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  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Vampire University (Vampire University, #1)
  • V.J. Erickson
  • English
  • 23 February 2017
  • 9781477690727

10 thoughts on “Vampire University (Vampire University, #1)

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    Some events felt a bit forced , the idea of the story has been over used in the vampire genre, although I think it is one of the few good execution for it I had zero expectations for this book so I should...

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    3.5 starsThis was a good book, though I did have a few problems with it Some of the events seemed a bit forced, and some where a bit anticlimatic You can definitely tell this book was meant as of an intro into the series then a daring series beginner It came across as being like a glossary at times with a bit of action, giving you background and other important info that will be useful to remember for future books Even the conflicts were set up to be fully resolved in later books and the ending was ambiguous, which did make me want to really read book 2 Also, the pacing was odd to me There would be all this info and set up and then BAM All of a sudden there s a huge plot twist that I never saw coming and didn t fit into the story It felt a bit like the author finished the book and then thought, hmmm, not enough action, what can I throw in to make this interesting I know And while the writing isn t superb and at times it feels like an info dump that you want to skip, it still was a good story...

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    I enjoyed this book There is some really great dialogue relative to the usual kindle books I ve picked up from new authors.

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    An interesting tale

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    The story started out interesting, but it very quickly became tedious to read Taylor was a boring main character, she didn t seem to think for herself much at all I got this book for free on , but it s not one I d recommend nor do I see myself continuing with the series.

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    Book 23 complete.

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    I picked Vampire University up as a kindle freebie from a long while ago but only recently got around to reading it Taylor lost both her parents when she was a child so growing up was tough now she s ready to start her freshman year of college at VanCamp University Her roommate is super outgoing and a little on the weird side but not in a bad way She also right off the bat encounters the Evans brothers one is desperate to get to know other the other wants her to stay away from his brother When Taylor accepts a date with Eric she is surprised when he takes her for sandwiches in a secluded place at school What should be a chance to know each other quickly turns dangerous when Eric s sinister motives come out When he kidnaps the RA it s up to Taylor to save her but she learns that there is going on at VanCamp that just trying to pass school She also learns that her roommate knows than she s letting on Will Taylor survive her first year of school or not make it to her first class I liked Taylor she s an ok character but not my favorite of them all I found myself liking Hannah there was just something ab...

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    Although I kept saying to myself, I m tired of beings with fangs, pure white complexion and red eyes, I can t help it I picked this book And what did I get disappointment.The plot storyline should have been good There s this girl named Taylor going to college all alone, no family with her That makes the character mysterious And then she met this girl, Hannah, her roommate Wonderful Hannah, she s the only character I really like in this book And they easily get along despite Taylor s self protests of not getting too close to people There were funny dialogues, thumbs up to the author Anyway, everything went wrong when the author put an abrupt end to the mystery that was supposed to remain an enigma It has to do with the supposedly gorgeous and endearing two vampire brothers Eric and Joe and what we called Insta love or Insta hunger And then to save the plot, the author tries to add other mythical beings which Hannah refuted, saying they do not exist And then the reader finds reads that they do exist as well as the characters And all of us, should be in shocked right now But hell no This is the problem about this book, its not well written, some sub plots I think should be explored , such as why is the university housing vampires, and Taylor s half vampire state as well as her brother If those...

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    A fun, brisk read that s a little light on the world building and plot I found I liked it than I should, maybe because the characters are pretty good.Taylor has just arrived at VanCamp university She s looking forwards to start college, and is assigned a dorm and a roommate, the pixie ish Hannah Hannah s friendly, if a little bossy She also meets the clowning, charmer Eric and his gloomy twin Joe Unfortunately neither Joe nor Eric are what they seem both are vampires, and Eric is taking a particular interest in Taylor Not that she would mind, but when Eric crosses the line one night, Taylor finds that maybe she isn t so normal herself.There s some problems with worldbuilding in this Vampires in VA break a lot of the rules of being normal ones, like being able to walk around in the day Some abilities like that never get explained Some changes are interesting though vampires can heal the wounds they make as to avoid detection There isn t much explanation why vampires need to go ...

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    It wasn t badper say it just also wasn t very good The writing is akin to something I would equate to the k 12 years in that it just was not very refined or polished The dialogue was corny and often trite The pacing was, well,wasn t really any pacing things just happened, and then happened, and then happened again I might recommend this for someone still in middle school who was interested in the Twilight type vampires that is to say not vampires at all The only real exciting parts were brought up randomly and resolved much too easily quickly with little to no effort at all on the heroine Her friends just barged their way into the friendship and the main character just sort of took it There is randomly two super rare things at this school that justshow up No real reasons or explanations for their being there Mainly, my problem with this book was that there really wasn t a plot and the characters don t feel real Everything just seemed as if someone was sitting there ...

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Vampire University (Vampire University, #1) Constantly Moving As She Grew Up, Taylor Had Learned The Hard Way How To Blend In Wherever She Went But When She Moves To VanCamp University For Her Freshman Year Of College, She Immediately Finds Herself At The Center Of Attention Of Nearly Everyone She Encounters From The Charismatic And Mysterious Evans Twins, To Her Quirky, Clingy Roommate Hannah, It Seems That The People In Taylor S New College Life Have No Intention Of Letting Her Be The Wallflower.It S Not Just Blending In That Taylor Has To Worry About, Though At VanCamp University, There Is To The Staff And Students Than Meets The Eye While Trying To Adjust To Her New Life On Campus, She Finds Herself In A World Where Fairy Tales And Reality Collide, Where Gargoyles And Leprechauns Mingle With Humans And Vampires, And Where Nothing Is As It First Appears.And As She Discovers The Truth Of Her Own Unusual Heritage, Taylor Learns That Fairy Tales Are Just The Beginning.

About the Author: V.J. Erickson

A military brat as a child, VJ Erickson has lived across the country, from Washington state to South Carolina and many places between He spent a number of his elementary and middle school years riding his bike and playing make believe in the woods of a small village in Germany and now still feels the itch to travel abroad.A city lover at heart, he is drawn to bustling metropolises like Tokyo, Bei