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Your Portable Empire: How to Make Money Anywhere While Doing What You Love Praise For Your Portable Empire In A Sea Of Snake Oil And Get Rich Quick Nonsense About Fast Money On The Internet From People Who Haven T Really Done It, O Bryan S Book Is A Ship Of Sanity To An Island Of Commonsense E Commerce This Works Mark Joyner, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of Simple.ology The Internet Has Leveled The Playing Field, Making It Possible For Anybody To Start A Business O Bryan, However, Has Given Us The Easy To Follow Instruction Manual On How To First Discover Your Niche And Then Build It Into A Big Enterprise That Can Run Itself From Almost Anywhere All From His Successful And Proven Formulas A Great Book For Anybody Serious About A Better Quality Of Life Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation This Amazing Book Can Free All Working People To Make Money Doing What They Truly Love Dr Joe Vitale, Author Of The Attractor Factor And Zero Limits I Know O Bryan As A Friend And Colleague He Has Painstakingly Put Together A Book, With No Frills Or Fanfare, That Straight Up Shares His Hard Won Wisdom May I Urge You To Get It And Read It Not Only Will You Enjoy It But Once You Act On What You Learn, You Can Profit Mightily As Well Why Because What S In This Book Lets You Stop Making The Victim S Compromise On A Daily Basis And Start Doing The Victory Dance, Whenever You Want David Garfinkel, Author Of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich O Bryan Lives The Portable Empire, Running His Business From A Laptop With A Cigar And A Glass Of Fine Wine There Is No One Better To Be Your Guide As You Create Your Own, Because He S Laid Out Every Step For You In His Inspiring And Easy To Read Book There Is No Need To Be Chained To A Desk Or Locked In A Cubicle, And Your Business Can Take You Far Beyond Your Kitchen Table With The Blueprint O Bryan Shares From His Own Successful Journey Craig Perrine, Www.maverickmarketer.com Freedom O Bryan S New Book Makes You Understand Exactly How To Obtain It And Create The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams Anyone Who Can Go From Being A Dead Broke Musician Living In A Mobile Home To Generating Six Figures In A Single Month Is Worth Reading Bill Hibbler, Coauthor Of Meet And Grow Rich

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    Interesting read, but in terms of putting his advice to practice, it is a stretch I think that a lot of authors who publish books about making money on the internet have found that they will make a ton of money publishing books that make it seem easy to make money on the internet Part of the issue at hand is the sheer number of people on the internet doing exactly what he recommends So, unless you have a following already, it is going to be tough to be hear through that noise So, if you have something truly amazing to self publish and sell on clickbank or the other websites tha...

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    a few years ago now, this was the first book I got that I purchased the real book, then had to get the Audio version too Great read and good tips and foundational principles that give vision and practicality to online businesses.

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    Read the first 4 chapters As an above average Internet marketer, I would rate this book thus far for beginners It may change for future chapters but I haven t gotten there yet.

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    So far, it is a quality book for any entrepreneur.

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    An Incredible Quick Read

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