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Pieces of Us ❴Download❵ ✤ Pieces of Us Author Margie Gelbwasser – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Two families Four teensA summer full of secretsEvery summer hidden away in a lakeside community in upstate New York four teens leave behind their old identitiesand escape from their everyday livesYet Two families Four teensA summer full of secretsEvery summer hidden away in a lakeside community in upstate New York four teens leave behind their old identitiesand escape from their everyday livesYet back in Philadelphia during the school year Alex cannot Pieces of Kindle - suppress his anger at his father who killed himself his mother whom he blames for it and the girls who give it up too easily His younger brother Kyle is angry too—at his abusive brother and at their mother who doesn’t seem to care Meanwhile in suburban New Jersey Katie plays the role of Miss Perfect while trying to forget the nightmare that changed her life But Julie her younger sister sees Katie only as everything she’s not And their mother will never let Julie forget itUp at the lake they can be anything anyone Free But then Katie’s secret gets out forcing each of them to face reality—before it tears them to pieces.

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  1. L A i N E Y L A i N E Y says:

    This story haunts my soulIt’s been three whole days since I finished the book and I’ve been thinking about these characters every chance I get The I think back the I see how brilliant it really is Oh it is an unpleasant story make no mistake about it It also wedged into my brain so there’s that too “Can you call someone a ghost if they only died on the inside” They coped in very different ways and when you’re not that mature to begin with it’s almost feel impossible to do that at all Alex is already messed up with his warped logic about love and women because of his parents history view spoilerMom’s cheated on Dad so Dad left and subseuently killed himself He blamed her and determined not to fall in love with a girl because he’s certain girls are the same that they cheat hide spoiler

  2. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    This is one of those books where the author carefully paints and dresses each of her dolls with delicacy and precision Then she painstakingly applies her marionette strings lowers them to the stage and starts the music The audience watches in polite interest The puppets move this way and that dancing out their little unremarkable performance As a trick of the light one by one the strings disappear and the little puppets move and like real peopleBefore you know it Gelbwasser has her little strings attached to you and you feel each tug and release with sharp clarity She writes like a true author of tragedies It's all mistaken identities ill fated timing and misunderstanding Oftentimes this can feel forcefully contrived and ridiculous plot forwarding But not with Pieces of Us Instead it just felt real Unfortunate but unavoidable and completely understandable Each character is driven by a different need and that need is always their downfall Do they all manage to pick themselves up at the end? I won't say Should they have? I'm torn with that uestionThis novel has a great deal of sexual content It's a lucky thing that I'd already read Taming the Beastby Emily Maguire Otherwise I don't think I would have made it through Pieces of Us with all its content I took issue though with the novels depiction of what occurs to Katie It's a very raw disgusting horrifying moment in the book and it just keeps getting worse and graphic Yet a male character suffers a similar fate and the author offers him the privacy and dignity of not even mentioning it Why does he get this consideration when Katie is opened up bare? All her shame revealed and smeared around for the reader to see and judge? It feels grossly unfair It felt cheapening Is it horrific and terrible if it happens to a man? Or is it just that as a society we're numbed to the horror of violence and sexual degradation to women?It's hard to discuss the uality of writing in this novel The author switches between four distinct personalities Some of the voices worked better than others but none truly felt disengenious Some of the writing is very telling as opposed to showing but Gelbwassa managed to pull me in anywayI was completely absorbed by the dance and entirely at Gelbwassa's mercy She almost had me Almost Then just before the finishing line the lights came on the music stopped and I saw a tangle of strings and lifeless puppets I felt empty hollow confused I'm not sure the ending did the rest of the story justice but when I close my eyes I can still see the silhouette from the dancing and the music still plays in my mind I guess that still means it was a good book for me Not to confuse my metaphors but if Gelbwasser works on her dismount in the future then I'll happily read any book she puts out

