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The Tree on the Hill The Story Is Written In First Person It Depicts The Main Character Going Outside Hampden And Finding A Special Tree The Tree Makes Him Day Dream About A Big Temple In A Land With Three Suns The Temple Was Half Violet, Half Blue Some Shadows Attracted Him Into The Inside He Thought He Saw Three Flaming Eyes Watching Him And He Shouted Twice And The Vision Was Gone.

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    3.5 by H P Lovecraft and D W RimelA man stumbles upon a sinister looking tree in a place where nothing else seems to grow He falls asleep and dreams of another world He wakes up miles away, bloody and with clothes torn Since he took a couple of pictures of the place, he decides to show them to his friend.Lovecraft had read Rimel s The Tree on the Hill and told him that it truly captures the essence of the weird, although a bit anticlimactic in the end The title of the old tome and the ext 3.5 by H P Lovecraft and D W RimelA man stumbles upon a sinister looking tree in a place where nothing else seems to grow He falls asleep and ...

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    There is a invisible barrier between what we know and what we don t Do we really want to know what we don t A fear of knowing the unknown is depicted in this story Let us keep some unknown, unknowable It is better this way.

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    It is the first short story I read from Lovecraft, even if it is interesting it is not remotely frightening or satisfying.

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    This short 1934 story is the result of the collaboration of Lovecraft and Duane W Rimel It is the story of the narrator, Single, living in Oregon with a friend working on Egyptian mythology Single wonders in an isolate region that is shun by the local that consider it infested It come up...

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    I felt that this was a rather lacklustre short story from Lovecraft, probably due to the joint effort The eerie feeling typically associated with his short stories wasn t quite here for me I felt that, for the most part,...

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    Collaborations can be pretty good, like musical duets Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford But Howie and Duane, not so much Somehow, somewhere, the creepy eldritch unknown horror is missing Damn it The creepiest I got was rank grass Twice What the hell is that Disappointed

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    Otro de los libros de Lovecraft que no lleg a atraparme del todo, pero sin embargo la historia me gust , me pareci muy original aunque sigue sin provocarme escalofr os como se supone deber a producirme los libros de este autor Siento que la trama es algo lenta y por eso se me hace aburrido.

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    I loved this book, it is one of my favourites from Lovecraft, the ending is very stunning, but the entire book is just amazing, I certainly love it.

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    Pretty good

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    No descans is amparados por un rbol o D

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