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Grid of the Gods Physicist And Oxford Educated Historian Farrell Continues His Best Selling Book Series On Ancient Planetary Warfare, Technology And The Energy Grid That Surrounds The Earth Farrell Looks At The Nazis And Geomancy The Lithium 7 Mystery Nazi Transmitters And The Earth Grid The Grid And Hitler S East Prussia Headquarters Grid Geopolitical Geomancy A Deeper Physics Ashlars And Engineering Transmitters, Temples, Sacred Sites And Nazis Anomalies At The Temples Of Angkor The Ancient Prime Meridian Giza As Above, So Below The Astronomical Correlation And The 10,500 BC Mystery The Master Plan Of A Hidden Elite Moving And Immoveable Stones Uncountable Stones And Stones Of The Giants And Gods Desecration, Inhabitation, And Treasure Traditions Divination, Animation, Healing, And Numerical Traditions Gateway Traditions John Michell, Scared Geometry, Sacred Science, The Grid, And The Ancient Elite Finding The Center Of The Land The Ancient Catastrophe, The Very High Civilization, And The Post Catastrophe Elite The Meso And South American Pyramid Peoples Paradoxes At Pumu Punkhu Tiahuanaco And The Puma Punkhu Paradox Ancient Machining The Mayans, Their Myths, And The Mounds The Aztec Anomaly The Black Brotherhood And Blood Sacrifices The Mesopotamian Pyramid Peoples The Pythagorean And Platonic Principles Of Sumer, Babylonia, And Greece The Gears Of Giza The Center Of The Machine Alchemical Cosmology And Quantum Mechanics In Stone The Mysterious Megalith Of Nabta Playa The Physics Of The Pyramid Peoples Tons About The Author Joseph P Farrell Is The Internationally Known Author Of Several Books In Alternative Science And History, And Is A Popular Speaker At Numerous Conferences, Including The 2009 Laughlin UFO Congress And The 2009 Ozarks UFO Conference His Books Have Been Translated Into Polish, German, Italian, French And Russian He Lives In Topeka, Kansas Scott D.

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    Am starting at the beginning again a very complex and amazing book The sacred Geometry and the Giants skeletons found at different sites wow really really complex so have taken it out for another 3 we...

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    Great read for those who would like to understand about what ancient monoliths and cities stood for and meant for our ancestors.

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