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Gone to Earth ✅ Gone to Earth PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Mary Webb – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Hazel Woodus has a father who plays the harp and builds coffins Her closest friend is a pet fox Even so this beautiful child of nature can't help but draw men to her including the minister who she mar Hazel Woodus has a father who plays the harp and builds coffins Her closest friend is a pet fox Even so this beautiful child of nature can't help but draw men to her including the minister who she marries and the fox hunter who relentlessly pursues her Hazel's naivete allows Mary Webb's themes of human cruelty savagery and sacrifice to come through.

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  1. Duane Duane says:

    This is the first Mary Webb novel that I have read and I am left wondering how I have never heard of her before The writing was so good and such a strong cast of characters as you could hope to find in a novel especially the main character Hazel Woodus Hazel is innocence personified an innocence so pure it is bound to be abused by the cruelty of the world especially by men with no thought beyond their own gratification Mary Webb's plot makes a stinging criticism of this senseless abuse through the trials of this wonderful character Hazel I am definitely looking forward to reading of Mary Webb's work

  2. Sandy Sandy says:

    How has Mary Webb flown under the radar for so many years? Is she the literary world's best kept secret? Her writing displays a discerning eye and a sensitive spirit She sees the big picture; she describes the finest details There are no wasted words In my opinion Mary Webb should be ranked right up there with the best of themThis story could very simply be enjoyed as a romantic triangle set in a beautiful and wild countryside and enjoyed immensely But for those with ears to hear this story could also be viewed as a wake up call to modern society It is a warning about the danger of separating the physical and the spiritual about the potentially destructive force which is unleashed when one is severed from the otherAlthough intellectually challenged Hazel Woodus is a delightfully whole and wholesome loving person She in her simple way is able to recognize accept and rejoice in the pleasures of both physical and spiritual Hazel celebrates the panoramic sounds and sights of the landscape the tiny details of plant and animal life and the spectrum of daily human experience as manifestations of the sacredUnfortunately for Hazel she is not blessed with the presence in her life of a partner who can share both the physical and spiritual aspects of life with her The minister Edward Marston whom Hazel marries recognizes the depth of Hazel's spirituality and feels that it is necessary to suppress the physical expression of his love for her in order to respect her innocence and purity He is unaware that he hereby abandons Hazel to the lusty persuasive and cruel Jack Reddin who having used many women but never loved one tries to express his love for Hazel through domination and violenceHazel is torn She wants the peaceful acceptance and the freedom that she has in Edward's home and she is also attracted for reasons she does not understand by Jack's rough and virile advances After weeks of confusion and conflict of going back and forth between the two men she needs to make a choice It seems like a good choice The future appears to hold promise The hope is short lived In the end neither man can save Hazel from the fierce and all consuming love which drives her spirit

  3. Mark Mark says:

    Not uite as magical and poetical a book as Precious Bane but still special and confirming Mary Webb as one of my newly discovered favourite authors The story is very much a parallel to Tess of the D'Urbervilles the innocent gypsy girl Hazel torn between the good and honourable parson who she marries and the rough rugged suire who is destined to bring her to ruin However reading Tess it is difficult to get into the mindset of the characters and not to look at the story from a modern perspective feeling frustrated at Angel Clare for being unable to accept Tess for who she is and at Tess for being such a pathetic drama ueen In Gone To Earth the characters are far easier to comprehend Their motives are clearly described; Edward the parson putting Hazel on a pedestal and fighting against his desires for fear of seeming to force himself on his young wife when in truth if he had been the one to awaken the sexual life of Hazel she would have been his forever Hazel in her turn it is clear is an innocent drawn to Suire Reddin by feelings she doesn't really understand herself This is so vividly described that it is easy to relate back to your own first stirrings of sexuality with the mixture of fear confusion and excitement that it held in eual measureAgain the descriptive passages and the dialect dialogue lift the book from mere narrative to poetic spleandour You don't just READ a Mary Webb book you FEEL it

