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Darkfever ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Darkfever Author Karen Marie Moning – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk My name is MacKayla Mac for short I'm a sidhe seer one who sees the Fae a fact I accepted only recently and very reluctantlyMy philosophy is pretty simple any day nobody's trying to kill me is a good My name is MacKayla Mac for short I'm a sidhe seer one who sees the Fae a fact I accepted only recently and very reluctantlyMy philosophy is pretty simple any day nobody's trying to kill me is a good day in my book I haven't had many good days lately Not since the walls between Man and Fae came down But then there's not a sidhe seer alive who's had a good day since thenWhen MacKayla's sister was murdered she left a single clue to her death a cryptic message on Mac's cell phone Journeying to Ireland in search of answers Mac is soon faced with an even greater challenge staying alive long enough to master a power she had no idea she possessed a gift that allows her to see beyond the world of man into the dangerous realm of the FaeAs Mac delves deeper into the mystery of her sister's death her every move is shadowed by the dark mysterious Jerichowhile at the same time the ruthless V'lane an alpha Fae who makes sex an addiction for human women closes in on her As the boundary between worlds begins to crumble Mac's true mission becomes clear to find the elusive Sinsar Dubh before someone else claims the all powerful Dark Book because whoever gets to it first holds nothing less than complete control both worlds in their hands.

  • Hardcover
  • 309 pages
  • Darkfever
  • Karen Marie Moning
  • English
  • 01 January 2015
  • 9780385339155

About the Author: Karen Marie Moning

“The only other calling I ever felt was an irrepressible desire to be Captain of my own Starship I was born in the wrong century and it wasn’t possible so I chose to explore the universe by writing fiction instead Books are doors to endless adventure” KMMKaren Marie Moning is the NYT bestselling author of the Fever Series and Highlander novelsAn alum of the Immaculate Conception Academy.

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    I finished this book with two clear ambitions in mind1 I wanted to jump on the next flight to Dublin2 I wanted to sandwich myself between Jericho Barrons V'lane preferably nakedLet's just say that this is one of the most addictive stories I've read in a long time; even as I write this review the second in the series is on it's way to me courtesy of It just has everything A crime mystery a fantasy world steeped in history and folklore and the kind of men that you would hate in real life but are the most erotic thing imaginable in literature I can't believe I've waited so long before starting this series

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    The only thing saving this from a 1 star rating was the world building Moning has created a fascinating new world for her characters to play in Unfortunately it's those characters that really brought down this novel for me MacKayla Lane's life is turned upside down the day she finds out that her sister Alina who had been studying abroad in Ireland has been murdered The police have no leads and her case gets filed away as unsolved MacKayla can't stomach the thought of her sister's killer getting away so she promptly uits her job empties her bank account and flies to Ireland to try to solve the mystery herselfMacKayla Lane is a vapid shallow stupid girl She leaves her grieving parents behind to try to find out what happened to her sister She thinks she can do better than the police yet her main thought throughout the novel is what color nail polish she should wear On top of the nail polish Mac constantly worries about her appearance; her clothes hair and make up are the only thing she seems to care about view spoilerHer cover gets blown by a Fae and she bitches and moans about having to cut and dye her hair Your sister DIED and you are worried about your stupid hair? hide spoiler

