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More Secret Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Two Years Ago Gary Lovisi Came Out With His First Collection Of Unknown Stories About Sherlock Holmes In THE SECRET ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Now, Gary Adds Three Tales To The Canon With The Notorious Crosby Murders, A Study In Evil And The American Adventure These Reveal Sides Of The Great Detective You May Not Be Familiar With, For Instance, His Obsession With Blood Spatter Evidence Almost A Century Before Dexter And CSI Got In The Act And Did You Know That Holmes Once Visited The United States And Solved A Crime There Join Gary Lovisi In His Quest To Regale Us With ALL Of The Sherlock Holmes Stories Even The Ones Watson Never Knew About

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    This is a collection of three mid length tales by the author that were originally published in severely reduced formats I have read all three, both in the earlier versions and in these newer forms and I can understand Mr Lovisi s frustration with the restraints imposed by editors with space limitations The first story is The Notorious Crosby Murders and, in my opinion, it is the finest of the lot It is written very much in the fashion of the better Canonical tales and it uses many of the techniques invented by Doyle Holmes and Watson are called to investigate the murders of a woman and her two children Actually, Inspector Lestrade wants Holmes help in finding the husband who is the obvious suspect Holmes examines the scene of the crime and is compelled by what he finds to invent a new investigative tool to deal with the evidence He finds both the husband and the murderer.In A Study in Evil, Mrs Hudson shows up on Dr Watson s doorstep saying that Holmes has been arrested for murder and she asks Watson to help him Inspector Lestrade allows Watson to visit Holmes in his cell and Holmes describes the events that resulted in the death of his client Watson refuses to take the tale at face value and goes to the home of the victim to interview the servants who were present After thinking over the results of his interviews, Watson returns to ...