  3. Aly (Fantasy4eva) Aly (Fantasy4eva) says:

    45they said it was too dark graphic disturbing and edgyi just say it's real this book broke my heart and i do not care because i know for a fact that pieces of us is going to stay with me for a while gone is that funk that was hanging over my head for weeks because when i went out in the middle of reading this book all i could think about was coming home and finishing it it has been too long since i have felt like that about a book too long since i have been this engrossedwhat do i say about katie alex julie and kyle well let's start with alex alex is one fucked up asshole and julie is an eually fucked up bitch in fact i'd go as far to say they deserve each other and that's all that i'm feeling right now after finishing this book just a whole lot of sadness and anger because although i understand what alex went through as a child was horrible he still chose to do the things he did and although julie was clearly disgustingly neglected by her mother it doesn't take away all common sense alex in particular is very messed up maybe the fact that the two actually enjoy watching chickens getting their head cut off was a bit of a hint eh? he's cruel and just made me uncomfortable at times because you see the sweet soft side when he's with katie but when he's not with her you see how he treats other girls to him katie is this saint she's not like the other 'hos' the problem with this is that what happens the moment he thinks she is? the moment she's not the perfect katie that he see's as different to all the other blurry faces that he has hurt prodded and broken over the years that's the real uestion when it comes to julie it truly makes me wonder can jealously really create so much hate and towards your own sister too? it's just all so ugly i mean it was almost no wait let's be honest here i know for a fact she actually enjoyed watching her sister suffer and it gives me shivers to say it but it's the truth that's how much of a cow she is as things go and downhill for katie to the point where i just wanted to walk away and close my eyes to it all to make things worse she just continues judging her constantly ignoring her even though all the signs are there even though her sister tries so hard with her katie is not perfect i know that but god she's a saint next to her little sister i can't imagine going through what katie does i just can't and my heart reaches out to her because so many times i wanted to hold her and protect her i felt her loneliness and sadness and it scared me thank god for kyle that's all i have to saykyle was a bit of a strange one the second person narrative always made me feel like there was this barrier that i was constantly trying to push through it didn't help that he was so guarded but i love how he is so wise and such a great observer he see's everything around him maybe that he wants at times because even if alex see's him as weak kyle can never back down when it comes to something he believes in i admire that about him i respect him for iton the flip side it was annoying at times how there was telling than showing especially when it came to certain scenes i really wanted to see and i did find it a little unrealistic how katie's mother loved one daughter so bluntly over the other also the reasons for her behavior just seemed a little meh and that ending? i kind of had this WTF moment it was so abrupt and random it just didn't seem to fit in with the book a part of me considered knocking down the 5 because of it because even now that ending really pisses me off but it would be a big disservice to the book because it really just was that brilliant you have no idea how much i ached in those last few pages i was so heart broken and such a messso forget those low stars guys give it a chance i think you'll find yourself a little changed by the end of itoh and by the way you'll find yourself really appreciating the cover after reading the book it's so much meaningful to me now 3

  4. Isamlq Isamlq says:

    I was holding my breath for something to make me smile Yet by the time I was done with it there was this gigantic weight pressing down on me The blurb hints at it but this is a bleak bleak book Moments of it hinted at happy possibilities but never really went there So if good books are suppose to make you feel PIECES OF US just might be stellar I’m feeling hell lot of things right now Granted none of the things I’m feeling right now are all that positive It’s bleak dark; the situations scary then appalling; then the people pitiful angering then later disappointing And the only moment when things do get better is in the end Yet despite all that I’m slightly impressed And why? Because these people as disturbingly damaged as they were they had me hopingDamaged people the lot of them Some damaged by their own doing; by poisonous thoughts and petty jealousies brought on by miscommunication and piss poor priorities Yet there were others among them that had damage done to them Yet even when I did feel sorry for them something always came up later to have me seeing them as coming up short All of them victim and wrong doer alike coming up shortAnd this is what surprised even about them they were all hell bent on keeping their view of a certain other intact Some on focusing on the good blind to any fault of those around them; others still so focused on zeroing in on the bad never minding what little good there might have been So damaged So blind Where Katie was concerned Alex was good Where Alex was concerned Katie's pure Where Julie was concerned Katie was too perfect and had it all Kyle and Alex Clearly something was not right Clearly Still I wondered what kept them together And even with those moments that weren’t so damned scaryskeevey I thought there might have been something good there Yet one thing after another just proved how much a victim one was and how misguided though that is definitely too tame a word to apply the other wasKyle and Julie Clearly they were something good at first They were the one bright spot in this book for At least at first Yet all those thoughts and assumptions simply didn’t do any good for them The silence on Kyle’s part didn’t help either I could imagine so much from him And could imagine so much form her But throughout the book it was Kyle who I held out for There’s good in him yet time and again not enough was done Katie and Julie With a mother like theirs it’s no surprise things went the way they did Talk about skewed sense of reality and poor priorities I wanted to knock some sense in to her Their father too could have done so much if not at least lessened their mum’s impact Again his is the case of ‘too little too late’ Yet if we’re talking damage it starts with a mother living her dreams through her kids then things getting worse with Katie’s self absorption and Julie’s insecurity In their scenario there’s damage done to and by both of them Katie and Alex It’s Alex who appalled me While I did feel sorry for him his experience and what not It’s his point of view that distanced him from he All his whore that bitch that had me drawing back Yet in Katie’s eyes both before and after what happened he’s all that’s good Yet even with these people who are so far from perfect I kept hoping That Alex would turn out to be that guy after all Or that Kyle would step up Or that Julie would snap out of it Or that Katie would snap out of it too Or that maybe someone would step in and step up for any one or all of them 45

