this one comes close with 45 A little too much content for my liking and not uite as good as the first book But having already read books 3 4 in this series I can say that it's been a long time since I've been pulled into a series and felt such emotion while reading Rating 45 Stars Highly Recommend as long as you have read the content warning firstContent language innuendo and sexual content There was always an interruption Tod or the phone before things went all the way but there was definitely desire passion making out and wandering hands Please note that with each new book in this series the level of sexual content has escalated book one is fairly mild but by book four the heat was uite high for a young adult bookSource Download from Audiblecom

  7. Erica Erica says:

    Not sure I like Nash Interested enough in the story to continue on though

  8. Cinnamon Cinnamon says:

    MY SOUL TO SAVE is the second book in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series The first book My Soul to Take introduced Kaylee and her bean sidhe banshee abilities When she senses death Kaylee can't help but to sing the person's soul song To us this song sounds like ear shattering screeching Not exactly a trait known to win friends and influence peopleThis installment follows Kaylee as she comes to terms with her abilities I won't go into too many details as I don't want to give anything away from the first book but I can say that this second book was fantastic As always happens with the second installment in any series I got a little nervous about MY SOUL TO SAVE I loved My Soul to Take and didn't know if the second book could live up to it Not only did this book live up to the first in my opinion it surpassed the introductory storyWe begin the journey with Kaylee at a hit rock concert When the star drops dead on stage Kaylee panics terrified that her wail will come out in a concert hall packed to the gills with people If anything was going to get a girl put back in a mental health unit that would be it Only problem is Kaylee doesn't scream If Kaylee's song comes out anytime a person dies releasing the soul from their body why doesn't Kaylee feel the urge to sing over the girl's dead body? There's can only be one answer the girl has no soul This discovery and the prediction of another girl's impending death leads Kaylee and her friends on a journey to save the souls they can before they wind up losing their ownAlready a fan of Ms Vincent's work I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that this story ended up jam packed with mystery suspense and a whole lot of tension The romantic tension in the story was especially phenomenal This author is a master of romantic tension giving us just enough heat and sensuality to get the heart pumping before cutting us off cold turkey The romantic elements in the story were uite a bit pumped up from the first bookFair warning There are sensual scenes in this book They are uite tastefully done and definitely add to the storyOutside of the romantic tension which really helped to make the story a compelling read Ms Vincent gave us uite of bit of suspense to latch on to throughout the story From the first page we are thrown into a mystery so dark that the reader can't help but feel involved An aspect of this author's writing that I have always found compelling is her willingness to not sugar coat things for the reader When she describes a horrible situation or painful events and feelings she really describes them Below is a uote to show what I meanThe flesh beneath the double ring of punctures was inflamed and covered in those weird red webbed veins which now crept beneath my sock and halfway to my knee Fluid sloshed beneath the skin over my ankle hanging lower at the back just above my shoe where gravity tugged hardest pg 240See what I mean? How can you not get involved in this story? My own leg was aching just reading this part and that's only two sentences out of the entire book Ms Vincent's imagery pops out to the reader Combine this with her clear writing style that makes a complicated story very easy to follow and we end up with a great storyI highly recommend MY SOUL TO SAVE to any fans of Ms Vincent and any fans of Young Adult Urban Fantasy This story is full of realistic and relatable characters a fantastic storyline that keeps us on the edge of our seats and Ms Vincent's own clear writing style and vivid imagery Definitely a winner I can't wait to read the third in the series; My Soul to Keep is scheduled to be released June 2010

  9. Amber Amber says:

    Wake me up when this plot doesn't suckSomost of this book consists of the characters sitting on their asses eating junk food doing some investigative work and flapping their self righteous little lips I'm looking at YOU Kaylee CavanaughAround halfway through the book I found myself skimming text never a good sign I've resigned myself to read one of these before I give up on the series From the reviews it seems that the books supposedly get better and evolve so I guess we will see The Good Tod Bean Sidhes and Reapers The occasional funny one liner TodThe Bad I just couldn't get into the whole pop princesssold her souldamned for eternity storyline Addison Paige's character was cliché and one dimensional and the author was not convincing in her explanation of why Kaylee Tod and Nash albeit begrudgingly were so fervently determined to save her soul Apparently she and Tod went out for like 8 months when they were practically kids And we are briefly told never shown that Todd is still suck onin love with this chick eye roll Are we supposed to feel sorry for her because the author tossed out a few random sad lifestory facts eg druggie mom? I understand that Addison was supposed to be naïve but come on I mean she made a deal with an evil soul sucking demon for Pete's sake view spoilergranted it was via a greedy soul sucking CEO but it still counts hide spoiler

  10. Tez Tez says:

    Usually Kaylee Cavanaugh can tell when someone in the vicinity is about to die but not this time A pop star sold her soul so it's not there for bean sidhe Kaylee to work with And her reaper friend's ex Addison also sold hers and Addy's little sister's damn close to selling hers too But to win the souls back Kaylee has to venture into the Netherworld and not everyone will emerge unscathedIt's impossible to read about Dekker Media without thinking of Disney especially after viewing South Park's The Ring episode It's hardly surprising that a major company is aligned with hellions in this case Avarice But while the premise itself is unremarkable the real breadwinner here is the Netherworld Usually I prefer my urban fantasy to be urban than fantasy but the Netherworld is amazing From its grey fog to its distance and time and all the things that happen inside Rachel Vincent's Netherworld is vastly imaginative and deliciously creepy The descriptions are evocative and I won't soon forget the blades of grassFamily life isn't easy in Eastlake Aiden and Brendon Cavanaugh are single dads Harmony Hudson is a single mum and as for Addison Page's parentsher dad is absent and her mum's addicted to prescription pills These realistic elements bring the characters home for readers grounding the paranormal in a world that's easily relatable Kaylee and Nash's romance is just plain embarrassing and the book would be better without it but thankfully Tad understands the awesomeness of humourRachel Vincent keeps cementing her reputation as an author with fascinating plot twists and stories that you can't help but glom Unfortunately readers will have to wait until June 2010 to read the third Soul Screamers novel My Soul to Keep Maybe the writer should take on time travel next

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My Soul to Save[KINDLE] ✽ My Soul to Save By Rachel Vincent – Sie ist eine Banshee Wenn sie schreit besiegt sie den TodKaylee hatte sich darauf gefreut mit Nash zum Konzert zu gehen Aber schon nach wenigen Songs bricht der Popstar tot auf der Bühne zusammen Kay Sie ist eine Banshee Wenn sie schreit besiegt sie den TodKaylee hatte sich darauf gefreut mit Nash zum Konzert zu gehen Aber schon nach wenigen Songs bricht der Popstar tot auf der Bühne zusammen Kaylee versteht es nicht Sie hätte doch wie sonst auch den Tod vorhersehen müssen Aber da war kein Schatten kein dunkler Nebel Von einer Reaperin erfährt sie dass die Sängerin ihre Seele bereits fortgegeben hatte und wer als My Soul PDF \ Nächstes sterben wird Jemand den sie kennt Kaylee setzt alles daran diesen Menschen zu retten und muss dafür sogar ihre Beziehung mit Nash aufs Spiel setzen Denn immer mehr Teenager schließen mit leuchtenden Augen einen Pakt mit dem Tod Für Ruhm und Erfolg verkaufen sie ihre Seelen und nehmen ewige ualen in Kauf Dem muss Kaylee ein Ende setzen Auch wenn sie dafür in die Welt der Dämonen muss.

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