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10 thoughts on “Culture of Peace: God's Vision For The Church

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    This is one of the best books I can recommend about peace in scripture and its implications on christian community life.

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    Wordy, but practical Basic theology and principles around peacemaking.

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    One of the best books I ve read on this topic.

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Culture of Peace: God's Vision For The Church Why Is Peace Such A Divisive Issue, Even Among Christians Why Is It So Hard To Practice Right Here Right Now Why Is Peace Often Considered An Extra, Rather Than An Essential, To Faithful Christian Living The Three Authors Decided To Write This Book When The Indonesian Member Of The Team Remarked To The Other Two If The Christian Church Is To Make Any Impact On Indonesia, It Must Address Itself To The Biggest Peace Issue Reconciliation With Muslims But Before The Writers Could Honestly Consider That Explosive Possibility, They First Had To Ask Why Christians Find It So Difficult To Live Peaceably With Other Christians They Ve Discovered That Conflict Is Often A Prerequisite Of Peace They Grant That Peace Is A Continuum Easier To Live In Some Areas Of Life Than In Others They Ve Learned That Peace Has Two Parents Hard Work And Grace Living In Peace Is Muscular Activity The Authors Suggest How To Develop Peacemaking Reflexes How Churches Can Learn To Handle Conflict Well And How To Cultivate Vulnerability And Humility, Two Essential Attitudes Of Peacemakers True Stories From Communities Around The World Support This Hopeful But Strenuous Call To Faithful Living.