  5. Jana Jana says:

    The most messed up book I've read in a long timeAlso posted on book was so crude and contains VERY graphic content Be warned if you've read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma well let me tell you ain't seen nothing yet There was a lot of 'eww' moments and 'did that just happen' faces thrown in there too I think my mouth was hanging open for like 34 of this book This is like 10 times as descriptive of THOSE scenes and 100% messed up and disgusting as that I do love Forbidden I didn't find it as hard to read as some peopleYou see I didn't like ANY of the characters in here Either they were too abusive too cynical too stupid or just plain suck sometimes literally The four main characters were abused in a different way I could understand Julie's character and boy this book made me so HAPPY that I don't have a sister That's all I'm going to say Both guys they're brothers by the way were just so weird and mysterious and jerks and I dunno I'm sorry but that girl Katie is a SLUT Simple as that I know slut calling isn't great but seriously if you've read this book you'll know exactly what I'm talking about All the stuff that she's done and how she reacts and what she do is just disgraceful This is NOT a female character you should idolise or even feel sorry for I spent the whole time wanting to kill her I hate her THAT much But you see I can imagine some girls in my school being in that position And doing exactly what she did Right thinking about the only positive thing about this book I couldn't put it down Don't ask me why I sure as hell don't have a frigging clue Maybe it's because I wanted to now the ending I was busy planning some sort of evil plan for these characters Or maybe because it's so unbelievably messed up that I couldn't stop readingThe ending was like this whole big thing blew up and called it WTF There was no resolution whatsowhever On the other hand I thought it was done deliberatley by the author for the ending to be open for discussion; anything can happenOverall this book is such a big NO NO for me But for people who love crazy and not in a good way characters and an engaging storyline then at the very least BORROW this book from a library I don't encourage you spending your money though

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book is not for teens under 17 I'm not sure If I've ever seen so much bad languageabusive terms in a book even an adult one I understand that these 4 teens are damaged and need help but I didn't see that happen for some of them? Maybe it's because I was too focused on the graphic nature of it all I'm sure a lot of people will love this but it just wasn't for me It was emotional and disturbing and one event hit very close to home But because of that I was furious at how the character was treated by one of the male leads I didn't feel she ever got the justice she deserved and that bothered me I'll give you an example But don't read this if you don't want it spoiled a bit view spoiler Katie is raped by 2 guys while she is drunk Here is a uote after Alex finds out she had sex with them again He has just had sex with Katie And how even after I bang her up a little does she keep coming back wanting to be with me? Wouldn't that mean she liked them too Now I understand he is abusive and she has went through tremendous pain but really? I don't think this is good for teens to read hide spoiler