  4. Sibyl Sibyl says:

    This was a poetically lyrical and intense novelIn many ways the main characters are like archetypes than the sort of individuals we would ever encounter in the everyday world Hazel the heroine is a child of Nature though not Nature in its less gentle aspect Reddin the local suire who pursues her is all aggression and passion Edward who marries Hazel but cannot keep Reddin away represents a spirituality that is too far removed from the natural worldI particularly enjoyed the way the plot gathers pace towards the end I had a horrible feeling that all would not end happily ever after but was nonetheless surprised by the twists and turns of the narrative in the final section However these twists all seemed wholly credibleSome of the 'purple passages' in which the beauty of an idealised rural Shropshire is celebrated are stunningly beautiful I was also very intrigued by the way in which without commenting directly on contemporary events the novel is a condemnation of just how much damage the unchecked destructive impulses of humanity can do Mary Webb was writing at the end of the First World War It's also interesting when viewed as a step forward from the 'Fallen Woman' novels of the Victorian EraI am inclined to think that if Mary Webb had been a man she would be studied alongside Hardy and DH Lawrence But because she's female she is uite unjustly only known as the person who inspired Stella Gibbon's satirical 'Cold Comfort Farm;

  5. Jed Mayer Jed Mayer says:

    How can I have lived 51 years without ever hearing of this marvelous writer? She is the missing link between Thomas Hardy and John Cowper Powys a visionary turning her rapt attention on wild things the human mind and the numberless tendrils that connect them Very much in the spirit of the Brontes with all the gothic melodrama that goes with such a spirit this novel is not remarkable for its plot which is simply that time honored tragic device the love triangle but for its rich sense of character and setting which are portrayed as ultimately indivisible Though some passages elicit groans for their naive sentimentality many many draw gasps even tears for their feeling wisdom My new mission is to read everything this wonderful writer has written and then start over again with this

  6. Bettie Bettie says:

    view spoiler Bettie's Books hide spoiler

  7. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    That blurb describing this as soil and gloom is pretty spot on If you're reading the Virago's put this one on the listSPOILER I was however a bit disappointed in the Thelma Louise ending I think there is something anti feminist in that kind of thing

  8. Corey Corey says:

    A strange and wondrous novel reminiscent of the Brontes and Hardy with the fiery Biblical prose of early Cormac McCarthy

  9. Shelly L Shelly L says:

    Who is Mary Webb? I did not know No one told me about her except Roald Dahl Thank you Mr Dahl for enriching my life once again For ensuring I did not miss so many many important missives from the mind of a woman born in 1881 and writing in the 1910s to 20s Biographies observe that her lyrical style conveys a rich and intense impression of the Shropshire countryside and its people Yes Her writing is lovely and her characters haunting As real or so to me than those of Jude the Obscure or Far From the Madding Crowd or other famous classics of which it reminds me Just in the smallest moments Webb's voice trills out pure and clean clever and cutting too When it comes to nature she tosses off lovely sentences like A rainstorm shaped like a pillar walked slowly along the valley skirting the base of the hills It was like a grey god with folded arms and head aloof in the sky And Behind the house God's Little Mountain sloped softly up and away apparently to its possessor And also Yet the tongueless thrush is a thrush still and has golden music in its heart When it comes to a girl's place in the world she writes Mrs Marston's china glowed so and was so stainless and uncracked that it seemed as if the lives of all the beautiful young women in her family must have been sacrificed in its behalf And He spoke with a uite unconscious brutality; he voiced the theory of his class and his political party which tacitly or openly asserted that woman servants and animals were in the world for their benefit When it comes to the violent praxis between society's pure insistences and its putrid realties she notes It was impossible to imagine Hazel facing any of the facts of life or engaging in any of those physical acts to which all humanity is bound and which need than resignation — namely open eyed honesty — to raise them from a humiliation to a glory And also That a woman should in the evolution of life cease to be a virgin and become a mother is a thing so natural and so purely physical as hardly to need comment; but that the immortal part of her should be robbed that she should cease to be part of an entity in a world where personality is the only rare and precious thing — this is tragic Ah they raise you to know nothing To understand nothing nothing but abuse They groom you pressure and seduce you and see in you only their own fantasies They rape you and take from you and in the end refuse to hold all the parts of you dear wild or otherwise Mary Webb is best known for her book Precious Bane I find A wonderful thing to know indeed

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    A book written in the first person with a rural Shropshire dialect As the story progresses it does so with an impending sense of doom and tragedy for the main character Hazel The observations of the natural world and the consideration of the treatment of animals and their feelings are strongly portrayed amidst a backdrop of a rural community set in the ways of hunting and farming I would recommend this book to friends and at times felt parallels with Thomas Hardy's Tess and how she was destined to tragedy right from the start through no fault of her own apart from a naivety and innocence about the ways of the world

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