  3. Navessa Navessa says:

    SPOILER FREE FOR ALL YOU FEVER NOOBSall two of youIt’s no secret that Fever is my favorite series of all time This is my third re read of it and the entire reason I first decided to give these books another go was to force myself to attempt to properly review them and not just drool over Jericho Barrons for five pagesMmmmm Jericho om nom nom nom nom nom Damn it there I go again Anywho there are a lot of reasons that I love this series aside from the male lead I’m going to go with a numbered list here as it seems to be the only way to make sense of all my feels1 The way in which the story is toldOur narrator and MC MacKayla Lane has been through hell You know this from page one line one where she says “My philosophy is pretty simple – any day nobody’s trying to kill me is a good day in my book I haven’t had many good days lately”This series is told in retrospect and because of this we the readers get all sorts of ominous warnings throughout it along the lines of “If I had only known” “One day those words would come back to haunt me” “He’d never let me forget that fact” and so on While I loved this series the first time I read it I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have Only upon my first re read did I really grasp the genius of KMM I noticed so many minute details that hinted at things to come and all those warnings made complete sense because I now knew what she was referencing Ms Moning must have had the entire thing planned out in advance how else can you explain all the hidden gems I’ve stumbled across? Even now on my FOURTH read of this series I’m still noticing things I didn’t pick up on before 2 MacKayla Lane I love her I was behind her from page one line one In fact I’ve never not loved her This is because on a lot of levels I get her Because I used to be her When I was Mac's age I too was a sunshine girl a rainbow girl I used to wear beautiful dresses to work spent hours on my outward appearance accessorized to the nines and always tried to be nice to people I even had a propensity for the words “sir” and “ma’am” And I got all sorts of comments about that My hair in that photo is actually a little darker than I normally kept it because after a while you get sort of sick of hearing people compare you to Paris Hilton Do I look anything like her? No Did people still whisper that shit all the time? Yes Why? Maybe because I was blonde and I liked colorful clothes Maybe because they’re assholes I couldn’t really tell you What those people failed to realize was that I'd been taking martial arts since I was old enough to throw a punch and that the pretty little matching purse I clutched in my perfectly manicured nails held a five inch blade that I could hit you in the chest with from twenty feet away Even if you dodged and the blade somehow missed I could probably break five joints or bones in your body before you realized what had happenedgrins I think what people fail to realize about Mac is that she’s exactly the same way Oh sure she might talk about how much she likes to accessorize and has a propensity for the color pink but you have to look deeper than that What’s the first thing she thinks about after she emerges from the haze of grief caused by her sister’s murder? Vengeance Mac’s makeup is her war paint Her clothes are her chainmail “I might be bruised and bewildered but by God I looked good Like a smile I didn’t really feel presenting a together appearance made me feel together inside and I badly needed bolstering today”3 The world buildingPerfection On every level There’s not one point in this book that I felt like KMM was info dumping In part that’s because the reader is learning about the world as Mac is learning Instead of filling page upon page of the potentially boring conversations between Mac and Barrons KMM has Mac record the necessities in her journal Brilliant The fae lore the sidhe seers and even the OOPs are revealed piece by pertinent piece You’re given just enough to fully understand what’s going on in each scene but are constantly waiting for 4 DublinI’ve never been Before reading this series I sort of wanted to go There were definitely a lot of European cities higher up on my list of places I had to visit before I die After reading Fever? MUST GO NOW The city transcends a backdrop and becomes a character itself The Temple Bar District the fictional dead zones even the Garda station jumped off of the pages at me I had a perfect image in my mind of each one and when I Googled most of them afterwards I was shocked by just how similar the real images were to the ones I’d imagined I want to spend a week there and explore it all I want to get lost in the south side amongst the liberals and the elite and then cross the river Liffey and mingle with the blue collar Catholic Irish I want to drink Guinness and try to figure out just what the hell people are saying I want to eat stew and listen to faery tales 5 Jericho Mothafuckin BarronsA lot of people picture David Gandy for JZB Fuck that shit Yes I said it His eyes are too light He’s too frigging pretty JZB is darker carnal purely sexual and intensely masculine Only one man comes to mind when I think of himThe best way I know to describe him to those who have yet to meet him is self contained Every move he makes has a purpose every sentence he speaks is full of meaning He is the bearer of hard truths When Mac would rather hide in the comfort of a convenient lie he grabs her by the throat and forces her to face reality He’s an unapologetic asshole He’s cutthroat mercenary dangerous I blame evolution for my attraction to him Some lesser evolved part of my brain reads about Jericho Barrons and thinks “That man could not only defend your young but would happily slaughter anyone that even thought of threatening you” He makes my cavewoman stand up and take notice In closing I doubt I can ever really explain just why this series is my favorite but I hope the above has begun to do it some sort of justice Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

