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    Out of Deception is an amazing book about an even amazing true story of a young boy who gets caught up in a cult They story is so well written that you can easily understand exactly why good people fell into a cult And even wonderful is the road to redemption away from the cult This book will make you thin...

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    This is really a fascinating story It seems hard to believe, but it is a true story of how cult leaders draw people in In this story it is an Amish family who ends up following a very deceptive, manipulative leader The best news is that eventually the young man, Wil, walks away from that life.

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    free nook book

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    A compelling, easy read Written in the first person, it s not fantastically well written, but the subject matter is so interesting that it doesn t matter.

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    Leapt from subject to subject without continuity.

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Out of Deception The Unbelievable But True Story Of How Wil Hochstetler, A Young, Innocent Amish Teen And His Family, Were Unwittingly Lured Into The Clutches Of A Smooth Talking Cult Leader Wil S Family Was Searching For Something Deeper, And What Seemed At First Like Fresh Water For A Thirsty Heart Soon Turned Bitter And Poisonous By The Grace Of God, Wil S Devotion To His Leader Slowly Turned To Doubt Finally, Sick And Tired Of Being Manipulated, Controlled, Abused, Molested, And Deceived, Wil Made His Break And Escaped His Leader S Grasp Or So He Thought This Is A Disturbing Story Of Satan S Gross Deceptions And A Beautiful Story Of The Power Of God S Grace And Deliverance.