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Charles Hawtrey 1914-1988: The Man Who Was Private Widdle This Is A Small Masterpiece Of Biographical Investigation, And Fitting Testament To A Comic Genius Whose Place In British Cultural History Is Now Assured Charles Hawtrey, The Skinny One With The Granny Glasses, Was Everybody S Favourite In The Carry Ons But Who Exactly Was He Up To Now The Man Has Remained A Mystery.Examining Hawtrey S Origins As A Child Star And Performer In Revue And The Will Hay Films, This Wonderful Little Book Looks At His Career In Radio And Television, And Then To The Sad And Slow Decline Of A Belligerent Recluse On The Kent Coast The High Camp Exuberance Of His Acting Gave Way To Bitterness And Alcoholism And If You Asked Hawtrey For An Autograph He D Be Likely To Call The Police Instead.Roger Lewis S Short Life Of Hawtrey Opens Out Like A Chinese Box To Address Such Issues As The Nature Of Fame, Neglect, Loss, Sexual Confusion, Drambuie, Betrayal, Marine Bandsmen, And Fine Cambric Knickers Trimmed With Lace And Blue Ribbon Its Moral Would Seem To Be That You Don T Necessarily Turn Out As The Person You Thought You D Become.

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    Sometimes we fish in murky waters Here s a tiny fragment of a book about the weird and not wonderful Charles Hawtry, a hideous caricature of an actor remembered only for being one of the abased grotesques in the grim, revolting, bargain basement, so bad it s just bad, not good bad Carry On series, famous world wide To call the Carry Ons puerile would give a bad name to puers I sometimes imagine a bunch of intellectuals in, say, Bombay, watching Carry On Up the Khyber and saying to each other gor blimey o reilly these were our colonial masters In the painful Carry On crew Charles Hawtrey was the perpetual schoolboy with the big glasses who would dress up as a woman quicker than you could say in this scene you have to dress up as a woman He was the very definition of what most men thought homosexuals were, even camper than Kenneth Williams, and that s saying a lot Here s Roger Lewis s wonderful description of Kenneth Williams an appalling actor, affected, caustic, shrieking like a peacock and with no sense of dramatic rhythm Sinuous, snaky, serpentine,...

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    This is a very short, affectionate and touching appreciation of Charles Hawtrey who, whilst best known for his roles in the British Carry On films of the 1960s and 1970s, made his first stage appearance in 1925 at the age of 11 and continued to have a career of sorts through to the 1980s In 1972, after he was dropped by the Carry On producers, he slipped into the relative obscurity of pantomime and provincial summer seasons, whilst his alcoholism had steadily increased from the mid 1960s until his death in 1988.As Roger Lewis acknowledges, as much as we love the Carry Ons and I do our affection isn t based on their artistic merits Part of the pleasure of this 98 page monograph is reading Roger Lewis s obvious love for Hawtrey s abilities and comedic skills the positive joy of Hawtrey s performances imply the possibility of happiness , coupled with his forthright opinions on some of the other Carry On regulars His fiercest criticism is reserved for the two Kenneths Kenneth Connor what a pain in the arse and Kenneth Williams an appalling actor, affected, caustic, shrieking like a peacock and with no sense of dramatic rhythm.Ultimately though, this is the tragic tale of a very lonely man Poor...

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    What can you say about this book, not much really.No wonder the book is so short, there is not much in itAs a film buff, I had read all the stories of Charles Hawtrey, while making the Carry On films and also his very eccentric nasty character he become in later yearsSo this book did not explain anything new, or try to.It jumps backwards and forwards, one minute talking about the 1940 s with his roles in Will Hay films, then straight back to the 60 s and Carry on films, then to the 70 s, then back again.Yes I understand a quick short book about him but no real life story through the years.So sadly not much I can say except it confirmed was a nasty character he was, nothing like the characters he played in the films.No wonder so few people went to his funeral He thought he was important than he was, thought he should have top casting in the Carry On films, was really a bitter, nasty character in later years, spending time in gay clu...

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    A strange book about a strange man Small in pages, but it got my interest when I saw the book in a Soho London porn slash discounted bookstore Charles Hawtrey was one of the stars in the everlasting film series Carry On He was something of a misfit, quite eccentric, gay, and a horrible drunk He went out of his way to alienate fans and friends and was sort of a cheap man on top of that Was he talented or good I don t know But what s interesting is the Carry On films convey a certain aspect of British pop culture that is low brow but also convey a certain identity to British fans The ...

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    If you can t be bothered to wriet a proper biography of Charles Hawtrey, don t bother writing one at all A few rustles in the archive and a brief spurt of writing till you got bored isn t enough, and displays the egocentricity that a...

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    A strange little book about a strange little man.

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    An interesting insight into a sad life

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    This is unreadable The author keeps getting in the way of the subject Do not read there is a paucity of material on Hawtrey but this adds nothing.

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