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    Judith Hearne, a Catholic middle aged spinster, moves into yet another bed sit in Belfast A socially isolated woman of modest means, she teaches piano to a handful of students to pass the day Her only social activity is tea with the O Neill family, who secretly dread her weekly visits After finishing the wonderful Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine which also deals with similar themes albeit on a much humorous level I wanted to revisit Judith Herne as I had enjoyed it so much first time around.I really enjoyed this extraordinary novel and found it a thought provoking insight into loneliness and what it means to be ALONE.This Novel was one of the recommendations from Good Reads and I have to be honest I had never heard of Brian Moore until I purchased this book First published in 1955 this novel is a real classic and I can see why Mr Moore was shortlisted for the Booker Prize three times.The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne is an unflinching and deeply sympathetic portrait of a woman destroyed by self and circumstance Judith Hearne is an unmarried woman of a certain age who has come dow...

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    I think you re as lonely as a Sunday morningThat never had a Saturday night. That s Judy Hearne, all right, though she honestly likes Sundays It s the one day each week when she has plenty to do First, there s church, followed by her visit to the O Neill household for tea She has such fun thinking of the stories she will tell and the gossip she will share.It began with the long tram ride to their house which gave you plenty of time to rehearse the things you would tell them, interesting things that would make them smile and be glad you had come Because when you were a single girl, you had to find interesting things to talk about Other women always had their children and shopping and running a house to chat about.Oh, but poor Judy if she only knew how the O Neills dread her arrival They make fun of her, and argue over who will have to stay in the room and listen to her tell her same old stories, yet again They fall asleep as she prattles about her life.Loneliness makes us vulnerable, easy prey for telemarketers, bullies and...

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    Oh sweet lord if there is a excruciatingly, exquisitely, exactingly, deliriously wretched little book out there, I don t think I could even handle it.What an absolute motherfucking masterpiece.

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    I tried to think of a depressing novel than Brian Moore s The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, and I came up with exactly nada Even Holocaust literature usually aspires to some mitigating, redemptive element to remind the reader that even though the world is a sick, twisted, hateful, miserable, incomprehensibly fucked up place there are still nooks and crannies of goodness to be found here and there Or what passes for goodness on the sliding scale of values, at any rate Mitigation is so much harder to come by, however, in the merciless tale of Judith Hearne, a friendless, unattractive, alcoholic spinster who whiles away her empty days aided only by a few tenuous delusions and an increasingly wavering faith in God One particularly brutal aspect of the novel is its shifting perspective usually it is through Hearne s eyes that we take in this artfully bleak Belfast, but occasionally we sidle over to other characters viewpoints minor characters as well as major ones through which we discover much to our horror that Hearne s already gloomy opinion of her ...

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    There is someone in my life who partly reminds me of Judith Hearne Along with Judith, this person has the complete inability to see things from other s point of view, or to see reality in the harsh light of day As a result, her entire outlook and perceptions of people are severely skewed Judith s clinginess and desperation is awkward to read about if you know someone like that She s a grasping for attention sort of person talk to me, like me, be my friend, please What could he be thinking of He seemed to be trying to remember something, perhaps an engagement, perhaps an excuse to leave her For eventually, they all made some excuse.Judith s friends mock her behind her back and treat her visits as a chore, and at first we think Judith is clueless, and then we start to think what if she knows What if some of these people know they re disliked and tolerated and thought of as a bore and a burden We don t like Judith much She s a silly, irritating and fitful woman, but somewhere in the pitying we start to feel bad for her because for some people there s never a sporting chance at happiness What was she supposed to do 1950s Belfast, a plain unmarried woman who s over 40 Suc...

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    This bleak, raw powerful story of the mental disintegration of a lonely Belfast spinster was a very accomplished debut novel that must have seemed quite modern in 1955 At the start of the book we see Judith Hearne moving into new lodgings in the house of Mrs Henry Rice The first half of the book is quite comic in tone, with darker undercurrents that increase as the story proceeds Judith has sacrificed her best years to caring for a tyrannical aunt, and now has occasional work as a piano teacher while dreaming of better things and relying on her Catholic faith.One of her fellow tenants is the landlady s broth...

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    Such a sad story of a tortured soul A beautifully executed novel that does pack a wallop I ve had this novel in my to be read pile for years and have had a lot of recommendations for it but the timing just wasn t right for the read.It s an emotionally draining read, of a complex woman,...

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    In Vito veritas in wine, truth , suggesting a person under the influence of alcohol is likely to speak their hidden thoughts and desires.The saying that comes to mind is, if you don t laugh you ll cry This book was so densely bleak yet with enough comic undertones that I found it surprisingly humorous at times Poor Judy is a pitiful character, who is so sorrowful for all the crosses she s had to bear She is a devout Catholic whose weakness will be tempted and faith will be tested This author is brilliant in his ability to get into the head of this lonely female characte...

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    One of the saddest stories I ve ever read regarding a woman s life so much the victim to her background and times Judith s wanting to be loved in spite of everything and yet failing is terribly upsetting there was a moment I stop reading as I felt so much p...

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    Happy St Patrick s Day insert irony emoticon here Holy moly, faith an begorrah This Brian Moore guy I think I love him even than Graham Greene, which is the most obvious comparison I devoured this, r...

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Judith Hearne The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne Launched Brian Moore S Distinguished Literary Career And Also Because Of His Sensitive Portrayal Of Her Enshrined Judith Hearne In The Gallery Of Literature S Unforgettable Women A Penetrating, Comic, Tragic Tale Of A Plain Woman, It Is A Novel That Occasionally Sings With The Lilt Of The Irish Greats.

  • Paperback
  • 255 pages
  • Judith Hearne
  • Brian Moore
  • English
  • 10 October 2019
  • 9780586087589

About the Author: Brian Moore

Brian Moore 1921 1999 was born into a large, devoutly Catholic family in Belfast, Northern Ireland His father was a surgeon and lecturer, and his mother had been a nurse Moore left Ireland during World War II and in 1948 moved to Canada, where he worked for the Montreal Gazette, married his first wife, and began to write potboilers under various pen names, as he would continue to do throughout