  4. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Series OverviewClick here if you can't help your attraction to me That or you know you want to watch my video reviewMr Kennedy's thoughts on the Fever series Please note there will be spoilersMr Kennedy is standing around shirtless wanting to discuss some of the aspects of the Fever series I find it hard to concentrate For goodness sake Mr Kennedy Take those sunglasses out of your mouth I can't hear what you're sayingMe So what's your favourite part of the Fever series so far He has read up to DreamfeverMr Kennedy I definitely like Mac better now She isn't as boring But she's still doing her inner monologue That's still really I mean it just doesn't end Does she ever stop doing that?Me No Mr Kennedy Well fine but the sex is really good That shit was hotMe Awkward silence She got rapedMr Kennedy What? NoInterview interruption as Mr Kennedy goes to checkMr Kennedy Well that's really embarrassingMe It's okay honeyMr Kennedy I'm not a rapistMe I know thatMr Kennedy I mean I thought it was sexy cause she seemed to like it You know like with V'laneMe Yeah So moving on What do you think about BarronsMr Kennedy Definitely the King of the Unseelie I want that down on paper that I already figured it outMe RightMr Kennedy Wait did you add in the rapist thing? I don't want everyone thinking I'm a rapist That's really embarrassingMe Don't worry babe I won't add that part inMr Kennedy Good So yeah I like Barrons He's cool Me Oh do you have a crush on him now?Mr Kennedy Yeah you wish I did Then you could watch us make outMe Shut upMr Kennedy You're blushing Write down that you're blushing You want me to make out with Barrons You want us to profanities excludedMr Kennedy is falcon punched and wrestled down to finish the interviewMe What do you think of V'laneMr Kennedy That guy? He's a douche I don't like men that try to buy people's affection I mean I get that he's supposed to be alien and everything but he's just trying to buy Mac with favours That's stupidMe Who do you think Mac's going to end up with? Mr Kennedy Barrons No contestMe You'd pick Barrons over V'lane?Mr Kennedy Is the right answer going to lead to sexy times? Oh shit You're imagining us together right now aren't you? You're so freaky Me I am NOT Must not think sexy thoughtsMe So how do you think it's all going to end?Mr Kennedy I think Mac is a fae princess It's been alluded to And it would be a flip out if Barrons was her father That would just be creepy as It isn't that hard to figure it out Am I right? You know I'm rightMe Yes darling you're totally totally rightThe EndMy overall review of this series is that I really really enjoy it This series is addictive like crackMost certainly it isn't a perfect set of novels In fact there are many aspects of it that would annoy me in other novels such as the sexualization of violence against Mac and the romanticizing of an overtly aggressive alpha maleBut my hormones demanded that I put these criticisms aside because manflesh Pretty pretty manflesh Yes I too can be reduced to a uivering mass of lust induced hysteria The world building is great the characterization is pretty good the story line is interesting and involvingAll up I recommend this series if you're looking for an Urban Fantasy to sink your teeth into

