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The Mormon Delusion. Volume 4. The Mormon Missionary Lessons - A Conspiracy to Deceive. Epub The Mormon Delusion Volume 4 The Mormon Missionary Lessons A Conspiracy To Deceive Author Jim Whitefield Thomashillier.co.uk The Fourth In The Mormon Delusion Series Tracks The Mormon Missionary Lesson Manual As Taught To Investigators, And Lesson By Lesson, Exposes And Explains The Truth Behind The False Teachings At Every Stage, Unsuspecting Investigators Are Taught A Fictional Account Of Mormon History And Teachings By Faithful Missionaries Who Themselves Have No Idea They Are Teaching Provable Fiction This Book Exposes The Underlying Truth Behind Joseph Smith S Original Fraudulent Claims And Modern Day Fictional Mormon Teachings Evidence From Within Mormon Church History And Mormon So Called Scripture Proves Conclusively That The Mormon Church Continues In A Conspiracy To Deceive Its Own Members, Missionaries And Their Investigators Alike At The End Of A Journey Through This Book There Will Be Nothing Left For An Investigator To Take To The Lord In Prayer In Order To Obtain An Answer As To Whether What The Mormon Church Teaches Is True Common Sense And Reason Alone Will Be Enough To Determine The Truth Of The Matter.

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    THE MORMON DELUSION, Vol., 4.What happens to a 19 Yr old member of the Mormon Church when he or she is called by the First Presidency to fulfill a 2 year mission to Canada, Mexico, Japan or any other country in the world Volume 4, The Mormon Delusion answers that question.You would think that by age 19 a Mormon would know what his or her religion is all about Not the case These two years are where the backbone of Mormonism is created Converts to The Church are gravy The genius of this system is the Army of young Mormon men that return home steeled with testimony and a service ethic For two years the minds of young Mormon men, 57,000 strong, spend 15 hrs a day learning what the correct questions are and what the correct answers are They pray also a form of conditioning over 20 times per day, profess a testimony witness a like number of times per day, plus or minus When they meet resistance in the field they do not argue they bear testimony to what they are teaching, namely the truth of the restored gospel, that the Mormon Church is the ...

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    Religion had a wild ride in 19th century America Transcendentalism was born about 1830 and grew into a major cultural movement that still influences us today The antebellum period saw prominent Christian denominations split apart over slavery After the Civil War Americans became fascinated with spiritism and trying to contact the dead through seances Transcendentalism plus spiritism plus Orientalism gave rise to Theosophy Idealistic Christians formed the Social Gospel movement Premillennialist eschatology grew in popularity and by the end of the century had been folded into a new movement, Fundamentalism, which would have a huge impact on the 20th century.Within this dynamic crucible of religious development, Mormonism was born Founded by Joseph Smith in the 1820s, at first Smith and his Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints seemed like many other restorationist Christian groups that had sprung up in the 18th and early 19th centuries But Smith and his teachings grew increasingly distant from Christian orthodoxy After Smith s death at the hands of a mob in 1844, mos...

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