  7. Linda Dao Linda Dao says:

    This book This book is haunting It ate my heart and spit it out again I'm still trying to pick up the pieces Netgalley oh you beautiful thing gave me a wonderful chance to read this I read the synopsis Clicked reuest never knowing how much downloading the galley would rock my worldSo I readand read Then went to sleep feeling awful but unable to put down my iPhone I won't bother summarizing It wouldn't do this book justiceEverything Everything was painful But it was real It was just like high school or how I remember it Ahh The chicken blood So sickening but that's what made Pieces of Us amazing I could identify with every character Katie who doesn't know she's fake until it's too late Julie who wants to finally be noticed and accepted for who she was Alex who is broken and forced to grow up too early Kyle who faces his big brother with disgust but powerless to stop him These are teen stories These are teen livesAnd so I continued reading torturing my soul Knowing that this could never have a happily ever after but still hoping Just as these characters hope to repair themselves when they meet again at the lake Where they could forget everything and just live And then I reached a point where it was too much It was a scene between Alex and Katie This is where my heart finally tore in half So I did a really stupid thing and looked in last few pages of the book view spoilerThere goes all my hope hide spoiler

  8. ♥ Sarah ♥ Sarah says:

    45 Pieces of Us is not your typical walk in the park happy go lucky kind of story There is no redemption no salvation and no fairy tale ending; there is only darkness bleak reality and the perpetual feeling of loss Yes it was bleak depressing dreary dark very uncomfortable and discomforting to read So I don't recommend this for the fainthearted The subject matter content definitely calls for mature readers However the deep layers of the depicted abuse serves as a cautionary tale riddled with gut wrenching scenes consisting of mundane thoughts yet they were so broken so fragile and ultimately so real; Pieces of Us definitely packs a nauseating blow of powerful emotions laced with tragic metaphors within the framework of a consistently bleak tone mood But I couldn't help myself I held out the tiniest bit of hope Hope that at least ONE of them might miraculously transform themselves shed their scars and be reborn pure innocent alive I warn you now this does not happen A lot of things events transpire perhaps slowly setting that very possible future up However the author leaves it up to us to determine the fate and the future of these four very disturbed broken abused and confused teens If you're looking to read about something hopeful wholesome forgiving optimistic with made up problems and happily ever afters SKIP THIS ONEBecause I assure you this isn't your typical escapist fare; it's sick dark twisted painful gut wrenching revolting disturbing mind boggling unpredictable raw and real As much as each of their behaviors eually shocked disgusted and scared me I couldn't help but feel for them I was surprised at how emotionally invested I was in these characters I won't make any excuses for them and their depraved behaviors but I will choose to hold out hope for their futures I think despite the overwhelming bleak tone of the book the ending hinted at something different There were four different POVs their stories intertwining clashing blending and breaking each of them trapped in their own pain their own cycles of abuse It could have been taken a bit further I felt it was within my grasp the redemption The recovery The forgiveness Something Almost Either way Pieces of Us is just one of those books that's going to linger As disturbing provocative controversial as it was the story just tore me up Blew my mind Broke me down The different kinds of abuse explored were truly not only riveting curious despicable repulsive and insidious Still a reminder and a warning that I can appreciate Thanks again Rachmi for the recommendation 3

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    Let's talk about a disturbing book Let's talk about a book that made me uncomfortable Let's talk about a book without likable characters Gelbwasser somehow makes you care about four teens who are all so broken and abusedabusive I'd argue they all abuse and are abused eually Little by little they continue to fall apart and it looks like there's no redemption to be had at all I walked away pretty unsettled and I mean that in a good way That is successful storytelling This is a book that's very frank with sex and how it is a tool of power And there is a lot of power wielding here There are some pretty big writing issues for me including weak pacing passage of time problems distracting tense changes especially with Kyle though arguably he talks to himself in second person for a reason and it took a long time to hear four distinct voices in the characters But the story and the goal of the story were so successful and so painful and so powerful that the mechanics are worth overlooking Full review here

  10. Sya Sya says:

    I've yet to write up a full review for this title but I found it to be relentlessly bleak and gratuitously nasty Each teen is deeply damaged with Alex verging on sociopathic misogyny and there is little light at the end of the tunnel despite the rather throwaway last line which was merely trite after such misery The adults in the story are ineffectual in the extreme with Katie's mother is narcissistic in the extreme and her father kind yet useless It's all just so upsetting and with seemingly no point The majority of characters learn nothing from their trials and there seemed little point in telling their stories I find myself utterly confused at what message if any the author was trying to convey This is not a title that I would recommend nor is it one that I will read again

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