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The Californios Captain Sean Mulkerin Comes Home From The Sea To Find His Family Home In Jeopardy After The Death Of His Father, Sean S Determined Mother, Eileen, Took It Upon Herself To Run The Sprawling Rancho Malibu Until A Fire Destroyed Her Hard Earned Profits Now, On The Edge Of Financial Ruin, Eileen Hopes Sean Can Help Them Find A Way Out The Rumor Is That Her Late Husband Found Gold In The Wild And Haunted California Hills, But The Only Clue To Its Whereabouts Lies With An Ancient, Enigmatic Indian.When Sean And Eileen Set Forth To Retrace His Father S Footsteps, They Know They Are In Search Of A Questionable Treasure With Creditors, Greedy Neighbors, And Ruthless Gunmen Watching Every Move They Make Before They Reach Their Destination, Mother And Son Will Test Both The Limits Of Their Faith And The Laws Of Nature As They Seek Salvation In A Landscape Where Reality Can Blur Like Sand And Sky In A Desert Mirage.

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    Wow what a great book More like historical fiction than a western I really enjoyed this one by Louis L Amour.

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    41 THE CALIFORNIOS by Louis L Amour Durfee s top 50 novels countdown Having read all of L Amour s 120 some odd novels THE CALIFORNIOS is my fav A true western complete with cowboys, indians, gunfighters, my...

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    This is my second Louis L Amour book that I ve read I didn t like it as much as the first book, but it was okay I liked the main character and the story line was intriguing My hesitation is with the other characters I wish there had been depth It felt like they only had b...

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    Some the good quotes from the book1 Wisdom must be shared, it must be given, or else it lies cold upon the rocks 2 I do not think time passes, as you say I think time is here, that it never began, can never be measured, and will always be.3 To live a long time is nothing, to live a long time wisely is something4 What is education but a conditionin...

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    L Amour jumps the shark in this book when he brings a supernatural element into what otherwise would have been a classic western tale I grabbed this book because the story plays out near where I live in southern California It s ...

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    Another good Louis L Amour This one was a little different since it was set almost completely in California I liked the superstition of it.

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    The historical epilogue was my favorite part Even at two stars, Lamour is a fun read listen.

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    A mystical western that works only if you can forgive L Amour for the supernatural elements Plot concerns a land grab and how the owners fight the bad dudes Recommended to L Amour fans, but other western fans might not appreciate the twilight zone approach.

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    Tried the story in ebook via O D Just too, too, too, tedious to keep up with d n f, not even close Not in my best mood for slow stories.

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    this book is about where in California nobody thought there was gold the Mulkerins needed a treasure to settle the debt on their Malibu ranch the Indian was willing to lead them one but riding hard on their tr...

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