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Pooh's Graduation (Winnie the Pooh First Reader, #22) PDF Epub Pooh S Graduation Winnie The Pooh First Reader, 22 Isabel Gaines Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk When Christopher Robin Graduates From The First Grade, He Receives A Diploma And An Award This Makes Him Feel So Good That He Decides To Hold An Awards Ceremony For His Friends Kanga Is The Best Cookie Maker, And Tigger Is The Best Bouncer But What Is Pooh Best At

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    After Christopher Robin graduates from 1st grade the characters from the 100 acre wood are curious about what a graduation is So Christopher Robin makes diplomas and caps and gowns for them all Giving them a diploma for something they are the best at.

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    I don t know My kid loves it Every character is special and gets a prize.my favorite quote Being the best sounds hard, said Eeyore.

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    In Pooh s Graduation, which is really a graduation for all Christopher Robin s friends, Pooh is so busy helping everyone else that he doesn t have time to figure out what he s good at.The Pooh gang characters are so loveable Kids and grownups alike can relate to their character traits and problems Child or adult, it doesn t matter, because many people have felt that someone else was better at something than they...

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    I like looking at this book again because I remember and still love the bright colored pictures I love how we get to see each character a lot and they have a cute graduation party and give everyone a reward for their own special talents.

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    Didn t really even get what this book was about and I am the parent

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