  5. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Buddy read with a TON of friendsThis is how it feels right now everyone is on Team Jericho And then we have me Pic courtesy of Cory Thanks Cory You shouldn't have No really you shouldn't haveThis fucking bookI don't even know how to go about describing my lovehate relationship with this book Actually it is mostly hate I hated every single character in this book and yet I willingly read on anyway I don't understand it at all It is the euivalent of watching midget porn not that I actually watch midget porn it's just an example WHATEVER The point is it's ugly it is horrifying it is disgusting but you just can't bring yourself to look awayI give this book too little credit I feel in my rant over my hatred of Jericho and MacKayla It truly is a well written book It is a testament to how good it is when the characters evoke such emotions within me that I feel that they are realistic complex believable characters The mythology is based upon the fae the Tuatha de Danaan It is beautifully written and a credit to the author that I loved it this much despite how much I disliked the main charactersPraises over it's time for me to go off on how much I HATE JERICHO AND MACI hated MacKayla's immaturity and prissiness improbable action and TSTL behavior I don't care if you're a Southern Miss You are a grown ass woman You can fucking curse when you want to I was raised to be a lady by my mother too my very proper Asian mother who is as stringent and astringent on proper behavior as much as a Southern mom I would die before I use bad language before my mother Behind her back I curse like a fucking sailor I use language that would make the most hardened soul blush Stupid little Mac with her petunias and her fudge buckets and her multitude of platitudes for curses Fuck you You're an adult Act like itBecause I was blonde easy on the eyes and guys had been snapping my bra strap since seventh grade I'd been putting up with the Barbie stereotype for yearsGuess what honey? That's actually an accurate stereotype and a stupid statement to make because throughout the book you act exactly like a brainless Barbie the majority of the time I admire her initiative she's out to solve her sister's murder I get that I sympathize I absolutely do I have a sister of my own a little sister; I would jump through hellfire for her I understand Mac's anger her need for closure and to an extent her griefOh go ahead I hissed Just kill me and get it over with Put me out of my misery Missing Alina was worse than a terminal illness At least when you were terminal you knew the pain was going to end eventually But there was no light at the end of my tunnel Grief was going to devour me day into night night into day and although I might feel like I was dying from it might even wish I was I never wouldYou can bet your petuniaass that I would damn well investigate my sister's mysterious death if she were to dieI might not be the brightest bulb in the box but I wasn't the dimmest eitherYou sure about that Mac?He didn't just occupy space; he saturated it About thirty six foot two or three he had dark hair golden skin and dark eyes His features were strong chiseled He wasn't handsome That was too calm a word He was intensely masculine He was sexual He attracted There was an omnipresent carnality about him in his dark eyes in his full mouth in the way he stoodOk Jericho is supposed to be hot? You know who else is considered hot? Serial killers like Richard Ramirez and Jeffrey Dahmer And as for stalkery behavior he's got Edward Cullen beat And Mr Sparkles is less of an asshatI am unaccustomed to asking for what I want Nor am I accustomed to bartering with a woman he said finallyI know there's a lot of people out there who find Jericho attractive; I can't comprehend it He is larger than life true he has a magnetic presence true But I am the type who likes a gentleman a gentle man Jericho is not There is rarely a moment of softness with him He is the alpha male of alpha males You know those monsters that jump out of a haunted house and goes BOO? That's Jericho He constantly jumps close to Mac and scares the shit out of her It gets old Condescension intimidation and fear are tactics of interrogation not seduction I do not find him remotely romantic it does not get my panties wet Nope nope nopeCharacters aside this was a very well written book The description of the dark damp dreary environment of Ireland I did love the incorporation of Celtic myth of the portrayal of the fae They are not fairies as initially believed by Mac They are horrendous rotting foul creatures Outwardly beautiful like the spectacular LegolasV'lane they are inwardly manipulative and disgustingly sexually abusive They literally suck the life out of a person stealing their outward beauty and inner spirit I loved the portrayal of the dark side the horrifying side of the world of fae It is a complete 180 from the wonderfully bright and beautiful world of fairies about which I have read in the pastReluctantly recommended by me

  6. Jeaniene Frost Jeaniene Frost says:

    Rating is for the entire Fever series Fast paced and action packed I plowed through all five books in a week

  7. Regan Regan says:

    Totally addicting could not put it down

  8. Steph Sinclair Steph Sinclair says:

    15 stars This is one of those books where almost every aspect of the book failed me The characters were flat the plot stalled around 40% and the narration was unsatisfying In fact the only reason why I didn't just give the book one star was because the beginning intrigued me Barrons I don't get his appeal This is partly because I don't particularly care for the whole alpha male trope since many times all it seems to be is barely disguised sexual or physical abuse against the heroine Oh so Barrons likes to threaten Mac or give her a good choke to get his point across? Totally cool he's just being an Alpha Male Catch Me Swoon I think not Had this have been a YA novel we'd all be calling this an abusive relationship He may show a different side to himself later in the series but I don't think I'll be able to look past book 1 to ever find him remotely attractiveMac is probably the most annoying heroine I've read in a long time Maybe if I had read this circa 2009 I would have liked it better She's a very shallow person who I had a really hard time relating to understanding or caring about Her sister is dead and she's supposedly trying to find the murderer but she always seemed concerned with what color her nails were Why is this important? The narration wasn't my favorite with Mac constantly interjecting with lines like I won't bore you with the details IT WAS SO ANNOYING I just wanted to shake her Like PLESAE bore me with the details because this is a you know BOOK But no Instead Moning decided that telling me every detail of Mac's outfit was somehow relevant that describing what the fey looked like Having Mac constantly spoil the plot time after time got so old and left no room for the element of surprise By the time I finished the book I feel like I know about as much about the characters and the world from when I started which is nothing at all Well wait This is what I know As Mac would say I'm just paraphrasing here Mac likes the color pink is fashion forward and apparently spends way too much money in the iTunes store Barrons likes to beat his fists against his chest He does macho things in his spare time like running a book store Since Mac barely describes him this is what my brain registered him as the fey are evil and like to rape women because reasons Mac's sister died by some evil guy who is not fey but also not human?? Also his name is Lord Master over compensating much? I'm unsure if that's his BDSM alias or real name Anyway Mac's sister was hiding stuff from Mac because plot Mac's parents are hiding things because plot Evil fey hang out in the part of town no one goes to because it's abandoned Ummm duh? Also plot Pretty big disappointment with this one folks

