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  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Adelaide
  • Tomi Ungerer
  • English
  • 07 June 2018
  • 9780714860831

10 thoughts on “Adelaide

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    The story is cute, but the illustrations are even cuter

  2. says:

    Disappointing Not nearly as powerful a story as

  3. says:

    bookaday 108 Cute little story about a kangaroo with wings, Spanish reads very nicely, hoping I can find a jobber with it available to order this edition for school.

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    A children s book about a kangaroo that is different What I liked I particularly liked the illustrations for this book While the story is so lovely, words are used sparingly A whole world within this thin book, one to read over again and again What I did...

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    I like this book because Adelaide flies flies flies, and when she passes a blazing fire and she needs to rescue the kids.

  6. says:

    Not my favorite, no real structure

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    Ce livre donne du courage aux enfants qui croient devenir autre que ordinaire Un kangourou qui porte des ailes, n d une famille sans, alors, les possibilit s sont normes Beau livre.

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    Adelaide the kangaroo was born with wings, and wished she could fly like birds and airplanes she saw over the desert what don t all kangaroos with wings live in the desert So she kisses her parents goodbye and takes off on an adventure There is something so sweetly humorous and sensitive about Tomi Ungerer s artwork in this lovely picture book Adelaide s sadness as she tells the Pilot goodbye, her humiliation at being inspected by the customs officials, her embarassment at being shouted at by a taxi driver, and her gratitude for Monsieur Marius help are all rendered effectively miraculously how does he ...

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    One day, brave and adventurous Adelaide leaves her kangaroo family behind and flies off to see the world She visits lots of exciting places but eventually decides to stay in Paris where she finds fame, fortune and a handsome kangaroo called Leon.A nonsense tale that children will still mostly enjoy because it s still a little bit silly I mean really a...

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    I love reading picture books that have been translated from another language This is especially true of Tomi Ungerer s books Vintage and timeless looking illustrations match the quirky narrative in this...

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AdelaideAn Endearing Tale About A Kangaroo Who Discovers The Importance Of Being An Individual Leaving Her Family Behind, Brave And Adventurous Adelaide Flies Off To See The World She Visits Lots Of Exciting Places And Finds Herself In Many Sticky Situations Including A Thing Called Falling In Love.

About the Author: Tomi Ungerer

Jean Thomas Tomi Ungerer was a French illustrator best known for his erotic and political illustrations as well as children s books.