  9. Candace Candace says:

    Having now finished this book that came so highly recommended I have to admit that what I feel mostly is indifference I wanted to love it but I didn't That being said I didn't dislike it either The problem was that I just didn't care a whole lot one way or the otherThe story is about a young woman MacKayla that goes to Ireland to play detective after the death of her sister In no time she's uncovered a whole new reality full of supernatural beings that she had only thought existed in fairytales The clues she unearths the she begins to wonder if she's following in her sister's footstepsAlong the way she partners up with Jericho who is looking for the same ancient book that MacKayla is The sexual tension is off the charts between these two However MacKayla doesn't know if she can really trust him or not There is a fair amount of actionadventure in this book and it is relatively suspenseful I would have liked romance but it just wasn't that type of book It is the first book in a series so that may change as the series progressesAlthough the story was just kind of okay for me I did think that the narration was done well So often when I listen to audiobooks the narrators butcher a southern accent Often times it ruins the entire story for me as I want to cringe and cover my ears Finally somebody got it right Overall I give it 3 stars I would have given the narration 4 or 5 stars though It was a nice story to pass some time but I didn't love it like most of my friends did

  10. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Updated 1282014Yep still addictiveUpdated 1232011If you haven't been coercedbegged by me into reading this series yet IDK where you were last month maybe away from Goodreads? If you still don't know that these books are awesome and totally worth your time this is my last attempted to lure you into giving them a chance However the main purpose of this update is just to follow up on the outcome of this particular series So many crash and burn in the process lose their steam and become a waste of time Not so here Fever books are fantastic from the 1st to the last This series is a great adventure full of mystery action intrigue intricate fae mythology sexy guys and hawt schmexing I am now going to add an extra star to all my Fever reviews for meeting my expectations and not disappointing me in the end Original reviewI am no expert on urban fantasy and will not waste any time on analyzing the uality of writing of this genre book I am just going to say that Darkfever's standard mix of ass kicking heroineamusing cast of secondary charactersloremysteryparanormal hunks worked for meMacKayla Lane is a 22 year old blonde southern bellebartenderpart time student who peacefully lives with her parents in a small Georgia town Mac's life is turned upside down when she learns her older sister Alina is brutally murdered in Dublin Ireland The search for the murderer is fruitless and after uncovering Alina's last cryptic voice message Mac decides to go to Ireland and try to push the murder investigation in the right direction In Dublin MacKayla immediately finds herself thrown into a world of Faery and learns she has a powerful connection to this worldThe first thing that drew me to this book was the narrator MacKayla My last couple of attempts to explore the genre of urban fantasy were unsuccessful mainly because I couldn't stomach the protagonists After enduring wimpy and boring Mercy Thompson Moon Called and perpetually gloomy and defiant Kate Daniels Magic Bites reading MacKayla's voice was a relief She is not particularly smart or strong but there is a certain lightness about her and the fact that Mac is not traumatized by some past events is a breath of fresh air too So many UF heroines almost as a rule are some kind of recovering victims Luckily Mac isn't one of them The lore and the setting are enjoyable too Karen Marie Moning builds her fairy world on Irish lore and I think succeeds in it Her fae are interesting with their various abilities to feed on humans' beauty to make their unwitting victims sexually aroused etcWhat might turn off some readers1 This book doesn't have a conclusive ending Darkfever is simply a first chapter in Moning's 5 part story whose major conflict will be resolved in the last book Shadowfever out December 2010 Only a few story threads are wrapped up in this installment2 Lack of romance It doesn't mean there are no hotties to swoon over however mysterious Jericho Barrons and ruthless Fae prince Vlane are both irresistibly alluring but at this point Mac is with neither of these guys Overall I enjoyed this book uite a bit It was fast paced filled with entertaining characters and interesting lore I will definitely read at least the next book in the series Bloodfever

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